Fidel's American Shadows

Why They'll be PERMANENT!!
       Before you dismiss the Title and Sub-title of this post, study this Getty Images photo that silently but eerily says a million words or more about the history of the never-ending U.S.-Cuban conundrum. The photo was taken in October of 1979 and it shows a demonstration on the streets of New York City protesting the arrival of Cuba's revolutionary icon Fidel Castro who was about to make a speech at the United Nations. The lady in the center of the photo is Juanita. Notice how tightly she is being held or led by two rather imposing...or scary...men -- Cuban-American CIA-types, for sure. Her right arm, in fact, is being squeezed by the strong right-hand of one man and the strong left-hand of the other. Notice? Juanita's last name is Castro. She is the younger sister of Fidel Castro. She defected to the Miami area in 1964, the fifth year of her brother's rule in Cuba. Since then, like thousands of other Cuban-Americans, Juanita has led a well-to-do lifestyle in a really nice home that is surrounded in the Miami-Coral Gables-Fort Lauderdale region by the mansions of many Cuban-American millionaires and billionaires. Juanita is now 83-years-old, still healthy. The longevity of her Castro genes seem to top off at around age 90. Her oldest brother, Ramon, died earlier this year in Cuba at age 91. Her next oldest brother, Fidel, died last week at age 90. Her only other brother, Raul, is now 85 so it figures that he has about five more years to live. The 83-year-old Juanita spoke this week to Frances Robles of the New York Times. She wasn't too saddened by Fidel's death but she was embarrassed by the wild demonstrations that included savage pot-banging that took place just outside her home and were conducted by Cuban-American hardliners celebrating Fidel's death. She said: "It's not necessary to do what the Cuban people have done here in the streets of Miami. I cannot accept this. It's not a good thing." Thanks, Juanita, for the remorse...at least over the Batistiano celebrations.
       If not a million, this photo says at least a thousand words about the never-ending U.S.-Cuban conundrum wrought wittingly and unwittingly by Fidel Castro's incomparable 90 years on this earth. This photo was taken in March of 2016 by Ivan Alvarado for London-based Reuters. It shows a Cuban-American named Henry Godinez in Havana back in March watching the visiting U. S. President Obama making a speech to the Cuban people live on Cuban television. The photo was used yesterday -- Nov. 29-2016 -- to illustrate a major article in the New York Times WRITTEN BY HENRY HIMSELF. It is entitled "The Dream of a Free Cuba." Henry divides his time now between Chicago and Havana. I found his opening words quite interesting: "In my dreams as a young boy, I was chosen by the C.I.A. to assassinate Fidel Castro. I would be a hero and set Cuba free. Like many Cuban-Americans, I was raised to believe it was my obligation to do just that. Now Castro has died. In fact, I have been going back to Cuba for years..." 
       Did you also find Henry's words interesting? I think you should. Notice he said that, as a young Cuban-American boy, he dreamed about killing Castro for the C.I.A. BECAUSE HE WAS PROGRAMMED BY THE C.I.A. TO CONVINCE HIM THAT IT WAS HIS "obligation to do just that." Prior to Fidel Castro's Cuban Revolution that chased the Batistiano-Mafiosi leaders to U. S. soil, the United States -- the greatest democracy in history -- could very legitimately criticize nations like the Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, etc., of using unchecked propaganda to soil the minds of masses of their own people. Since Castro chased the Batista-Mafia leaders to U. S. soil way back in 1959 -- mainly to Juanita Castro's Miami sanctuary -- the U. S. can no longer legitimately criticize other nations for their excessive use of propaganda, such as the U. S. has trouble criticising Russia for stealing Crimea when Russia can say the U. S. stole Guantanamo Bay from Cuba. Those sheer facts...which Americans are propagandized to ignore...helps account for the current 191-to-0 worldwide denunciation in the United Nations of America's Cuban policy, one dictated by two generations of Batistianos that Fidel Castro chased off Cuba only to create a vast and lucrative Batistiano enclave in the U. S. and in the U. S. Congress and, when a Republican is President, in the White House. ALSO, note that Henry as a Cuban-American has been going back and forth to Cuba all his adult life. As an American you are programmed via decades of propaganda not to understand that comment or to understand why you as an everyday American if you are not Cuban are the only people in the world without the freedom to visit Cuba. But just for the record, here's the understanding: The most hardline Cuban-Americans, the Batistianos, have been allowed by intimidated or apathetic Americans to write laws in the U. S. Congress that enrich and empower a selected minority of Cuban-Americans at the expense of everyone else -- Americans, democracy, Cuban-Americans and citizens of the world. This has especially been so since the 1980s when the most violent and richest Cuban exiles hooked up conveniently with the economic and political power of the Bush dynasty. All other nations in the world understand that, accounting for the unanimous pro-Cuba & anti-U. S. vote in the UN. Americans are not supposed to understand it because, like the Cuban-American Henry, Americans since 1959 have been programmed/propagandized with mind-numbing lies, the same lies that caused Henry as a boy living in the U. S. to "dream" of going to Cuba and killing Fidel Castro for the C.I.A., which targeted Fidel for six decades.
       This is a truly historic photo {above} that says at least a million words about the Cuban-Revolution, words that propagandized Americans need to know considering the profound, eternal and unique effect that Cuba's unique revolution has had on the United States since 1959...or really since 1952 when a few thugs in the Eisenhower administration sicced the Mafia and brutal dictator Fulgencio Batista on Cuba. Brave Cuban women, like the one courageously marching with the above placard, ignited and fueled the Cuban Revolution at a time when no one believed a U.S.-backed dictator could be overthrown -- not Batista in Cuba, Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, Somoza in Nicaragua, etc. But Batista in Cuba was overthrown by a popular, grounds-rooted revolution that owes its success to women like the one depicted above. The reason she was not mowed down, according to the acute analysis of the ever-watchful New York Times legend Herbert L. Matthews, was because there were too many unbiased and unafraid journalists like him and too many Cuban women like her. The routine murders of Cuban children in Batista's Cuba were obviously designed to quell resistance from peasant families. But they had the opposite effect. The female leaders of those families fought back...with street marches like this one AND by becoming the greatest female guerrilla fighters known to history...women such as the teenage legend Tete Puebla, today a General in the Cuban army, and Celia Sanchez, history's greatest female revolutionary. In fact, considering the footprints she left behind, maybe the greatest female or male.
        While women like Tete Puebla and Celia Sanchez were already fighting their long-shot guerrilla war in the foothills of the Sierra Maestra Mountains, Cuban women like these were marching in the major cities of Havana and Santiago de Cuba against, as the sign above says, Batista's murders of "nuestros nijos" -- "our children." And please note that it was signed "Madres Cubanas" -- "Cuban Mothers." While this photo also says a million words about the Cuban Revolution, propagandized Americans are not supposed to know a single word about it because the Batistianos chased off the island by the Cuban Revolution have controlled the Cuban narrative in the United States since 1959. When Americans this week watch unchallenged Cuban-American politicians and propagandists rave about Fidel Castro being a "mass murderer" or worse, Americans have a right to know that such accusations are often coming directly from first or second generation Cuban-Americans that were/are the dire enemies of the brave Cuban women depicted above -- enemies of these remarkable women in the 1950s and enemies of their legacy today
      This historic photo says at least a million words about BOTH the Cuban Revolution and Revolutionary Cuba. The nine women dressed in black at the front of this march had all had children murdered by Batista's thugs, as the sign states. Now look at the woman in the front-middle wearing the light-colored jacket. She was the mother of Little Willie Soler. Willie and three other kids were murdered and their bodies left in a vacant warehouse as a warning for the community not to resist the Batista-Mafia thievery and brutality. So why does this long-ago photo say a million words about Revolutionary Cuba today? Permit me to answer that question: Today THE WILLIAM SOLER PEDIATRIC HOSPITAL is the largest children's hospital in Havana, one that was recently praised by both the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization for helping Cuba achieve the lowest infant mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere, a hemisphere that also includes...America! The U. S. media is not allowed to comment on such things because it might upset the Batistianos, but other media -- including the London-based BBC -- have explained that Cuba's free and excellent health and educational achievements have been accomplished despite facing the longest, since 1962, and cruelest economic embargo ever imposed by a strong nation against a weak one. The ultra-rich and ultra-powerful Diaz-Balart brothers, whose father Raphael was an ultra-rich and ultra-powerful Minister in Batista's Cuba and then in Miami, are literally saturating U. S. television networks this week ranting and raving, always unchallenged, about Fidel Castro being a "mass murderer" and then explaining why they, huge economic and political beneficiaries of "legal" laws mandated by Congress such as the embargo, should be allowed to continue for another six decades their truly gross Cuban policy even if the rest of the world opposes it by a 191-to-0 margin in the United Nations. The Diaz-Balart brothers, I don't think, will challenge any of these facts or the huge historical and topical significance of the photo shown above. And, sad to say, they don't have to challenge them because they control the Cuban narrative in the U. S. and Lincoln Diaz-Balart this week was actually praised at a celebratory Miami news conference for "writing" some of the still "legal" laws in the U. S. Congress that extremely benefit Cuban-Americans and extremely harm and discriminate against everyone else.
Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart.
      A 99-pound child-loving doctor's daughter named Celia Sanchez didn't march with those other Cuban women in the streets of Havana or Santiago de Cuba. But Celia emerged as the greatest player in both the Cuban Revolution and Revolutionary Cuba, a fact never denied by Fidel Castro but a fact Americans to this day are not supposed to know. Celia is the greatest female revolutionary in history -- as a guerrilla fighter, for sure, but also as the prime recruiter of the rebels, the money, the weapons and the inspiration that defeated the supposed unbeatable Batista dictatorship that was supported by the strongest criminal organization in the world, the Mafia, and by the strongest nation in the world, the United States.
      In Cuba today, there are no statues of Fidel Castro and, by his own orders, there never will be. There are also no roads or streets or other edifices in Cuba today named for Fidel Castro. But there are many images and reminders, like the statue above, of Celia Sanchez that these tourists obviously admire.
This is Fidel Castro's favorite statue of Celia Sanchez.
      Other omnipotent Celia Sanchez contributions to the Cuban Revolution were the two quotations that best defined her revolution and the Revolutionary Cuba she left behind, the Cuba that the American Batistianos have been trying to re-capture every day since January of 1959. In March of 1959 and at least three times thereafter the bold and determined Celia Sanchez stated: "The Batistianos will never regain control of Cuba as long as I live or as long as Fidel lives." Celia died of cancer at age 59 on Jan. 11-1980 and Fidel died of old age at age 90 on Nov. 25-2016. SO, no matter what happens now, her mantra -- the words quoted in brown above -- survived all these decades against overwhelming odds, just like her revolution. Celia, a very private person who tried to avoid the spotlight, was never shy about fighting Batista's U.S.-backed armies or about demeaning the Batistianos who fled to the United States to hide behind the skirts of the world superpower and hurl grenades back at her island. That's why, if you notice the graphic above, that THE WOMAN PROJECT.ORG believes Celia's all-time best quotation was: "We rebels get far too much credit for winning the Revolution. Our enemies deserve most of the credit, for being greedy cowards and idiots." INDEED, as pointed out by Fidel Castro's best U. S. biographer, Georgie Anne Geyer, and other historians, Celia was bitterly disappointed the Batistiano leaders didn't stand and fight in Havana before fleeing with tons of loot on their getaway ships and airplanes after the rebels captured Santa Clara and were charging towards Havana on the last day of 1958. Those greedy cowards and idiots have always been labeled "greedy cowards and idiots" by someone who would know, the great Celia Sanchez.
This was Celia's favorite photo of Fidel Castro.
This was Fidel's favorite photo of Celia Sanchez.
This was Celia and Fidel in 1960.
      This AP photo shows Cuban citizens mourning Fidel Castro's death as they watch a video about his life on a huge screen in Revolutionary Square. This Cubaninsider blog is not about Cuba, Fidel Castro, or Celia Sanchez. It's about my United States and how Cuba, Fidel Castro and Celia Sanchez have so massively reshaped it, creating the only totally unanimous vote -- 191-to-0 -- ever registered in the United Nations, a recent vote condemning America's Cuban policy. Five years ago when I sort of tentatively started this blog, I promised two relatives of Celia Sanchez -- one living in Cuba and one in the United States -- that I would continue this blog only as long as her soulmate, Fidel Castro, lived. Now that he has died at age 90, one of those relatives has asked me to continue it but...I have mixing, conflicting feelings about that. Just as his death was inevitable and actually anticipated every day since July 31, 2006 when he almost died of a massive and incurable intestinal problem, I also believe that it is now inevitable that the Batistiano element in the United States will finally "regain control of Cuba," the very thing that the incomparable Celia Sanchez promised 57 years ago, correctly, would never happen "as long as I live or as long as Fidel lives." I am glad her promise was fulfilled and still viable at 10:29 P. M. Havana time on November 25, 2016. Both history and fate, I believe, owed her at least that much. And Americans need the freedom to fairly judge her. 
And by the way
       Toronto police say these two Canadian heroines have concluded an exhausting 3-year project that finished off a mammothly wicked child sex ring. They rescued 400 children and arrested 348 pedophiles. On the left is Detective Constable Lisa Belanger and on the right is Inspector Joanne Beaven-Desjardins.


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