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Rubio: Too Extreme For Miami?

It begins to seem that is true!
{Saturday, December 16th, 2017}
      Like many thousands of others, Luisa Yanez has come a long, long way since her birth in Havana. Today she is one of the three ultra-powerful Editorial Board Editors at the Miami Herald. Ms. Yanez is one reason I'm surprised that even the Miami Herald's Editorial Masters seem to be getting fed-up with Miami's two-term U. S. Senator Marco Rubio whom, for all intents and purposes, President Trump has anointed America's latest Cuban dictator who is intent, after all these decades, to overthrow the 1959 Cuban Revolutionary triumph. The Herald, for example, rebuked Rubio when he spoke out against the long-standing Wet Foot-Dry Foot law that encouraged Cuban defections to the U. S. because the moment their feet touched U. S. soil they were home free with special privileges. President Obama finally ended that particular discriminatory practice but, with the Republican Trump in the White House, Rubio expects to reverse all of the Obama-orchestrated positives related to Cuba. And this week the Miami Herald, in a major article apparently approved by its three Editorial Masters, including Ms. Yanez, again seems to sharply rebuke Dic...uh, I mean...SENATOR Rubio. I'm a bit surprised by this article but I find it very interesting that this propagandized generation of mainstream Americans has swallowed more of Rubio's carefully fabricated "choirboy" image than have powerful Miami Herald Cuban-American Editorial Editors like the Havana-born Luisa Yanez.
      The Miami Herald this week published a scathing article against Marco Rubio that was co-written by a Cuban-Cuban, Nuiris Higueras, who owns the upscale Atelier Restaurant in Havana. After the very decent U. S. President Obama made positive overtures to Cuba -- the first such gestures from the U. S. since 1959 -- Nuiris and thousands of other Cubans on the island became successful entrepreneurs making money to support their families. Then in 2017 President Trump, especially after anointing Rubio as his Cuban dictator, began reversing Obama's kindnesses that greatly benefited Cubans in Cuba as well as Cubans in Miami. This week -- in the article written by Nuiris and three other successful female entrepreneurs on the island -- the Miami Herald was fair enough to give the other side of what has long been a one-sided perspective of U.S.-Cuban relations. The MIAMI HERALD  article is entitled: "U. S. Policy Is Hurting Cuba's Entrepreneurs." As noted, Nuiris and three other female Cuban entrepreneurs -- Yamina Vicente, Julia de la Rosa, and Marla Recio -- co-wrote that article. It excoriated America's Cuban dictator, Rubio, for what he is doing to totally innocent families in Cuba. And to its credit the Miami Herald this week allowed those four decent Cuban women to expose the blatant and self-serving lies that both the United States government and the mainstream United States media has, for decades, allowed Counter Revolutionaries like RUBIO to get away with WHILE ALL THE WHILE FEATHERING THEIR OWN ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL NESTS.
               With consummate ease, Marco Rubio can lie to the American people about why he so cruelly attacks Cubans on the island -- "to hurt the Castros." But of course, he can't lie to the Cuban female entrepreneurs who wrote the Miami Herald article. They repeatedly call Rubio a liar and repeatedly marvel why the American people allow him to get away with it. They mock Rubio for repeatedly claiming he "supports the private sector." They mock his "claims to be the leading architect of the administration policy toward our country." They mock his cowardice in refusing to "meet with us." AND BECAUSE OF MARCO RUBIO they say: "Many of us now must decide which of our workers to lay off." But despite the fair-minded article in Rubio's home-town newspaper, don't expect the propagandized or uncaring American people to decide between the self-serving, cruel-minded Rubio and decent, intelligent, hard-working Cuban women like Nuiris Higueras who don't deserve to be continually punished on their sovereign island by a greedy, self-serving "choirboy" hiding behind the skirts of the world's Superpower to further his personal agendas.
      Another young Cuban woman who co-wrote that blistering anti-Rubio article in the Miami Herald is Marla Recio. Thanks to openings provided by President Obama, Marla created a thriving Events Planning business on the island of Cuba. Trump & Rubio, she wants the world to know, is destroying it. Marla was also featured in the June 16-2017 New York Times article entitled "In Cuba, Trump Reversal Could Hurt Small Business." And Marla this week made her opinions about Trump & Rubio known to Collin Laverty, one of America's prime advocates for sane and decent U.S.-Cuban cooperation. She told Laverty: "They are deteriorating the quality of life for Cuban families." {She was blaming Marco Rubio & Donald Trump}But Americans are easily programmed to believe that Marla is the bad guy and Marco is the good guy.
      Shamefully backed by President Donald Trump, Senator Marco Rubio believes that he alone should be allowed to dictate America's Cuban Policy. He is thus, with Trump in the White House, determined to reverse Obama's Herculean attempts to normalize relations with Cuba...meaning Rubio wants to finally regain Batistiano-like control of Cuba with a Policy that the rest of the world, including Obama's USA, condemned by a 191-to-ZERO vote in the United Nations. Rubio's Cuban Policy is also condemned by most Cubans in Miami although to this day Miami only sends Counter Revolutionary extremists like Rubio to the United States Congress. On Nov. 9th-2017 the Trump-Rubio regime in Washington announced 180 new harsh and cruel sanctions against Cuba. Rubio then shamefully and sanctimoniously announced that if it weren't for a few far-out liberals he could have included more than a mere 180 new assaults on innocent Cubans. Of course, Rubio always claims that everything he does is to hurt the Castros. It is believed by every unbiased Cuban expert I'm aware of that Rubio, and the shameful elements of the mainstream media that protects him, know FULL WELL that he is lying to further his revenge, economic, and political goals. As the aforementioned Miami Herald article acutely points out, Rubio's actions are hurting the most decent and the most deserving families on the island. The four brilliant and courageous women who wrote that article this week begged Rubio to come to Cuba and sit down and discuss the situation with them...or allow them to come to Washington to meet with him. Rubio has not had the decency or the guts to respond to them although, of course, he has hosted and powerfully supported in Washington the most visceral Counter Revolutionary dissidents on the island.
    The above photo-graphic, I think, defines today's U. S. government that MOST AMERICANS believe is bought-and-paid-for so it can primarily serve a handful of greedy billionaires. The image above was taken from Fox News, the right-wing media outlet that supports Marco Rubio's blatant goal of turning the U. S. democracy into a BATISTA-LIKE regime that ruled and brutalized Cuba from 1952 till 1959. Complicating the extreme right-wing influence of Fox News is the fact that the other five U. S. news networks -- CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and CBS -- are all extreme left-wing outfits that have neither the courage nor the integrity to challenge anything Rubio does to innocent Cubans while Trump is in the White House or when-if Rubio or some Batistiano like him takes it over. For example, none of the aforementioned top six U. S. television networks have even had the guts or decency to question Miami-related terrorism against Cuba that includes deadly hotel bombings, the deadly bombing of a child-laden Cuban civilian airplane, an historic series of assassinations and/or assassination attempts, etc. So what if, considering the never-ending Batistiano ties to Republican administrations, the U. S. simply nuked Cuba??? If so, judging by past acceptance, the U. S. media would either applaud or be too afraid to question such an atrocity. So now, study the Fox News graphic above. I believe it might make unbiased democracy-loving Americans cringe because of what it means today and what it portends for America's future. Throughout 2016 during the Republican presidential primary Trump and Rubio were bitter enemies. But as president, Trump is so afraid of Rubio's Little Havana roots in Miami that Trump fulfilled Rubio's second most-cherished goal -- next to being President himself -- and that was to be named by President Trump as America's Cuban dictator, which he essentially is today. But at least, with the quotation above, Trump surely called a spade a spade: "Sheldon Adelson would have total control over Rubio." AND, YES, AMERICA...that is quite possible thanks to a U. S. Supreme Court ruling that permits billionaires to make virtual unlimited donations to or purchases of politicians, including those with dangerous designs on the U. S. presidency. So, you ask, who is Sheldon Adelson?
      Now 84-years-old, Sheldon Adelson as of December-2017 is reportedly worth in excess of $38.6 billion. He owns lavish gambling palaces in Las Vegas and Singapore. As a controversial figure, he also owns the top newspapers in Nevada and Israel, presumably to help blunt criticism of his properties, politics, or his pundits.
     Even above his casinos and his newspapers, Sheldon Adelson is best known for using his extreme wealth to influence politics and politicians from coast to coast.
       Spending a mere $100 million or so to influence politicians & political issues is a mere drop-in-the-bucket as far as Sheldon Adelson's total wealth is concerned.
       Thus, during the 2016 Republican presidential primary, the 17 contenders...uh, yes, there were 17 -- including the four listed above -- sought some of that Adelson money and, apparently, were willing to sell their political beliefs to get some of it.
     But it appeared that Little Havana's Marco Rubio was the most eager politician to cash in, economically and politically, with bundles of Sheldon Adelson's cash.
       Of course, throughout the presidential primary Fox News reported that Marco Rubio was in line to get the lion's share of Sheldon Adelson's political buy-outs.
      As it turned out, Marco Rubio's 2016 presidential bid soon fizzled out but it is believed that he is accumulating enough cash to possibly purchase the post in 2020.
     Of course, Marco Rubio's well-known taste for money-burgers meshes with an opportune time in America's high-stakes political games: The U. S. Supreme Court in a recent ruling, many believe, powerfully favored the influence of billionaires over the long-standing democratic Founding Father's principle of ONE PERSON-ONE VOTE.
     Yet, the biggest reason that someone like Marco Rubio has a viable chance to reshape the proud American democracy into a Batistiano farse lies in what the mainstream U. S. media has evolved into -- namely, propaganda outfits as opposed to news-gathering journalism. The right-wing media, like Fox, propagandizes for a right-wing extremist, like Rubio. But the left-wing media -- NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, the NY Times & the Washington Post -- separately and collectively propagandize for an extreme left-wing America while putting the actual coverage and deliverance of NEWS far into the background. As indicated by the propaganda cover above, even the left-wing U. S. media supports Rubio BECAUSE the left-wing billionaire media owners believe Rubio is Washington's most For-Sale politician and, in time, they can purchase him but in the meantime just reshaping America's democracy is fine with left-wing extremists and right-wing extremists alike.
     Therefore, both right-wing & left-wing extremists in the U. S. latch onto Rubio's For-Sale extremism as "The Republican Savior." In other words, drastically changing the Founding Fathers' version of America makes for strange bedfellows and the dichotomy personified by the malleable Rubio -- meaning FOR-SALE Rubio -- appeals to both right-wing and left-wing American extremists.
       And so, whether it's left-wing or right-wing propaganda extolling the "virtures" of Marco Rubio, America democracy-lovers should look past the mainstream U. S. media and Google some basic Rubio facts. Rubio's biggest asset is that billionaires know he's For Sale and...DEMOCRACY IS THE PRIME VICTIM.
  Ken Silverstein is a great investigative journalist.
      For many years Ken Silverstein has earned plaudits for his investigative journalism while working for respected publications like...Harper's Magazine, the Associated Press, the Los Angeles Times, Forbes Magazine, etc. Thus, it is important, I believe, in the U. S. democracy that Ken Silverstein has investigated Marco Rubio.
     Ken Silverstein's mammoth investigative article about Marco Rubio featured the above graphic and first appeared in the New York Observer. American's interested in their democracy should dial-it-up online. Ken Silverstein minutely and expertly documents his article with precise names, dates, and events that predicate the career of Marco Rubio, who is falsely portrayed as a "choirboy" by much of the mainstream U. S. media. As far as I know, not a single word of Ken Silverstein's article has been challenged nor has he been sued. The title of his case you would like to go online and read "MARCO RUBIO: POOR LITTLE RICH BOY RUNS INTO REAL ESTATE TROUBLE." The sub-title is: "The Senator's Three Houses, Various Lady Friends, Assorted Con Artist Pals and Piles of Unexplained Income." And the first paragraph is: "When it comes to sheer brazen corruption, chicanery and dishonesty there is one candidate who stands head and shoulders above everyone else and that is the right-wing Cuban-American and Tea Party darling Senator Marco Rubio of -- naturally -- the great state of Florida. Mr. Rubio's entire public less tethered to reality than The Wizard of Oz." Yes, the graphic above, the title, the sub-title, and the first paragraph are followed by even more damning documentations of Marco Rubio's pathway to the Senate and his intended lane to the White House. And yes, the author is Ken Silverstein, one of America's best journalists. AND YES, neither the mainstream U. S. media nor Marco Rubio's highly paid army of publicists, as far as I know, have ever disputed a single word superbly documented by Ken Silverstein.  
     In sharp contrast to Marco Rubio, there is no controversy surrounding Kathy Castor. She was born in Miami but since 2007 she has brilliantly represented Tampa in the U. S. Congress. On behalf of democracy and her constituents in Florida, Kathy Castor in the 535-member United States Congress has fervently fought to bring sanity and decency to America's Cuban policy. Yet, the mainstream United States media that portrays Marco Rubio as a choirboy will never introduce the far more decent and more talented Congresswoman Kathy Castor to the American people. That is an un-democratic fact that should TODAY worry all democracy-loving Americans. 
  The moral of this story is simple: Marco Rubio appears...remember, I said "APPEARS" -- to have two fervent and dangerous goals. And they appear to be: {1} To become President of the United States and {2} to become Dictator of Cuba. Of course, if he attains the former he can also attain the latter. After all, the President of the United States is also the Commander-in-ChiefI know that concerns Ken Silverstein. I believe it should concern all democracy-loving Americans and Cuban-Americans.


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