Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Extremists Dictate U. S. Cuba Policies

 It's Been A Piggybank Since 1950s!!

     As a democracy-loving American, it is my opinion that any democracy-loving American who does not know and study the journalism of Tracey Eaton simply does not know the extreme extent to which controversial, but unchecked, Cuban-Americans since 1959 have been able to legally use Cuba as a vast Piggybank, creating mammoth wealth as well as extraordinary political power within the bowels of the U. S. democracy. Famed as a journalist who has led bureaus in Mexico City and Havana, Tracey Eaton's reputation as a honest, fair, unbiased, and brilliant journalist is beyond reproach. Now a beloved journalism Professor in Florida, his blog "CUBA MONEY PROJECT" is still the only place Americans can study in minute detail the precise amount of the extreme amounts of tax dollars routinely doled out to Counter Revolutionary Cuban-Americans...and to seemingly anyone who raises their hands and professes support. The first priority seems just to make certain Cuban-Americans get rich and powerful while the second priority appears to not be the recapture of Cuba but simply to starve, deprive, and make miserable the masses of Cubans on the island. This, in the name of the United States of America, is a genocidal monstrosity that has long ago made history as the cruelest and longest Blockade ever imposed by a powerful nation against the people in a much weaker nation. For this to have endured so long, it takes endless cowardice and ignorance from generations of everyday propagandized U. S. citizens...while an unchecked few miscreants laugh all the way to their banks and, of course, to the United States Congress in Washington. For example, this week in mid-April of 2021 the great Tracey Eaton has posted two articles on "CUBA MONEY PROJECT" explaining in exhaustive detail the vast continuing and expanding Piggybank that Cuba remains for unchecked and anointed Cuban-Americans. One of those headlines is the one depicted below:
        This new headline from Tracey Eaton's CUBA MONEY PROJECT blog -- "Senator rejects loosening sanctions against Cuba" -- is important because only a great journalist like Tracey Eaton had the courage to write it on April 13, 2021. In all his unique revelations about how a handful of rich and powerful Cuban-Americans keep getting richer and more powerful by dictating new Cuban laws in Congress and also by routinely opposing other sane Cuban proposals. Tracey Eaton's every sentence is buttressed by his use of Freedom of Information data that includes exact names, dollar amounts, etc., but he also explains why interesting data is, of course, uh, protect the innocent. So, uh, who is the Senator making sure that the new BIDEN administration doesn't ease the genocidal sanctions against Cubans on the island that was left behind by the TRUMP administration!!!
   Of course, it is the rich, powerful, and unchecked U. S. Senator Bob Menendez from the Cuban Counter Revolutionary haven of Union City/Newark, NJ. Menendez has been in the U. S. Senate since 2006 and he can remain there as long as he lives if he so chooses. In 2018, when the photo above was taken, Menendez didn't even have to be too concerned that the U. S. government had spent a fortune and expensive years trying to convict Menendez of many felonies, the most serious involving controversial figures in Miami and rich spots in the Dominican Republic.
     Of course, in a federal courtroom Senator Bob Menendez was not convicted of those serious charges but his expensive trial ended in a hung jury. The U. S. government first said the charges were so serious that it was going to retry Senator Bob Menendez, but then the Justice Department held a news conference to announce that there would not be another trial, apparently because of the added cost and the probability another hung jury would result. Shortly after the trial, Senator Bob Menendez was, of course, reelected yet again to another 6-year-old term in the United States Senate.
     A Democrat, Senator Bob Menendez always seems to seek the Chairmanship of the Committees that most relate to Cuba, such as the Chairmanship of the Foreign Relations Committee, for example. So does the Republican U. S. Senator Marco Rubio, the Counter Revolutionary zealot from Little Havana in Miami. In other words, in the USA's two-party political system, the Democrat Menendez from Union City/Newark and the Republican Mario Rubio are allowed to dictate Cuban polices in the powerful 100-member U. S. Senate; also, it is no coincidence that Union City/Newark is second only to Miami when it comes to being the home of the most fanatic remnants from the long-ago U.S.-backed, Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship that fled the victorious Cuban Revolution on January 1-1959 for the safe and, as it turned out, even more lucrative sanctuaries on U. S. soil. So, a hung-jury verdict is no problem for Senator Bob Menendez, the powerful Democratic Party Cuban leader in the Senate. And, for that matter, the powerful Republican Cuban leader in the Senate Marco Rubio, of course, has no problem with the fact that Ken Silverstein, perhaps the best journalist in Washington, wrote a scathing, very long, and important article in which Rubio was minutely depicted as being..."...head and shoulders above everyone else in Washington when it comes to corruption and chicanery." Of course, Americans are not supposed to be concerned that Menendez and Rubio -- one a Democrat and the other a Republican -- dictate Cuban policies that are genocidal for Cubans on the island but have routinely enriched and empowered generations of Counter Revolutionary Cubans in the United States of America...from the 1950s until April, 2021!!!!!
     In the USA's two-party political system, the Democrat Senator Bob Menendez and the Republican Senator Marco Rubio have the U. S government covered when it comes to dictating Cuban polices. Those policies, since the 1950s, have been predicated on vilifying and assaulting masses of Cubans on the island while glorifying, enriching, and empowering Counter Revolutionary U. S. Cubans. For many decades Republicans, beginning in 1952 in Cuba and in 1959 in the U. S., have been indelibly aligned financially and politically with the Batistiano-type Cubans. But, as Menendez and Rubio seem to immutably know, now both Democrats and Republicans readily cave in to the financial and political power of the Counter Revolutionary U. S. Cubans.
       The new Democratic Joe Biden administration in Washington was hoped to be decent enough and courageous enough to ease the U. S. genocide against Cuban families that Biden inherited from the Republican Donald Trump administration. But it won't happen. And that is a shame, for both innocent Cuban families on the island and for the money-crazed/lobby-inspired/two-party U. S. democracy.
   The incomparable Brazilian editorial cartoonist Carlos LaTuff speaks for a billion or so people worldwide about what the U. S. Embargo of Cuba, which has existed since 1962, means. And Carlos LaTuff, when he has a microphone in his hand, said..."It is cruel for a powerful nation to allow a few criminals to do such things to vulnerable people in a much smaller nation. It is also stupid to allow it to go on decade-after-decade, especially when the powerful nation is too powerful and too stupid not to even be ashamed about what it is doing." Of course, Carlos LaTuff has also used his unique talent to show the whole world what he means.
".....especially when the powerful nation is too powerful and too stupid to not even be ashamed about what it is doing!!"

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