Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Cuba and Miami Courts

Where Cuban Lawyers Reign!!
      Both history and topical headlines register the fact that on January of 1959 the Cuban Revolution reshaped Cuba and the United States by chasing the leaders of the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship from Havana to Little Havana, which is a salient bailiwick in nearby Miami, USA. The plan in Little Havana has been to recapture the Caribbean's largest and most beautiful island "any day now." But, over six decades later, the process is ongoing...even after unchecked terrorist assaults, assassinations, the military Bay of Pigs attacks, a cruel economic embargo/blockade that has existed since 1962, lucrative lawsuits in Little Havana-favorable state and federal courtrooms, ETC., ETC. Since the 1950s in the USA's two-party political system, all Republican Party presidents -- from Eisenhower to Trump -- and all Republican-controlled congressional sessions have permitted a handful of Little Havana's most extremist leaders to dictate America's Cuban policies. And still, except for atrocious cruelty imposed on everyday Cubans on the island and for creating a lot of politically-connected millionaires and billionaires in Little Havana, the ultra-rich and ultra-powerful denizens in Little Havana HAVE YET to regain control of Havana. In fact, even in a Miami federal courtroom this week in these early days of 2020, Little Havana even lost a massive lawsuit against Cuba.
     This week in the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, a Little Havana-designed lawsuit to garner multi-millions-of-dollars was dismissed. While revenge against Cuba and punishing Cubans on the island have been primary and unending motivations in Little Havana, money remains  the uppermost objective. MSC Cruise Lines, headquartered in Italy for over 300 years under generations of the Aponte family, has been an international power in commerce. Abiding to dictates from Little Havana, President Trump has blocked all cruise ships from visiting Cuba and he has done the same with most air traffic, including flights to nine major Cuban cities in recent days even though those flights were very important to most Cuban-Americans in Miami. But like other rich U. S. and international companies who can hire their own lawyers, MSC decided to fight Little Havana even in a federal courtroom in Miami. And Little Havana's massive lawsuit against MSC has now been dismissed.
    The U. S. federal judge who dismissed the Little Havana lawsuit against MSC Cruise Lines in the Southern District of Florida courtroom was the brave Beth Bloom. For four major reasons, including that the Little Havana claim "violates the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment", Judge Bloom dismissed all the claims. It will, of course, be appealed and Little Havana have dozens other lawsuits pending against just about any company that has had any dealings with Cuba since 1959, and that includes other powerful cruise lines such as Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, etc. And, of course, some major companies such as Expedia have chosen to pay-up settlements as opposed to paying lawyers to fight endless claims against them in Little Havana-friendly courtrooms.
     The current bevy of Little Havana lawsuits, as well as what many believe to be unconscionable genocide aimed at everyday Cubans on the island, has resulted from the Trump administration's activation in 2019 of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act. Since 1996, Helms-Burton has been a legal Little Havana congressional law that has grossly enriched selected Cuban exiles while also reaping and then rendering untold hardships against innocent Cubans on the island and against Cubans in the USA who disapprove of how their friends and relatives in Cuba are treated. But the U. S. democracy, even during the decent pre-Trump/two-term Democratic administration of President Barack Obama, has not simply been strong enough to erase Helms-Burton. Not even the Republican administration of the Little Havana-aligned George W. Bush presidency activated Helms-Burton's atrociously cruel Title III clause. But in 2019 President Trump, totally capitutating to Little Havana because he believes it will help him get Florida's crucial 29 Electoral votes needed for his 2020 re-election, did activate Title III of Helms-Burton. In addition to providing a vast array of lucrative Little Havana lawsuits, Title III also legalizes what many decent people believe to be genocide in the form of food shortages, power blackouts, and other deprivations against everyday Cubans on the island. 
       While Helms-Burton has long represented a piggy-bank effect for Little Havana Cubans, the activation in 2019 by President Trump of Helms-Burton's Title III clause created the genocidal tag against Cuba as shown above.
         The mainstream left-wing U. S. media has primarily focused on impeaching President Trump since his inauguration in January of 2017, but the left-wing media is too afraid of Little Havana to tell the American people THE PRIME REASON TRUMP SHOULD BE IMPEACHED, which is Trump's activation of the genocidal Title III against innocent Cubans. An internationally respected media source, the London-based The Guardian, used the photo above to illustrate an honest article entitled: "QUIET DOCKS, EMPTY STREETS...Cubans Count the Cost as Tourists Stay Away." The Guardian in London has the freedom to tell the world the real reason Trump should be impeached -- Title III's genocide against Cuba -- but the U. S. media is too afraid of Little Havana to tell the truth about things as devastating as Title III.
      The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives recently impeached President Trump but next the Republican-controlled U. S. Senate will UN-impeach him. That means, at least until the next presidential election in November-2020, Little Havana's genocide against Cubans on the island as well as those lawsuits in Miami's federal U. S. Southern District Court will continue.
     Prior to Little Havana's firm grip around President Trump's neck and around Helms-Burton, the only U. S. President that has had the guts to challenge Little Havana's dictation of America's Cuban policy was President Barack Obama, as mentioned in the graphic above. But Trump has erased all of Obama's decent and sane positives and replaced them with the genocidal Title III provisions.
      Believing that both his 2016 election and his 2020 re-election needed-needs support from Little Havana, President Trump went to Little Havana and shamefully turned America's Cuban policy totally over to Little Havana extremists as he stood before the 1961 Bay of Pigs Brigade 2506 battle flag. That flag to this day in Little Havana celebrates the humiliating {for the USA} defeat of the April-1961 military attack on Revolutionary Cuba, but it remains to this day something that all Republican presidents, such as President Trump, must bow to and genuflect before.
      In other words, the "genocidal blockade" against Cuba remains the longest and cruelest economic embargo "in history" that has ever been imposed by a powerful nation against a smaller nation.
      But the U. S. democracy has proved unable to "End The U. S. Blockade Of Cuba" even though the decent President Obama ALONG WITH the whole world voted to end it in 2016 via a unanimous 191-to-0 vote in the United Nations.
     Yes, most Cuban-Americans support Obama-like normal relations with Cuba, not Trump-like genocide against innocent Cubans on the island. But organizations such as CUBAN AMERICANS for ENGAGEMENT have no voice within the U. S. government nor the U. S. media when it comes to Little Havana's dictation of America's Cuban policies.
     And what results decade AFTER decade from Little Havana being allowed to dictate America's Cuban policy is this international image of the United States and Democracy.

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