Saturday, April 3, 2021

The USA's Batistiano Dictators

After All These Decades Since The Revolution!!

    The Wall Street Journal is emblematic of the drastic decline of the mainstream media in the United States. Important media sources in the U. S. were once vital gatherers and presenters of news and information that Americans and their democracy vitally needed. Now those prime media sources have evolved into vast propaganda dispersers, catering to the needs, whims, and opinions of only their propaganda-obsessed individual and corporate owners. On this Easter Weekend, the first weekend of April-2021, the The Wall Street Journal proved my point with yet another vast, anti-democratic, propaganda-fueled major Editorial...using this blazing headline:
    The huge Editorial this weekend in The Wall Street Journal typifies the depths to which the mainstream media in the United States now presents only self-serving propaganda, not news and information, to its readers and viewers. Under the above headline and sub-headline shown above, The Wall Street Journal's propaganda explained again this weekend that the Batistiano control of America's Cuban policy since 1959 has been the best thing that has ever happened to the U. S. democracy. It, of course, implies that the best thing the U. S. democracy ever did was in 1952 when it teamed with the top echelon of the Mafia to support the brutal-thieving Batista dictatorship in Cuba so rich Americans could partake in the wholesale robbery and brutality on the largest Caribbean island. Of course, the powerful WSJ no longer has either the guts or the integrity to tell its readers that the U.S.-backed Batistiano robbery and extreme brutality that protected Batista's Cuba spawned the Cuban Revolution that on January 1-1959 chased out the greedy U. S. businessmen but also chased the Batistianos-Mafiosi to their new haven and sanctuary on U. S. soil, quickly creating their new headquarters in Little Havana in the heart of Miami-USA. Although extremist methods for going on seven decades have failed to recapture Cuba, the Batistianos have actually used their grips on the U. S. democracy to create far more wealth and power in the U. S. than they had amassed on Cuban soil. Factors permitting that include the decline of the U. S. media into prime propaganda outlets as opposed to news outlets. The WSJ Editorial depicted above is a prime example this weekend. It was, uh, written by Mario Diaz-Balart. Of course, as a prime product of Little Havana, Mario Diaz-Balart has spent his entire adult life lucratively promoting the Batista dictatorship in Cuba as a fantastically great government and the Batistiano rule of America's Cuban policies since 1959 as the best thing that has happened to the U. S. Democracy.
     Perhaps it would be appropriate to mention that CONGRESSMAN Mario Diaz-Balart is the son of a former powerful Minister in the Batista dictatorship and then, starting in 1959, one of the prime and most richest creators of Little Havana in Miami. For three decades either Mario Diaz-Balart or his older brother Lincoln Diaz-Balart have represented Little Havana in the U. S. Congress. In 1996 Lincoln was a prime writer of the congressional Helms-Burton Act, which was and remains to this day a very legal method to vastly enrich Little Havana leaders while also vastly brutalizing masses of Cubans in Cuba. And on this Easter Weekend in 2021 a vast Editorial in the Wall Street Journal WRITTEN BY MARIO DIAZ-BALART again implies how great the Batista dictatorship in Cuba in the 1950s was and TELLS US AGAIN how great the Batistiano rule of the USA's Cuban policies since 1959 is. There was a time in the U. S. that the mainstream media would tell Americana the truth about such things. But that is no longer the case, with the WSJ now being a prime example of the U. S. media that has become a prime propaganda dispenser instead of being gatherer and provider of news and information that Americans really need.
      Most Cuban-Americans do not believe that the superpower U. S. government, decade after decade since 1959, should continue its Batistiano-inspired genocide against totally innocent Cuban families in Cuba decade-AFTER-decade. One such Cuban-American is Carlos Lazo, a professor in Seattle. Carlos is so ashamed of the Embargo-legalized genocide against Cubans in Cuba that he has ridden his bicycle, followed by some of his bike-riding students, the 3,000 miles from Seattle to Washington TO BEG CONGRESS AND THE WHITE HOUSE TO END ITS EMBARGO AND GENOCIDE AGAINST CUBAN FAMILES IN CUBA. Of course, the mainstream U. S. media, including the WSJ, doesn't have the courage or the integrity TO PUBLISH the passionate desires of great Cuban-Americans such as Carlos Lazo but vicious and self-serving Counter Revolutionary extremists such as CONGRESSMAN Mario Diaz-Balart from Little Havana can readily write Editorials in propaganda-riddled mainstream media outlets such as the WSJ.
     When the WSJ and most other mainstream U. S. media outlets routinely support Little Havana extremists with no concern about masses of innocent Cubans on the island, it continues to say more about the U. S. than it says about Cuba. For one thing, it says that the mainstream media in the U. S. has evolved into a vast and powerful promoter of propaganda in an era when Americans are in dire need of honest news and information.


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