Monday, December 28, 2020

Journalism Inside and Outside Cuba

 An Honest Appraisal!!!

      There are many fair-minded and English-speaking well as many Spanish-speaking journalists...that sincerely believe that the best and most honest journalist regarding U.S.-Cuban relations is a Cuban named Cristina Escobar. She is especially important considering that the omnipotent mainstream U. S. media appears too afraid or too incompetent to report insightfully or honestly about Cuba while on U. S. soil extreme anti-Cuban propaganda sources such as Radio-TV Marti in Miami, supported by billions of U. S. tax dollars for decades; Ciba Cuba; Babalu; etc., etc., etc. pump out self-serving fake Cuban "news" regarding U.S.-Cuba relations on a regular basis.
     In that milieu, it is refreshing to know that Cristina Escobar reporting from Havana remains the best and most honest journalist reporting on Cuba relations involving its superpower neighbor that happens to be just 90 miles across the Florida Straits. And from Havana she is considered honest and knowledgeable by everyday Cubans all over the island as well as unbiased outsiders...and she has reported brilliantly from London for BBC World News and now is a superb reporter for the multi-nation regional TeleSUR Network, and for the now influential Radio Havana Cuba international signal.
       Back in 2016 when U. S. President Barack Obama was trying to normalize relations between the U. S. and Cuba, President Obama knew that Cristina Escobar was the best and most honest journalist in the Western Hemisphere when it came to reporting on U.S.-Cuban relations. And that is how, as shown by the photo above, that Cristina Escobar became the first and only Cuban journalist to ask questions at a crowded White House News Conference in Washington. And that day Cristina Escobar, in perfect and poised English, dominated that News Conference by asking the four most pertinent questions, including a follow-up question about whether President Obama "will visit Cuba" while he was still President of the United States. Soon, Obama did that...becoming the first U. S. President to visit Cuba since Herbert Hoover arrived in 1928 in Havana on a U. S. warship.
      From her home in Havana, where she lives with her husband and their baby daughter, the photo above shows Cristina Escobar on a 15-minute broadcast on Christmas Eve -- Dec. 24-2020 -- on Radio Havana Cuba. It is, I sincerely believe, the best and most honest statement that any journalist today can make about the current status of U.S.-Cuban relations as, in these last days of 2020, the transition from the Trump presidency to the Biden presidency is about to take place in the United States. Cristina Escobar expertly discusses the past four years under President Trump, predicts the next four years under President Biden, discusses the genocide against Cuban families that Trump normalized when he insanely activated the "Title III" provision of the already cruel Helms-Burton Act, discusses how self-serving Miami Cubans in Congress like "Marco Rubio" can so easily orchestrate "Little Havana" legislation in Congress that enriches Miami Cubans but is meant to destroy Cuban families in Cuba, and she discusses how U. S. policies designed to hurt Cubans in Cuba also hurt "so many" of her Cuban friends and relatives in the United States, etc., etc., etc.
       In this last week of 2020, on venues such as "Escuchanos en VIVO" {"Listen to LIVE"} or "90 MILES PODCAST" you can hear the great Cristina Escobar's brilliant and honest updates on U.S.-Cuban relations heading into the New Year of 2021.
      Having lived and/or worked in cities such as London, Washington, and Miami, Cristina Escobar chooses to live in Havana with her husband and baby daughter while working for venues such as TeleSUR Television and Radio Havana International. As fluent in English as she is in her native Spanish, Cristina Escobar has unique expertise and inside knowledge of the contentious nature of U.S.-Cuban Relations at a critical juncture leading to the New Year of 2021. Cristina Escobar also is uniquely trusted by Cubans in Havana and 90 miles away across the Caribbean Sea in Little Havana...and, while deeply respected as a journalist by the Cuban government, Cristina Escobar is not adverse nor reluctant to criticize the Cuban government whenever she believes it is not prioritizing the needs and desires of everyday Cubans, including Cristina Escobar's only baby daughter. Therefore, the name to remember if you want true and honest insight into the intricate and updated rhythms of U.S.-Cuban Relations is Cristina Escobar. Otherwise you are probably getting your information about U.S.-Cuban Relations from the multitudes of biased, self-serving fake news sources.
Cristina Escobar pondering.
Cristina Escobar broadcasting.


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