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Cuba's True Voice

In Both Spanish & English!!
{Sunday, December 31st, 2017}
     The best broadcast journalist in the Americas, including all of North America, is probably Cuba's Cristina Escobar, and that's true whether she is broadcasting in Spanish or English either as an anchor or expert interviewer. I think she's the absolute best and so, apparently, do many others, including NBC's veteran superstar Andrea Mitchell who made it a point to congratulate Cristina in Washington. Vivid examples of her work are recent, cogent interviews she conducted with two of America's most powerful Miami executives -- Cuban-born Frank del Rio, the CEO of the Miami-based Norwegian Cruise Lines; and Arnold Donald, the CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines. Both interviews are readily available on YouTube where you can hear each man tell Cristina Escobar about their incomparable love of the Cubans on the island and their utter fascination with Cuba's beauty and culture, and both men made it clear they were speaking not as businessmen who often visit Cuba but as human beings who believe the island and its people should be treated with respect and decency.
     Such Cuban and U. S. respect gained Cristina Escobar a Pulitzer Center-sponsored interview conducted by notable U. S. journalist and Cuban expert Tracey Eaton, and versions of the above interview are readily available on the Pulitzer Center website {above} and on YouTube. In that interview you can hear Cristina say: "Cuba's fate is up to Cubans on the island, not Cubans in Miami or Washington" and "Cuban journalists have more freedom to tell the truth about the U. S. than U. S. journalists have to tell the truth about Cuba." INDEED, as Cuba's top broadcast journalist Cristina is not afraid to criticize her government if her beloved Cuban people are not respected or properly cared for. AND INDEED, in the U. S. it might be said, with a brave degree of accuracy, that the last two well-known journalists who told the truth about Miami-directed terrorism against innocent Cubans were newscaster Emilio Milian and top columnist-journalist Jim DeFede, and Emilio was car-bombed while Jim was fired. In Cuba, Cristina -- with the heart and soul of a true journalist -- has criticized her government without getting car-bombed...or fired.
     And such respect gained Cristina Escobar a spot on the pantheon of American Journalism History. As shown above, she is the only Cuban journalist to ever ask questions at a White House news conference. That video is also on YouTube. In calm, perfect English she dominated that news conference, asking the best questions and getting the best answers, including the first confirmation that President Obama indeed planned to become the first sitting U. S. President to visit Cuba since President Hoover arrived in 1928 on a warship. Not only is the talented and well-educated Cristina Escobar a superb broadcast journalist, she is also an internationally recognized expert on U.S.-Cuban relations, and therefore in demand by foreign networks seeking both sides of the U.S.-Cuban conundrum that has international repercussions and got the United States condemned 191-to-ZERO in 2016 when even the decent President Obama couldn't support the Congress-directed cruel U. S. embargo against innocent Cubans. Cristina, for example, astutely and eerily predicted on her University Thesis the Cuban Effect President Obama would have at least temporarily on U.S.-Cuban relations, smartly realizing that Obama's sanity could be reversed when and if a Republican replaced Obama as President. 
      Mainstream U. S. broadcast outfits...either because of propagandized political correctness, sheer intimidation, or simple incompetence...generally present only the Counter Revolutionary side of the two-sided U.S.-Cuban equation. But unintimidated networks, such as the Washington-based CGTN America, often call on the expert views of Cristina Escobar in Havana with live hook-ups. For example, this week - - Dec. 28th, 2017 -- CGTN America aired a 5 minute, 29 second report entited: "Cristina Escobar Talks About the Effect Millennials Are Having on Cuban Society." You can easily dial-up that interview on YouTube and get concise and honest insights on the emerging input of millennials and young adults in Cuba.
     The montage above depicts a typical CGTN America set. The network was founded in 2012 and is a part of the China Global Television Network. But based in Washington it is more pro-America than pro-China, especially with its business reports. And CGTN America regularly provides international exposure to Cristina Escobar from Havana.
    Another recent example is also readily available on YouTube with this title: "Cristina Escobar and Dan Perkins Discuss Cuba in the Wake of Trump Policy Change." The interview runs 9 minutes and 8 seconds and it's worth every second. Perkins is a right-wing Counter Revolutionary businessman and commentator in Tampa, Florida. Cristina is Cuba's top broadcast journalist and an expert on U.S.-Cuban relations, including President Trump's reversal of President Obama's sane and decent Cuban policies. As you watch the interview, Perkins will espouse the viewpoint that Cuba should be what it was pre-Revolution from 1952 to 1959, which was to be a piggy-bank for the brutal Batista-Mafia dictatorship that was supported by the U. S. because it allowed rich U. S. businessmen, like the modern-day Mr. Perkins, to partake in the rape and robbery of the island. Of course, as I believe you will detect, Cristina Escobar more than holds her own against thuggish, right-wing Counter Revolutionaries like Perkins. When the name "Marco Rubio" comes up, Cristina calls a spade-a-spade, something the mainstream U. S. media is afraid to do. That exchange alone, which airs both sides of the equation, would be worth viewing.
   The brilliant Cuban broadcast journalist Cristina Escobar has paid journalistic visits to Washington on the East Coast and to California on the West Coast, and made speeches at U. S. universities in between. There are reports that she has been offered huge sums of money, with a mansion tossed in as a bonus, if she would defect to Miami or New York City. For sure, in Spanish or English, she could instantly be a star broadcast journalist in America...and a very rich one. But most of all, her defection would be a gigantic propaganda coup for the USA's well-heeled Counter Revolutionary extremists. But it won't happen. There is not enough Little Havana money in Miami to induce Cristina Escobar to turn her back on the island she loves and the Cubans she loves. As a broadcaster, her integrity matches her talent.
     The photo above shows Cristina Escobar on the island of Cuba with the people she loves and identifies with. That's Cristina second from the right. She is a highly respected Cuban jewel, not rich but very, very proud. She fervently and righteously defends everything beautiful and good about Cuba, and there is a lot to defend despite what Americans are told by Trump & Rubio, two Counter Revolutionaries.
Cuba's journalistic Superstar.
 A Cuban-Cuban, Cristina Escobar.

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