Thursday, April 29, 2021

U.S. Terror Aimed at Cubans

 To Appease Rubio & Menendez!??!

     During the four months that Joe Biden has been the U. S. President, Democratic Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey has been allowed to dictate self-serving genocide against Cuban families on the island. During the previous four years of Donald Trump's presidency Republican Senator Marco Rubio was allowed to dictate self-serving genocide against Cuban families on the island. So, nothing has changed.

        In other words, the Biden-Trump transition has not altered what the rest of the world considers legalized U. S. genocide against masses of Cuban families in a much-smaller island nation to appease a handful of controversial, but unchecked, individuals!! As of today -- April 29th, 2021 -- those are true facts although the incredibly biased mainstream media in the U. S. is too corrupt to report it and, therefore, a cowardly propagandized generation of Americans are too timid and ignorant to say anything about it. And, in other words, the US's money-crazed/two-party political system now controls both the Democrats and the Republicans when it comes to Cuba, meaning both parties are now dictated by Little Havana!!

      From Miami to all of America!!!
      And, YET -- as shown by the graphic and headline above from Bern, Switzerland -- the great democracies around the world strongly denounce the U. S. blockade against Cuban families on the island to appease the likes of Marco Rubio and Bob Menendez. The Swiss parliament, and others, are accusing the U. S. of taking advantage of the deadly COVID pandemic to further add pain for the innocent Cuban families on the island. In other words, Rubio & Menendez today remind some people and some governments of exactly what the U. S. allowed Fulgencio Batista and Lucky Luciano to do to the Cuban people in Cuba during the 1950's prior to the intervention of the Cuban Revolution on January 1, 1959. After all these many decades, the USA's Cuban policy has been aimed at enriching and empowering a handful of selected people!! At least sometime in 2021 it is time for the U. S. government, even during the most money-crazed cycle in American history, to finally show some mercy and pity on the masses of everyday Cuban people on their vulnerable island, an island that, unfortunately, has the U. S. as its neighbor.

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