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Benefactors Targeting Cuban Children

In the Name of "Democracy"??
      Meet Tom Rogan. He was born 33 years ago -- Feb. 8th, 1986 -- in London. He graduated in his hometown from King's College, which is considered one of the world's Top Ten institutions of Higher Learning. He now epitomizes in the USA the sorry state of what once what was one of America's greatest  and more important institutions -- journalism. Instead of hiring real journalists to gather and report the news, giant corporation-ownership by such colossals as Disney, Amazon, Comcast, A T & T,  the Salem Group, the McLaughlin Group, etc., now hire well-trained propagandists and pundits, not JOURNALISTS, to dispense propaganda via their influential monopolies. Tom Rogan is a typical propagandist masquerading as a journalist. As such, he appears on propaganda-obsessed corporate-owned network "news" programs and speaks at the ubiquitous Think Tanks that are both overrunning Washington and extremely well-funded by rich propaganda-minded individuals that the American people have no idea who they are or thus don't know the bojos paying for the extreme propaganda that saturates their eyes, ears, and minds each day. The problem I have with the Tom Rogans in the USA is this: If Tom Rogan's corporate bosses make money or sate their whims by starving or otherwise massively depriving vulnerable children in some targeted small country, perhaps they should be held accountable. Like a plague, the Tom Rogan-like propagandists in the USA readily dispense even child-targeted propaganda on a daily basis like it is so much sweet and necessary candy. I'll explain.
            At age 33, Tom Rogan, like many other well-trained and purposely-hired propagandists-pundits, has a far reach -- in his day job and with other media sources who are similarly only concerned with dispensing right-wing or left-wing propaganda with no concern for news content. Tom Rogan's day job is at the Washington Examiner where today -- January 24th, 2020 -- his propaganda piece is entitled: "Counter Venezuela Move To Consolidate Cuba." Using the propaganda "journalism" Tom Rogan may first have learned at London's King's College and for which he is now well-paid for in the USA, Tom Rogan used every word of today's article, as usual, to proselytize Americans to continue to support and pay for the genocide that the Trump administration is currently aiming, successfully, at children on the island of Cuba in the age-old belief that targeting their children in this manner will persuade adult Cubans to overthrow their Revolutionary Cuban government. In today's article, Tom Rogan presented only the ideals of extremist, violent, and self-serving Cubans in Little Havana/Miami who, since Jan. 1-1959, have anticipated that the Superpower USA would, long ago, have recaptured Cuba for them. Tom Rogan, for example, closed his third paragraph in today's propaganda-spiced article with this sentence that touts the genocidal assaults on Cuban children: "Cuba is now feeling the pain with mass energy shortages." Rogan, of course, propagandizes that genocide against Cuba ONLY targets the leaders of Cuba while all the decent Americans who manage to visit the island understand that the prime victims are Cuban children and the everyday women who try so hard to protect them. Rogan pointed out that little Cuba is the only reason that the Trump administration and Little Havana have not been able to have a coup to overturn the troubled Venezuelan government, similar to the coup that recently overthrew the longtime pro-Cuban government in Bolivia. Rogan today reminded Americans that Venezuela is "the nation that has the earth's largest proven oil reserves." The USA and Little Havana, of course, wants to better control all that oil and mostly make sure none of it gets to Cuba...although the USA now is the earth's largest oil producer and would cry wolf if anyone would block a drop of it. While obviously touting the Trump administration's and Little Havana's genocide against Cuban children, Tom Rogan today had the gall to state that Trump and the fierce, unchecked Mauricio Claver-Carone should EXPAND their genocide against innocent Cubans. The gutless Tom Rogan's propaganda article today included this sentence: "Still, more must be done..." In other words, MORE GENOCIDE might finally make Cuba bend to Little Havana.
      Since 1962 Cubans on the island have been subjected to history's all-time cruelest and longest economic embargo/blockade ever imposed by a powerful nation against a much weaker nation. But in 2019 when other harsh new sanctions against Cuba imposed by Trump/Little Havana were not recapturing Cuba, Trump activated Title 3 of Helms-Burton, which even the Little Havana-aligned George W. Bush presidency considered TOO GENOCIDAL to be activated. With propagandists such as the aforementioned Tom Rogan now dominating the USA's propaganda-obsessed print and electronic media, propagandized Americans...for the most part...are not uttering a whimper about genocide being conducted in their name against innocent children in Cuba.
     For sure, since the 1990s the greed-filled "legal" Helms-Burton law has funneled pipelines of tax dollars from Washington to Miami making millionaires and billionaires out of many Little Havana denizens...while, of course, secondarily also hoping to recapture Cuba for them. But only the Trump administration in 2019 allowed Little Havana to add the genocidal skull-X to Helms-Burton, and WHEN ONE NATION COMMITS GENOCIDE AGAINST A SMALLER NATION that is something called news that propagandists posing as journalists LIKE THE AFOREMENTIONED TOM ROGAN will never write or speak about.
       Because propagandists such as Tom Rogan now saturate the print media and the airways posing as journalists, most Americans have no idea what Title III of Helms-Burton is, which is LEGAL GENOCIDE against innocent Cubans on the island to appease a mere handful of rich, powerful, and unchecked Counter Revolutionary zealots.
     On the island, Cubans...young & are ubiquitous on the Internet and Social Media. With free educations through college and free healthcare through their lives, Cubans on the island are educated, healthy, and...restless. But they, while they are historically friendly toward Americans, know precisely that prime enemies in the Trump era are self-serving zealots such as unchecked anti-Cuban zealots Mauricio Claver-Carone and Marco Rubio and Mario Diaz-Balart whose father Rafael was a key Minister in the Batista-Mafia dictatorship. If Cubans like the ones shown above in Cuba can use their search engines to comprehend  Claver-Carone and Rubio and Diaz-Balart as anti-Cuban dictators in the USA, WHY don't Americans use their Internet search engines to do the same? Wired now to the Internet, Cubans on the island are massive users of Social Media to exchange views about their daily lives, and this reveals that they eagerly want  the freedom to improve their existence. They believe that President Obama, briefly, gave them that awesome right...and that Claver-Carone and Rubio and Diaz-Balart have been permitted by Trump AND BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE to take that from them. Anyone who monitors what everyday Cubans talk about ceaselessly on Social Media can abundantly detect why the USA sanctions and genocide are not making Cubans rise up against their  own government but rising up against the unchecked antics of Claver-Carone, whom most American never heard of, and Rubio and Diaz-Balart, whom the skittish mainstream media is obliged to promote as a CHOIRBOYS from Little Havana.
     Cubans on the island are abundantly aware that the transition from the Little Havana-controlled Trump to the Cuban-friendly Obama is the difference from Cubans in Cuba being treated decently and with respect AS OPPOSED TO BEING TREATED with genocide. Also, Cubans on the island, unlike Americans, understand that Trump's real Pro Quid Quo was not a nebulous phone call to Ukraine but his genocide against Cubans on behalf of Little Havana, which Trump believes will be reciprocated with Florida's crucial 29 Electoral Votes that he needs for his re-election in November, 2020. Cubans on the island believe that the extreme left-wing U. S. media that is obsessed with impeaching Trump is simply too afraid of Little Havana to promote Trump's real Pro Quid Quo, which is his activation of Title 3/Helms-Burton that imposes genocide on Cuban children.
           Now that Cubans in this digital age are also obsessed with Social Media interactions Online, photos like this one this week are used to show school children in Cuba today rejoicing about getting a new book about independence-fighter Jose Marti who died fighting Spanish soldiers in 1895 before other independent fighters in the 195Os finally defeated U.S.-backed  and Mafia-backed Batista soldiers to give Cuba its first sovereignty on January 1, 1959. In January of 1959 the first thing the new revolutionary government did was guarantee free educations through college and healthcare for life for all Cubans. While since January of 1959 Cuba's revolutionary government has not been the world's best government, it has been a helluva lot better than the Spanish-led and US-led governments that preceded it. Those everyday Cuban children shown above are testament to that fact.
     This photo was taken in Batista's Cuba in the 1950s when the Batistianos, the Mafiosi, and rich U. S. businessmen were raping and robbing the island at will. But as this and many other such photos and documentations prove, the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship was not kind enough or smart enough to at least throw crumbs at the majority non-elite PEASANT class on the island. So typically, the woman and those children depicted above had no educational opportunities, no healthcare, and very little in the way of food, shelter, and clothes.
A mother and her children in Batista's Cuba.
Children in Cuba today.
       In Batista's Cuba major cities began having marches such as the one shown above, and these marches fueled the revolution. These mothers...these "madres"...were bravely protesting "los asesinatos de nuestros HIJOS" -- Batista's "murders of our CHILDREN." Then and today, Cubans on the island believed/believe that such murders were supposed to warn the non-elite Cubans not to rise up against the Batista dictatorship, which, of course, was supported by the world's strongest nation, the nearby USA, and by the Mafia, the world's strongest criminal organization. But the extreme poverty imposed on the peasant majority, and ESPECIALLY the murders of the children, spawned the Revolution that shocked the world and defeated the Batista-Mafia dictatorship...but, as it turned out, only resulted in chasing its leaders to their new headquarters in Little Havana/Miami.
      This photo was taken in William Soler Chidren's Hospital in Cuba. This hospital is named for one of the many children murdered in Batista's Cuba to supposedly quell dissent. Today the fate of "Little Willie Soler and the children's hospital named after him are a part of Cuban history that Americans can GOOGLE about but...uh...they are not supposed to do that. Instead, Americans are supposed to read propaganda from the likes of Tom Rogan.
      In addition to the marches by brave Cuban mothers, students at the University of Havana in the 1950s like Jose Antonio Echeverria were at the forefront of the anti-Batista revolution. That caused Batista to close down the University of Havana and send infamous murder squads after the student leaders to brutally and sometimes publicly execute them.
     This is the body of Jose Antonio Echeverria after he was murdered by Batista goons. Today in Cuba there are edifices like airports named for him and the Universities in Havana and other Cuban cities today remain at the forefront of the major support for the Revolution.
     One of the first and most famous things that Revolutionary Cuba did starting immediately in January of 1959 was to begin what history calls the world's longest and most effective Literary Campaign. The girl on the right had just been one of the many young Cuban women who fought as guerrilla fighters during the Revolution. After winning the Revolution, this girl and 200,000 others like her who could read and write fanned out all over the island to educate adult Cubans who could not read or write. While Americans are supposed to depend on anti-Cuban propagandists like Tom Rogan in the media, they should be using the GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE to learn about things like the historic Cuban Literary Campaign.
       As this graphic explains, educating the Batista-deprived Cuban people was so important to the leaders of Revolutionary Cuba, the teachers like the ones above CONTINUED TO DO THEIR TEACHING JOBS EVEN DURING THE U.S. MILITARY ATTACK KNOWN AS THE BAY OF PIGS IN APRIL OF 1961 WAS TRYING TO OVERTHROW REVOLUTIONARY CUBA TO BRING BACK THE BATISTIANO AND MAFIOSI LEADERS.
      All this month of January-2020 Cubans have been using their ubiquitous Social Media accounts to remember Celia Sanchez, history's all-time greatest female revolutionary guerrilla fighter and military leader. A petite doctor's daughter, Celia died of cancer 40 years ago this month -- on January 11, 1980 -- of cancer at age 59. All this month in 2020 Cubans on the island have lavishly posted their favorite photos and thoughts about Celia on Social Media. From Day One of the Cuban Revolution till the Day it triumphed on Jan. 1-1959 Celia Sanchez was not only a brilliant guerrilla fighter but Batista's largest bounty was put on her precious head because she was the most important recruiter of rebels, supplies, money, and weapons that were vital to fighting Batista's U.S.-supplied soldiers.
      After the revolutionary victory in January of 1959, this photo reveals or at least alludes to a pertinent fact: Celia Sanchez was the chief decision-maker in Revolutionary Cuba with the 100% approval of Fidel Castro, who always fully supported every decision Celia made whether or not he agreed with them. It is also known that on the day Celia died Fidel quit as the leader of Cuba and only relented four days later when his brother Raul went into a darkened room and convinced him that "The very last thing Celia would want is for someone other than you to be the leader of Cuba." Till the day Fidel Castro died at age 90 on Nov. 25-2016, he worshipped one person on this earth, and that was Celia Sanchez.
     All this month of January-2020 -- exactly 40 years after her death -- Cubans have posted their favorite Celia Sanchez quotations all over Social Media. That's because Celia Sanchez still leads and inspires them the way she led and inspired them during the Revolution.
    But for Americans, THE WOMAN PROJECT.ORG reminds us that the Celia Sanchez quotation that Americans should remember is the one above: "We rebels...get far too much credit for winning the Revolution. Our enemies deserve most of the credit, for being greedy cowards and idiots."
     It is apparent that Celia Sanchez believed that her "enemies" had more than she did CONCERNING her winning the Revolution because she believed her enemies massively inspired the Revolutionary revolt by "being greedy cowards and idiots." In January of 2020 it is also apparent that Celia Sanchez disciples on the island believe the same thing about THE MIAMI CUBAN MAFIA that is now inspiring the majority of Cubans on the island to continue supporting Celia Sanchez's Revolutionary views.
     The popularity of the above cartoon on Cuban Social Media posts reflects the quotations of Celia Sanchez. This Cuban is reminding the USA Trump figure that his activation of Helms-Burton Title III will not destroy Cuba but only spawn another Celia Sanchez-like "REVOLUTION."
      And Celia Sanchez-loving Cubans on the island this month have posted cartoons like this on Social Media. In this image a feisty LITTLE Cuban is pointedly telling the USA to end the "blockade" and stop stomping on "our dignity."
      Meanwhile, Cubans on the island blame two generations of "Havana born Cubans"  -- like Regalado -- and "Little Havana-born Cubans" -- like Rubio -- for "getting rich and powerful in Little Havana on the backs of far-more decent real Cubans who are still on the island." This photo-montage and those words were used on the Social Media page of one everyday Celia Sanchez-inspired Havana Cuban this week.
     And the Social Media accounts of many Cubans on the island show that they are Internet-savvy and they are abundantly aware that Trump is permitting Claver-Carone, Rubio, and Diaz-Balart without any moderate oversight to routinely make the unchecked genocidal assaults on Cuban children. That fact is something that neither the U. S. government nor the mainstream media will admit to.
     Since 1959, the Cuban narrative in the United States has been dominated by saturation propaganda repeatedly perpetrated by fierce and unchecked Counter Revolutionary zealots. In other words, thoroughly sanitized Batista/Mafia-run Cuba is always depicted as being a glorious government while Revolutionary Cuba is depicted as the worst government in history. But as pointed out earlier in this rebuke of Tom Rogan, the difference between Batista's Cuba and Revolutionary Cuba is the difference between murdering and starving Cuban children as opposed to providing them free educations through college and free heath-care for life. And a U. S. democracy that doesn't admit to that difference is not the democracy it was before aligning with the Mafia to support the Batista dictatorship on the island in the early 1950s, the colossal crime that spawned the Cuban Revolution and has incredibly sustained for over six decades.
    Now the mainstream U. S. media is overrun with propagandists and pundits like Tom Rogan posing and promoted as real journalists. Rogan's anti-Cuban propaganda piece today is typical, not only of him but also typical of the U. S. media overall. Please remember the quote that revealed how vital Thomas Jefferson considered honest, unbiased journalism was to the complete viability and sustainability of the entire United States democracy.
       If he were alive today, what would Thomas Jefferson think about propagandists like Tom Rogan being promoted as real newspaper journalists or as unbiased television pundits?????

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