Monday, January 11, 2021

Cuba Has a COVID Setback

 As It Battles Pandemic & Little Havana!!!

       Cuba this past weekend used the above January 9-2021's statistics to explain to the Cuban people via television newscasts why it was posting a new curfew and virtually locking down the capital city of Havana. The key "365" number was the key, denoting the positive new COVID-19 cases within a 24-hour period.
     Cubans have depended on the brilliance of Dr. Francisco Duran to advise them during the Pandemic and tell them what to do to survive it.
      Appearing daily on state television, Dr. Francisco Duran on Jan. 9-2021 cogently explained why he was advising the new curfew restrictions such as closing cinemas, bars, and other popular spots in Havana: "Legal measures will be taken because we cannot jettison the sacrifice of a whole country, a whole people."
     The article depicted above was written this past weekend by Nelson Acosta, one of the great journalists at the London-based Reuters bureau in Cuba. No U. S. source comes close to the Reuters News Agency when it comes to covering Cuban events in a fair, unbiased and professional manner.
     The people in a small island that are fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic should not have to also have to try to fight back the cruel and bald-FACED insanity of the unending EMBARGO from a neighboring nation that happens to be the richest and strongest country in the world. When over 300 million Americans continue to allow that to happen decade-AFTER-decade, images like the famous one shown above by the great Brazilian Carlos LaTuff will continue to spread an egregious image of America and Democracy. 


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