Fidel Meets Pope Francis

They Discussed World Affairs
Monday, September 21st, 2015
       Fidel Castro yesterday engaged in what the Vatican called "an informal and friendly discussion" with Pope Francis in Havana. Last week the Vatican had strongly requested the meeting if Fidel's wife, Dalia Soto del Valle, felt the 89-year-old revolutionary legend "was up to it." Dalia agreed, sending back word that, "Fidel will be much honored." Right after touching down at Jose Marti Airport Friday, Pope Francis revealed that Fidel was on his mind, telling President Raul Castro, "Give your brother my deepest respects and considerations." When they met Sunday, Pope Francis and Fidel exchanged books as gifts and then discussed "world affairs."
Fidel and Dalia share a laugh with Pope Francis yesterday.
Pope Francis making a point to Fidel as Dalia smiles her approval.
        Pope Francis, a native of Argentina, and Fidel Castro spoke in Spanish for about forty minutes yesterday at Fidel's home in Havana. All home photos released to the public are taken by Alex Castro, one of Dalia's five sons fathered by Fidel. This time Alex also took a video that was released this morning by TV Cubana and quickly picked up by television networks worldwide, especially in the United States. In the Video Fidel belies his 89 years and his long battle with a serious intestinal illness. He was very talkative and even demonstrative as he seemed to dominate his remarkable discussion with Pope Francis.
       This Juan Lopez/AFP/Getty Images photo shows Pope Francis in his Pope-mobile arriving at Revolutionary Square Sunday. {He's in the center of the above photo}
                 300,000 Cubans were enraptured by Pope Francis yesterday.       
Pope Francis at Revolutionary Square yesterday.
Pope Francis and Che Guevara were both born in Argentina.
Che Guevara and Fidel Castro on a happy day in 1959.
Pope Francis, age 14; he was born in Buenos Aires in 1936.
Pope Francis in Buenos Aires in 1966.
        This Tony Gentile/EPA photo shows Cuban President Raul Castro and Argentina President Cristina Fernandez welcoming Argentina-born Pope Francis to Revolutionary Square in Havana yesterday. He is the first Latin American pope.
      In the next two days Pope Francis will make major speeches in the southeastern Cuban cities of Holguin and Santiago de Cuba. Tomorrow he flies to the U. S.

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