Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Biden ALSO Sells Cuba to Highest Bidders

 President Biden Mirrors Trump's Genocide!!

     During the November 3rd-2020 U. S. presidential election, it would actually have been correct to say that approximately 11 million of the 11.2 million people in Cuba were praying that the Democrat Joe Biden would replace the Republican Donald Trump as President of the United States, the Superpower nation right above Cuba's northern border. While the reason for that was and is extremely simple, it should be explained again because never has the U. S. democracy leveled with the American people about its centuries-old and greed-fueled obsession with the Caribbean's largest island. SO YET AGAIN, allow me to explain why, on Nov. 3rd-2020, almost every Cuban on the island literally prayed for Biden to beat Trump. The simple but correct answer is this:
         In America's two-party political system, every Republican president since the 1950s...especially the three Bush {father & son} presidencies and the one-term Trump presidency...have been massively aligned politically and economically with the Batista rule in Havana-Cuba {1952-1959} and then with the Batistiano rule in Little Havana-Miami from January-1959 till April-2021. Only benefactors or propagandized idiots will dispute that fact. While this existed within the bowels of the U. S. democracy since 1952, Democratic U. S. presidents, especially during Barack Obama's two-terms {2009-2017} as President, offered some decent overtures to Cuba, especially easing the genocidal Embargo/Blockade against masses of Cuban families that have existed with it since 1962. But in the two-party U. S. political system, during this entire period, the Republican Party, even during Democratic presidencies, usually held enough power in Congress to rein-in much, or at least some, of the Republican greed and genocide related to Cuba.
       But, uniquely, since Biden the Democrat defeated Trump the Republican on Nov. 3rd-2020, the Democrats have essentially created a one-party U. S. political system...meaning that they now control the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. That evolved when Biden captured the White House and the Democrats also swept the two Senatorial seats from the state of Georgia. Thus, now the Democrats and Biden now have a one-party U. S. political system and...moreover...they plan to perpetuate it by...AMONG OTHER THINGS...increasing the Supreme Court from 9 to 13 members, get four more assured Democratic votes in the Senate by making Puerto Rico and Washington-DC as states, etc., etc.
        However, although having both the desire and the means to create in perpetuity a one-party U. S. nation, the extreme left-wing zealotry of the Democratic Party and the main corporate-owned mainstream media are also will likely create a backlash against their extreme left-wing tactics. For example, the current left-wing zealots leading the Democratic Party and the Mainstream Media have a firm and so far unchecked desire to crush white Americans and elevate brown and black Americans. That desire, simply, is fueled by the belief that non-elite white Americans and white immigrants might vote for Republicans while brown-black Americans and immigrants would vote for Democrats. Thus, crushing and eviscerating non-elite whites might well secure the Democrats' one-party rule in the short run but not for perpetuity. By 2022 the blatant discrimination by Democrats against non-elite whites, which are still a very large contingency at least numerically, will in 2022 probably produce a backlash against the Dems in the Congressional elections and then in the 2024 presidential election. Extremists in either Party usually create resounding backlashes, and the current Democratic Party and the Mainstream Media are now the most extremist entities in the annals of the United States.
      Meanwhile, in the real the so-called Boondocks...Joe Biden, the Democrats' President, is well-known as an over-aged, over-the-hill dinosaur who has probably been 50 years too long in Washington already!! It is no secret that President Biden is a puppet with all of his strings...all of them...being manipulated by only extremists in his administration, in Congress, and in the MAINSTREAM MEDIA. He thus has no one else to represent or answer to, just the extremists.
    Now please understand, this forum and this article is coming from a normal, non-elite, democracy-loving, average, liberal American whose favorite President is Obama and my least favorite among all 46 presidents is Trump, mainly for his extreme genocide against Cuba solely to win, successfully, Florida's 29 Electoral Votes that he considered crucial to his 2020 reelection. But in this current milieu, I believe the extreme left-wing control of the Democratic Party and the corporate-dominated Mainstream Media now constitutes the biggest and surely the biggest-funded threat to the U. S. democracy than anything that has ever threatened it since 1776.
        And with the above disclosure, I suggest you not depend on the Mainstream Media nor the now propaganda-obsessed Democratic Party when it comes to prime facets about U. S. policy. Thus, the age-old targeting of the island nation of Cuba is within the scope of America's one-party system that, more than ever, is extremely partisan and money-driven. Therefore, the Biden-led administration that is clearly led by puppets he has no control over is a rare Democratic administration that takes its entire Cuban policy from only self-serving Little Havana-schooled and Batistiano-dictated extremists from Miami and Newark who are in control of the Cuban policies in the U. S. Congress and the White House. The liberal U. S. media, which once was sympathetic to the plight of Cubans on the island, now is an extreme left-wing media that is only concerned to maintaining the USA as a one-party political system, and now this edition of Democratic control is willing to sacrifice Cuba and everything else to facilitate its extreme left-wing agendas.
         Thus, on a daily basis now, it is now revealed that those fervent prayers of 11 million of Cuba's 11.2 million people that hoped Biden would beat Trump in the 2020 U. S. presidential election were all in vain!! Today, April 21-2021, for example, this was the glaring Headline and first two paragraphs of a major article in the powerful BLOOMBERG NEWS Business News:
       In other words, if you read the totality of the above Bloomberg News article on April 21st, 2021, or anything else in the mainstream U. S. media, you will learn that the new Biden presidency is no better than then the genocidal Trump administration when it comes to the buzzards feasting on the assumed carcass of Cuba...just as many of the richest Americans and richest U. S. corporations merrily feasted on the wholesale rape and robbery of Cuba during the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba from 1952 until 1959. Of course, the Biden administration, to further its other agendas, is helping companies to continue to reap rewards from frisking Cuba while, of course, also trying to literally starve, deprive, and make miserable the innocent Cuban families on the island while doing so...and further use the COVID-19 pandemic to expand tightening the screws on vulnerable masses of people in a much smaller nation. Of course, in the former two-party U. S. political system the American people were allowed to have the guts to call such things "GENOCIDE!!" But no more. Not when the genocide is legalized by the U. S. White House and the U. S. Congress. The lies and the cowardice, of course, began back in 1952 when the American people were propagandized into believing that "It was a wonderful thing that the U. S. democracy did in 1952 when it teamed with the top echelon of the Mafia to support the brutal/thieving Batista regime in Cuba so rich U. S. businessmen and their companies could partake in the whole rape and robbery of the lush Caribbean nation." Of course, if you are an American and you have the courage to FAST-FORWARD to April of 2021 it is not HEALTHY for you to state such facts loudly, so please be advised.
In other words:
Little Havana hasn't 
recaptured Havana yet,
but it has captured
the United States!!!


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