Thursday, January 16, 2020

USA's Batistiano Media

A Massive Anti-Democratic Offshoot!!
{Of the Cuban Revolution}
      Because she works for the London-based Reuters News Agency, Sarah Marsh has the freedom to report fairly and internationally from Cuba and about Cuba. Unfortunately, that is a freedom U. S. journalists do not enjoy.
     For example, as a journalist for Reuters the talented Sarah Marsh is not obligated to dispense either left-wing or right-wing propaganda, which is a plight that has taken over journalism in the USA. In Cuba, as above, Sarah traverses the island to report about what is actually happening. For example, in the last few hours there have been loud, massive, and festive marches and demonstrations in the streets of Havana...and both Sarah Marsh and photographer Alexandre Meneghini have had the FREEDOM to fairly report on it.
       In the last few hours a total of twenty-two bands in New Orleans have joined Cubans playing, marching, and demonstrating in the streets of Havana in massive defiance of President Trump's exceedingly cruel Batatistino-driven effort to totally wipe out Cuba's economy. The mostly unchecked effort by the superpower U. S. to engage what amounts to genocide against innocent Cuban people in a much small sovereign nation is actually BIG NEWS, and it actually says more about the United States than it says about Cuba, as the people depicted above comprehend.
      This powerful nexus of New Orleans and Havana is an event that should be reported to Americans by American journalists, but it wasn't and isn't because the Batistiano-element that dictates America's Cuban narrative basically prohibits anything that might be construed as positive news regarding Cuba.
        Like Reuters, the London-based The Guardian, of course, had the freedom in recent hours to massively cover the boisterous demonstrations in Havana, something U. S. journalists didn't have the freedom to cover although the event had a lot more to do with the US than it had to do with the UK.
      In addition to reporting from Cuba for Reuters, Sarah Marsh also uses Social Media to post photos and updates from the island. The photo above was posted on Twitter by Sarah to show what she said was "Today's queve at the same gas station in Havana that has been going dry because of the increasing effects of the U. S. blockade." If Sarah Marsh can report to the world on Reuters and on Twitter about power outages and food shortages in Cuba caused by the genocidal Batistiano-dictated blockade imposed by the U. S. government, why is the U. S. democracy not strong enough to allow U. S. journalists to do the same??????"
        Or if The Guardian in London can publish an article, like the one above, from Cuba about two generations of everyday Cubans proudly coping with the 6-decades-old U.S. embargo/blockade, WHY in the hell are U. S. JOURNALISTS too afraid to do the save??????
         Actually, Michael Weissenstein is an excellent American journalist and he is based in Havana as the head of the Caribbean News Bureau for the Associated Press. His major article today -- Jan. 16, 2020 -- started with this exact very accurate sentence: "The Cuban government is warning citizens to prepare for shortages of cooking gas due to the Trump administration's sanctions on the island."
     And the U.S.-based Associated Press today also used the above accurate and very descriptive photo to illustrate that the Trump sanctions, of course, are greatly hurting everyday Cubans as they sate the cruel and greedy appetites of a handful of self-serving Cuban Counter Revolutionary zealots such as Rubio, Diaz-Balart, Menendez, and Claver-Carone.
      The major article in the Miami Herald today was written by Mario J. Penton and is entitled: "Fears Of A Total Ban On U. S. Flights To Cuba Leads To A Run On Tickets." Of course, anything in the Miami Herald has either a Batistiano dictation or a Batistiano slant to show that Revolutionary Cuba represents the world's worst government in history and that the Batista-Mafia government that preceded it was was the world's all-time best government. Yet, Penton's article today in the Miami Herald unwittingly shows that the Batistiano-driven U. S. sanctions also drastically hurt most Cuban-Americans in the Miami area while mostly aimed at harming innocent Cubans on the island.
     While trying to block all imports to Cuba and all exports from Cuba, the Batistiano-directed sanctions recently blocked cruise ships from visiting Cuba and a few days ago blocked U. S. air flights to nine Cuban cities, permitting only some flights to Havana. The Miami Herald now says the Batistianos will also block all U. S. flights to Havana, which most angers and most-of-all hurts most Cuban-Americans who desire such flights to all Cuban cities so they can visit and try to help their relatives or friends. Of course, the Batistianos feel they have such total control of America's Cuban policies, at least as long a Republican is in the White House, that they can dictate harm to the majority of Cuban-Americans too.
      When Rubio was anointed by Trump to be the USA's Cuban dictator-in-exile, Rubio believed it would enable him to orchestrate the long-desired re-capture of Cuba for the exile leaders in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood. Trump still believes his payoff from Rubio will be Florida's 29 crucial Electoral Votes that will be vital to his re-election in November, 2020. That Pro Quid Quo deal with Rubio, not that one nebulous phone call to Ukraine, is why Trump should be impeached, but even the extreme mainstream left-wing U. S. media that DIRELY HATES Trump is too afraid of Little Havana to admit that glaring fact.
     As I study the three faces of Marco Rubio, this reminder dances glaringly in my thoughts: If the United States of America must impose massive sanctions against masses of people in a much smaller and weaker nation, that decision should NOT be rendered  by the likes of Marco Rubio; it should be rendered by a consensus of unbiased DECENT PEOPLE.
      Even Marco Rubio's hometown newspaper {the Miami Herald} is ashamed of Rubio's extreme cruelty against Cuban families on the island since President Trump put Rubio in charge of the USA's cruelty against Cuba. As shown above, the Miami Herald published a scathing article against Rubio penned by Cuban women who had created thriving entrepreneur careers  on the island thanks to the decency of U. S. President Obama,  but then under the Trump presidency Rubio purposely wiped out their businesses with sanctions. As you can see by the quote above, those Cuban mothers BEGGED Rubio to discuss the situation with them, but he refused. Of course, Rubio believes he can continue to assault innocent families in Cuba for his own political and economic gains as long as there is a Bush-like or Trump-like President or as long as neither the mainstream media nor the overly lobbied bought-and-paid-for U. S. Congress doesn't have the guts or decency to hold him accountable.

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