Saturday, January 16, 2021

Clinging To Trump's Presidency

More Last Minute Cuban Actions Legalized!!

     Today -- January 15, 2021 -- the blaring headline depicted above flashed out of Washington and spread around the world. It follows a few days after the Counter Revolutionary Cuban zealots in Miami, Newark, and Congress persuaded President Trump to put Cuba on the State Sponsors of Terrorism List. Now today's headlines is yet another last-ditch effort to add more terror and heartache Cubans on the island have suffered from the latest Republican administration, TRUMPS!!! The headline above shows the Little Havana & Congressional Cubans today are still taking advantage of the last few days, even hours, left before Trump exits the White House. This new headline today is YET ANOTHER EXAMPLE of the genocide aimed at Cubans on the island to induce them to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary government, something all the zealots in Little Havana/Miami and every Republican administration in Washington have been trying to do since 1959.
        Americans who have been programmed to accept their tax dollars going to fund genocide against Cubans on the island since 1959 are not supposed to see or comprehend the photos from Batista's Cuba in the 1950's such as the ones above, photos that spawned the Cuban Revolution. The U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista regime in the 1950's created massive paydays for Batista associates, the Mafia, and rich American businessmen who partook in the debauchery. But as you can see above, the Batista cronies did not have the sense to at least toss some crumbs to the majority peasants -- such as perhaps even providing some educational and health benefits. Instead, feeling vulnerable while being supported by the world's strongest nation and by the world's strongest criminal organization, the Batista rulers decided they would keep the majority peasants in check by terror -- such as murdering peasant children as a warning not to resist what was happening in their nation. That tactic failed because of the brave street marches depicted above by the Cuban mothers, the marches that spawned the Cuban Revolution.
      Since 1959 in Revolutionary Cuba, three generations of Cuban mothers have done their best to care for their children, especially when it comes to protecting them physically but also with state-financed free educations through college and free health care for life. That includes the five little girls depicted above that today are wearing COVID-19 masks on a Havana playground as their parents try to protect them from COVID-19 and from Counter Revolutionary Cubans and their sycophants in the  nearby United States of America.
    This photo was taken tonight -- January 15, 2021. It shows Rosy Amaro Perez anchoring tonight's Newscast on Cubavision International Television. On this newscast the reports to Cubans, and to others -- because the station is carried via satellite and the internet to other nations -- included excellent updates on things such as COVID-19, the Caribbean weather, etc. But Rosy, of course, reported on US-Cuban relations...including a report from Washington on the latest {Jan. 15-2021} genocidal decision against Cuban families by the Trump White House five days before he leaves office!!! And in this newscast to the Cuban people tonight, Rosy used a photo showing the very day that Trump began his genocidal attacks on the Cuban people on behalf of Cubans in Miami's Little Havana.
     This was the photo news anchor Rosy Amaro Perez used on her broadcast tonight, telling the Cuban people the day in 2017 when new President Donald Trump went to Little Havana in Miami to sign and boast about his legal genocide against Cubans on the island as documented by the signed document he is displaying. Of course, the crowd in Little Havana around him that day -- including Little Havana-disciples from the U. S. Congress Mario Diaz-Balart, Rick Scott, and Marco Rubio -- supported Trump's assault on Cuba's population. In the past four years neither the American people nor even the anti-Trump zealots in the mainstream U. S. media have had the guts to describe or to oppose Trump's self-serving genocide against Cubans on the island. But, using that photo shown above, anchor Rosy Amaro Perez explained it correctly tonight to the Cuban people.
      The U. S. Embassy in Havana, as shown above, was reopened by Trump's predecessor, President Barack Obama, and because of the brave Obama the Cubans on the island were beginning to enjoy normal relations with the United States. But from the Trump regime's beginning in 2017 the Little Havana extremists have dictated Trump's every genocidal decision regarding Cuba.
     Trump's predecessor President Obama also reopened Cuba's Embassy in Washington, but, of course, Little Havana-obsessed President Trump discarded it the way other Republican administrations have discarded every decent policy regarding Cuba. In fact, one Trump supporter took a high-powered rifle and fired 32 bullets at the Cuban Embassy while 12 Cubans were inside and had to duck for cover. Of course, neither the mainstream U. S. media nor the American people had the guts to say much against such long as it was against Cubans.
     The recent tumultuous U. S. presidential election means that in just four days -- on Jan. 20th, 2021 -- President Trump will  be replaced by President-elect Joe Biden. That means a Democrat will replace a Republican in the White House. Every Republican president since the 1950s has been tightly tied to the Cubans who led Batista's Cuba from 1952 to 1959 and to the Batistianos who have led Little Havana's anti-Revolutionary crusade since 1959. But except for Obama, every Democratic president since the 1950s has also been too afraid of Little Havana to act decency regarding innocent Cubans on the island. But the elderly Joe Biden, the incoming Democrat President, was the Cuba-friendly Obama's Vice President for eight years. So Cubans on the island, who loved Obama's decency, hope Biden as President starting on January 20th will also treat them decently, not genocidally as the Trump presidency treated them.
     In America's deeply divided Two-Party political system, at least about half of America's 340 million people are worried by the belief that the Democratic Party has tilted too far to the left. The Cuban leaders in Little Havana, of course, will pine for another Republican administration in the White House. But the Cubans in Cuba, tired of decades of genocide from self-serving Republican administrations, are among the first people in the world to extend hearty "CONGRATULATIONS to Joe and Kamala" simply because Joe and Kamala are Democrats, not REPUBLICANS!!!!

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