Monday, December 21, 2020

Cuba Longs for 2021!!!!

 Post-COVID & Post-TRUMP!!!

     The U. S. presidential election in November-2020 resulted in replacing Republican Donald Trump with Democrat Joe Biden in January of 2021. It was and is more important to Cubans in Cuba than Americans in America. That's because, perhaps, the survival of Cubans in Cuba is more than at stake regarding who is the the U. S. President. The Republicans are tightly tied to the most extremists counter revolutionary Cubans in Miami's powerful Little Havana community while the Democrats, the other half of the USA's two-party political system, are not -- at least not TOTALLY!!!
      As illustrated by this Vanity Fair photo, the two-term Barack Obama presidency that included Vice President Joe Biden for all 8 years DIRECTLY preceded the presidency of Donald Trump that arrived in January-2017. During the Obama-Biden presidency Obama, with Biden's help, bravely and uniquely normalized relations with Cuba, greatly helping all Cubans in Cuba and almost of the Cuban-Americans in the United States, but angering some powerful U. S. Cubans. So starting in January of 2017 the Trump presidency, at the behest of Little Havana, began reversing every one of the sane and positive Cuban policies enacted by the Obama-Biden presidency, and most unbiased Cuban experts believe that Trump has, in the past four years, enacted the most genocidal Cuban policies of all the Republican U. S. Presidents since the 1950's, including the 1952 Republican U. S. White House that, incredibly, teamed the U. S. democracy with the Mafia to support the brutal and thieving Batista dictatorship in Cuba, which spawned the victorious Cuban Revolution that drastically changed both Cuba and the United States starting on January 1, 1959.
      For sure, Cubans in Cuba were glued to television and social media devices as that waited with abated breath hoping that Joe Biden would be elected President of the United States, and they rejoiced when it happened back in November. ANY Democrat replacing a Republican as U. S. President would have pleased Cubans in Cuba but replacing Trump was ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT to Cubans in Cuba. But will the election of Joe Biden end up as just another disappointment for the Cubans-in-Cuba, the only people in the world who are forced to face the COVID-19 pandemic while also facing the longest and cruelest EMBARGO/BLOCKADE ever posed by a powerful nation against the masses of people in a much smaller nation. In that milieu, I believe that America's best Cuban expert in Washington, Emily  Mendrala, is the best American to consult regarding that prediction/question about whether Biden in the White House will treat Cubans in Cuba better than Trump has.
     In the United States today Emily Mendrala is the best expert you can  depend on for the best updates on U.S.-Cuban Relations. Now a mother of two children in Washington, Mendrala graduated from Johns Hopkins University and the University of Virginia. During the Obama-Biden presidency she was a key National Security Advisor on International Matters and, most particularly, she was Special Advisor to President Obama and to Senator John Kerry on Cuban Affairs. And for sure, as December of 2020 is about to turn into January of 2021, Emily Mendrala knows more than anyone about what is now happening between Cuba and the U. S. and what is likely to happen in the forseeable future!!
     After being a key advisor to President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Senator Kerry regarding Cuba, Emily Mendrala is now the Executive Director of the Washington-based CENTER FOR DEMOCRACY IN THE AMERICAS.
     As the powerful and loving leader of the influential Center for Democracy in the Americas, the brilliant Emily Mendrala continues to strongly advocate for normalizing relations between the United States and Cuba. In fact, she has just made sure that President-elect Joe Biden has gotten A POWERFUL WRITTEN STATEMENT reminding the incoming U. S. President why the CENTER FOR DEMOCRACY IN THE AMERICAS believes it is vital to Democracy in America and in the Americas for the U. S. to normalize relations with Cuba. Please read Emily Mendrala's statement below. It was her prelude to an exceedingly long statement she sent to powerfully advise the upcoming Biden presidency to return the United States to Obama-type Cuban policies...for the sake of Cubans, Americans, and Democracy!!!!!
      In other words, thanks to the impetus from the brilliant and decent Emily Mendrala, the upcoming Biden administration has a brilliant and decent roadmap for U.S.-Cuban Relations that has been compiled by both the Washington-based Center for Democracy in the Americas and the Washington Office on Latin America...two decent and insightful organizations that are not controlled by the dictates of Little Havana counter revolutionaries.

        Since 1492 when Columbus discovered first Cuba and then the United States, neither scholarly nor decent PERSPECTIVES have prevailed in U. S.-CUBAN RELATIONS. Both of those aspects have been regularly shoved aside and replaced by greed...and by revenge for the Cuban Revolution's victory in 1959, the loss at the Bay of Pigs in April of 1961, and for all the other reasons for not recapturing Cuba in the last six+ decades. All that has also been coupled with other dastardly things involved in U.S.-Cuban relations since the 1898 Spanish-American War that was fought on Cuba soil so the U. S. could gain control of the Caribbean's largest island from Spain; and especially since 1952 when the U. S. teamed with the Mafia to support the brutal and thieving Batista dictatorship in Cuba; and especially since 1959 when the Cuban Revolution shocked the world by overthrowing the Batista dictatorship and thus creating Little Havana in Miami on U. S. soil. And all the back to the birth of the United States in 1776 only one U. S. President, Obama, has treated Cuba with scholarly decency. Now on the eve of 2021 we must wait to see if Obama's Vice President Joe Biden will use the Biden presidency to add some scholarly decency to U.S.-Cuban Relations. This Biden Tweet indicates, probably Not!!!
       As you can see above, back on May 15-2020 at 5:12 PM while campaigning against Trump for the Presidency, Joe Biden spoke of Cuba like the Piggybank pawn like some Democratic presidents have often called the island when it is politically or economically expedient to do so. So slapping Cuba in the face because it was put on the UN Human Rights Council may or may not be what Biden really feels overall about Cuba.
     Then, as you can see above, at 4:05 PM on Nov. 16, 2019, Joe Biden had Tweeted his strong support for Jose Daniel Ferrer, who is a virulent dissident that Cuba claims is funded and supported by both Little Havana and by with tax dollars via the U. S. government. Most everyday Cubans have posted on Facebook and other Social Media outlets video they have taken showing a big black U.S.-owned SUV picking up and letting out Jose Daniel Ferrer at places in Havana while he was with the top diplomat at the Trump-curtailed U. S. Embassy building in Havana. Cuba claims, and the everyday Cubans seem to wholeheartedly agree, that Cuba allows dissidents to protest their govenment as long as they are not paid by "a foreign government," meaning the United States. There are indications Joe Biden, although being purely a product of the Cuba-friendly Obama presidency, can be easily persuaded to throw Cuba under the bus if it becomes politically expedient after his inauguration on January 20th, 2021. Judging by the two above Tweets, it appears that Joe Biden will take his Cuban directions and directives from high-profile and supposedly well-funded dissidents in Cuba and in Little Havana while ignoring the opinions or concerns of everyday Cubans on the island, even while Cubans in Cuba now ubiquitously use Smart Phones and Computers to speak-up freely, pro or con, on major Social Media internet forums. In other words, except for the Democrat Obama, every U. S. President has viewed Cuba as a political and economic tool to be exploited by rich Amerians.
      In March of 2016 President Obama became the first U. S. President to visit Cuba since President Herbert Hoover arrived in 1928 in a warship to bully Cuba. And in Cuba President Obama had the guts, the intelligence, and the decency to go live on national radio and television to tell the Cuban people: "Cuba does not need to fear a threat from the United States." It was a sincere promise and the Cuban people believed him, and Obama at least tried to deliver on his promise.
But then in January of 2017...incoming President Donald Trump shook hands with outgoing President Barack Obama. That very month the Cuban families in Cuba began to again "fear" the United States. They knew the Republican Trump would turn over the USA's Cuban policies to the extremist Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Little Havana. But even in January of 2017 Cubans in Cuba did not believe that Trump would expand the cruel six-decade-old U. S. Embargo into a genocidal Blockade...but, without a whimper from either the American people or the mainstream U. S. media, that is precisely what Trump did when he activated Title III of the Little Havana-written Helms-Burton Act. Not even the two-term George W. Bush presidency, which was totally-aligned with Little Havana, would enact Title III because even Bush considered it too GENOCIDAL to impose on masses of TOTALLY INNOCENT Cuban families. BUT TRUMP ACTIVATED TITLE III!!!
     And so next month -- January of 2021 -- President Joe Biden will inherit both the infamous Little Havana-written Helms-Burton Act, which now includes the "X" for "Genocide" since Trump activated the provision, Title III, that even President Bush refused to activate because even Bush considered it to be too genocidal to impose on innocent Cuban families. Above you now see the "X" attached to Congress's legally mandated Helms-Burton Act. And also note that the illustration above shows that the Cubans in Cuba well know the meanings of Helms-Burton and Title III even as the United States, with the very long Pinocchio nose, lies to the world and to the American people about it.
      AND Trump is replaced by Biden as President of the United States in less than a month from now, will America's Pinocchio nose regarding Cuba get shorter or stay about the same????? My guess is: I think it will get a little shorter, but not BY MUCH. That's because there is just too much money and too much political power to be gained by keeping the USA's monumental Pinocchio-nosed Cuban laws in place...even with a Democrat, Mr Biden, in charge of the White House beginning next month!!


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