Monday, December 7, 2020

Trump-to-Biden Won't Help Cuba

 Too Much Money Rules US Politics!!

     During the November 3rd-2020 presidential election in the United States, Democrat Joe Biden defeated Republican Donald Trump, with the transition to take place in January 20th, 2021. It can be said, with justification, that Cubans on the island had even more at stake in last month's election than Americans had. That  is because, justifiably, every Republican president since the 1950s has vilified Cubans in Cuba so rich Americans can partake in the rape and robbery of the Caribbean's largest and most beautiful nation. Since the Cuban Revolution defeated the U.S.-backed and Mafia-back Batista Dictatorship on Jan. 1-1959, the three Bush presidencies -- one for George H. W. Bush and two for his son George W. Bush -- have been the Republican presidents most aligned with vicious Little Havana Cubans to starve Cubans on the island, enrich Cubans in Miami, and to recapture Cuba for the rich and politically powerful Batistianos in the United States. But since the 1950s, the current Trump presidency has most violently aligned with the Little Havana Cubans in Miami and in Congress to commit genocide against Cubans on the island, and that policy was codified legally when Trump activated Title III of the Batistiano-written {Jorge Mas Canosa, Lincoln Diaz-Balart, etc.} Helms-Burton Act. Knowing that Title III indeed legalized genocide against masses of Cubans on the island, even President George W. Bush, during his 8 years in office from 2001-2009, REFUSED to activate Title III, but President Trump did activate Title III. For that reason, Cubans on the island prayed more for Trump's defeat, more so than even the legions of Americans who detested Trump's presidency.
      When Trump's Little Havana-dictated administration aimed Title III at Cuba, Cubans responded with their middle finger reaction, and fully realized it as genocide because it was a policy of the superpower United States to starve them, etc., so they would rebel against their revolutionary government. Of course, Americans have no idea what Helms-Burton/Title III means because even the extreme left-wing mainstream U. S. media that has tried to destroy the Trump presidency for the past four years is too afraid of Little Havana's Counter Revolutionaries.
      But Cubans on the island are not afraid to define Title III/Helms-Burton correctly -- "GENOCIDIO."
      President-elect Joe Biden has named Jake Sullivan as his National Security Advisor, a powerful position that often involves directing genocide at Cubans on the island to appease Little Havana's counter revolutionary Cubans. Sullivan is a 44-year-old graduate of the Yale Law School. In his initial statement  regarding Cuba since he was named Biden's National Security Advisor, Sullivan supported the San Isidro Movement that is ongoing after high-profile demonstrations in Havana and in nearby Little Havana. The Cuban government, and most of the everyday Cubans who oppose it, claim it is the latest effort by the U. S. government and the Counter Revolutionaries who rule Little Havana to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba. Of course, on their Social Media platforms Cubans on the island reveal their  dismay and alarm at how many tax-dollars are devoted to projects such as the San Isidro Movement. Actually, although the mainstream U. S. media is too afraid to defy Little Havana, there is a renowned, unbiased, and brave journalist/professor named Tracey Eaton who regularly uses the Freedom of Information Act to publish the exact number of tax dollars routinely doled out seemingly to anyone who promises to undermine or destroy Revolutionary Cuba. And Truly, even during the COVID-19 pandemic as many businesses and Americans are hurting financially, the amount of  tax dollars devoted to recapturing Cuba for Little Havana IS ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING!!!! And it is not likely, in the USA's Two-Party political system, that replacing the Republican Trump administration with the Democratic Biden administration in January will make much of a difference because the vast amount of tax dollars used to hurt Cuba simply enrich too many politically correct people in Little Havana and in Congress.
      Of course, Americans are not supposed to know about the unending stream of tax dollars parceled on a daily basis to, it seems, anyone willing to help Little Havana, Congress, and the Republican White Houses to destroy Revolutionary Cuba. For example, in just the past two days the great Tracey Eaton has published the two articles depicted above: "$1 Million Up For Grabs For Cuba Projects" And "USAID Targets Cuban Tourism." And so, if you think perhaps the millions of tax dollars doled out regularly to hurt Cubans on the island should be used for other purposes, I suggest you take note of the two headline articles listed above. They are the latest updates this week in December-2020 posted by Tracey Eaton on his must-read CUBAN MONEY PROJECT blog. Using exact stats provided by the Freedom of Information Act, Tracey Eaton lists who gets those tax dollars and he provides the exact amount of dollars given to each lucky recipient.
     In other words, if you care about who is getting all those tax dollars devoted to hurting Cubans on the island, I suggest you go to or just Google Cuban Money Project.
      From Washington, the U. S. capital, there surely seems to be no limit to the streams of tax dollars that flow and float out from Washington-DC to anyone who promises to hurt Cuba.
    The reason you should Meet the Journalist TRACEY EATON is because his CUBA MONEY PROJECT is the only place you will get the exact enormity of tax dollars REGULARLY doled out to people who promise the U. S. government they will help overthrow Cuba's revolutionary government.
    And please remember, Tracey Eaton is acclaimed as the Western Hemisphere's top expert on US-Cuban relations and he has an impeccable reputation as a brilliant and unbiased journalist. Mr. Eaton now is a beloved Journalism Professor at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, but his CUBA MONEY PROJECT remains the best source of information regarding topical US-Cuban news.
      In the Cuba-friendly Obama presidency, Jake Sullivan and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved Obama's historic efforts to normalize relations with Cuba. And now Jake Sullivan has been named as President-elect Joe Biden's powerful National Security Advisor, which means Sullivan will have a lot to say about the U. S. policy pertaining to Cuba. But, as noted, in the four years since the decent Obama presidency ended, tons more than usual tax dollars have been utilized against Cuba and in the USA's Two-Party political system money reigns supreme, certainly so when it comes to making Cuba continue as a U. S. piggybank, as it was prior to 1959 when both the United States and the Mafia supported the brutal/thieving Batista dictatorship and partook in the cash spoils.

       Perhaps the most pertinent U.S.-originated article related to Cuba in the first week of December-2020 was written by Andres Martinez Fernandez and originated in print and online via Foreign Policy Magazine. It is entitled "BIDEN SHOULDN'T BACKTRACK ON CUBA" and  the sub-headline is: "The Lesson of the Past Few Years Is Clear: Don't Let Policy Toward the Island Dominate the U. S. Agenda on Latin America." Very familiar to Fox News viewers and Los Angeles Times readers, Andres Martinez Fernandez has a bio that stipulates that he has a Ph.D. from the Polytechnic University in Madrid and is "associated at the American Enterprise Institute, whose research includes Latin American policy issues. He has directed a multitude of research projects financed by national and international entities such as the European Commission,  the World Bank, the InterAmerican Development Bank, the Andean Development Corporation, AECID or USAID."
      In other words, journalists, researchers, and promoters like Andres Martinez Fernandez who have the necessary funding, political connections, and media coverage to influence policy pertaining to Cuba will dictate the Cuban narrative and resonance during the Democratic Biden administration just as was the case during the outgoing Republican Trump administration during the past four years. The USA's two-party political system itself is now threatened by the left-wingers who control the Democratic Party, simply because they include the most money in what has become a money-crazed U. S. political system that now includes most of the propagandized mainstream media. Thus, minus checks-and-balances once embedded in a Two-Party system, it will now likely more resemble a one-party system and further ensnare Cuba even during the demise of the Republican Trump and the rise of the Democrat Biden.
      Even during America's two-party political system, as far as Cuba was and is concerned the anti-Cuban zealots such as Andres Oppenheimer have ruled the roost and will continue to do so when it comes to promoting the Piggybank Cuban agendas. And since 1959 it has been anti-Cuba policies that have made A LOT OF PEOPLE in the lucrative corridor between Little Havana and Washington extremely rich.
     Regardless of whether a Democrat or Little Havana-aligned Republican was in the White House, extreme Counter Revolutionary Cuban-American zealots have dictated Cuban policy in the U. S. Congress since 1989 when the self-serving Bush dynasty began sending only anti-revolutionary Little Havana Cubans to Washington. In 1989 Jeb Bush was the Campaign Manager for Ileana Ros-Lehtinen's 33-year trip to Congress, which lasted until 2019 when she retired to pursue other anti-Cuban ventures from Miami. Ros-Lehtinen was born in Havana and has always been surrounded by Counter Revolutionary family members and friends. During her three decades in Congress she was followed from Miami only by other extreme Counter Revolutionaries such as Lincoln Diaz-Balart, whose father Rafael was a key Minister in the Batista dictatorship and, after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution on January 1-1959, Rafael Diaz-Balart was one of the richest and most powerful anti-Castro zealots and, in fact, created the White Rose, the first anti-Cuban paramilitary unit in Florida. Following Lincoln Diaz-Balart's stint in Congress, he was followed by his younger brother a Diaz-Balart has been in the U. S. Congress from Miami since the 1990s...accompanied by other Ros-Lehtinen and Diaz-Balart prodigies, such as extreme anti-Cuban Senator Marco Rubio. But the litany of Little Havana/Miami members of Congress is endless, as indicated by the above photo. Maria Elvira Salazar, one of the most powerful Cuban-American superstars in the television news media for many years, was elected to the U. S. Congress during the November 3rd-2020 election. You don't get to the U. S. Congress as a Floridian or as Cuban-American unless you are an extreme advocate for the overthrow of Revolutionary Cuba.
       Of course, paving the way for the USA's Cuban policies since 1959 has been the propagandized lie that, prior to the victory of the Cuban Revolution on Jan. 1-1959, the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship had ruled a decent and democratic Cuba. But the Batista dictatorship was a brutally enforced hellhole for everyday Cubans and a gross Piggybank for Batistianos, Mafiosi, and rich American businessmen. As shown above, the Lucky Luciano/Meyer Lansky/Fulgencio Batista Mafiosi rule of Cuba from 1952 till 1959 was supported by the superpower United States so rich American businessmen could partake in the rape and robbery of the luscious island nation. But the Luciano-Lansky-Batista mobsters bolted for nearby Miami instead of staying around in Havana to face the charging rebels who had, in the closing two days of 1958, just captured Santa Clara, the last major city before reaching Havana itself. But starting in January of 1959 after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, Little Havana emerged as the new U.S. sanctuary, with the Batistianos believing, with their wealth and support from the world's Superpower, they world recapture Cuba within a few weeks. But over six decades December of 2020...they are still trying to do that. It hasn't happened, incredibly, because generations of Cubans on the island still remember the extreme brutality of the Batista dictatorship. The Cuban piggybank was HUGE in the 1950s but in 2020 it is even LARGER!!! And if you doubt that, it means you don't check the great Tracy Eaton's scintillating CUBA MONEY PROJECT blog.


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