Wednesday, January 29, 2020

CNN Report From Cuba TODAY

       For the past three years the mainstream media in the U. S. has been obsessed with wall-to-wall coverage of the impeachment of President Donald Trump, including today -- Jan. 29th, 2020 -- during a vital Senate session that reached a crescendo. But, incredibly, CNN today worked in a 5-minute report from Cuba by Patrick Oppmann, who is CNN's regular correspondent in Havana. The TRUMP IMPEACHMENT OR NOT, this update from Cuba is vitally important for Americans to see. Oppmann begins it with this sentence: "Cuba is 'prepared' for the possibility of Donald Trump's re-election and the continuation of crushing U. S. sanctions against the island, according to Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel." While Cuba's  reaction regarding the "crushing" embargo/blockade that the U. S. has imposed on the island's people since 1962 is normally not reported in the U. S., the 5-minute update from Cuba today by Patrick Oppmann on CNN is a rare exception. Oppmann followed Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel around the island as he mingled with and told the Cuban people about the difference to them related to the difference between the USA's decent President, Barack Obama, as opposed to the transition to the indecent USA President, Donald Trump. This 5-minute Oppman report on CNN today at least presents to America and the world Cuba's view of the effects of the U. S. embargo/blockade on Cuba's people.
         From Cuba's standpoint, in January of 2017 when Donald Trump replaced Barack Obama as the USA's President, it replaced daylight with darkness for the Cuban people. Obama had tried his damndest to normalize relations with Cuba, visiting the island and telling the Cuban people that they had AT LONG LAST HAD NOTHING TO "FEAR" from the nearby superpower United States. As expected, like all Republican presidents who all have been tightly aligned with U.S. Cuban extremists since the 1950s, Trump quickly began dismantling all of the Democratic Obama's positives regarding Cuba, including  the creation of 200,000 Cuban entrepreneurs who began thriving and adequately taking care of their families. But Trump, as a classic Pro Quid Quo payoff, gave a handful of the most vicious Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Miami and in Congress what many unbiased observers believe is U. S. genocide against Cubans on the island. Not even President George W. Bush, tightly aligned with Cuban extremists in Miami, refused to activate Title 3 of Helms-Burton because even Bush believed it to be TOO GENOCIDAL. But Trump, also knowing it was genocidal, still activated Title 3 because he believed his payoff would be Florida's 29 Electoral Votes that are crucial to his re-election in November, 2020.
      Today's 5-minute report from Cuba by CNN at least provides what Cuba's President, Miguel Diaz-Canel, is telling his people on the island what is happening to them because of Trump's activation of Title 3. Moreover, the CNN update shows Diaz-Canel telling his people what they can expect if Trump is re-elected as the U. S. President in November of this year. The photo above shows Diaz-Canel's somberness and it is taken from that insightful CNN 5-minute report today -- Jan. 29th, 2020. Normally in the U. S. mainstream media, U. S. Cubans who are using the U. S. government to commit "legal" genocide against Cubans on the island are not reported to the American people. But CNN's Havana-correspondent Patrick Oppmann today aired the thoughts of Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel about genocide against his people that is being orchestrated from the Trump White House.
    From Havana and elsewhere on the island, Patrick Oppmann is permitted to detail negatives or positives from Cuba on his CNN broadcasts. The problem is...this proselytized, pusillanimous, and largely non-patriotic generation of Americans could care less that the Trump White House is committing genocide against innocent Cubans on the island to appease a handful of Cubans in Miami and in Congress...and doing it as a classic Pro Quid Quo payoff to recoup Florida's 29 Electoral Votes in the presidential election in November of this year.
      This worldwide view of the United States, punctuated by a resounding 191-to-0 worldwide vote in the UN in 2016 during Obama's final year as President, does not embarrass this generation of Americans. But in this diverse world, it is probable that the ONLY TOPIC that could POSSIBLY attain a unanimous world-wide vote is the USA's embargo/blockade/genocide against masses of people in Cuba. Americans, incredibly, are told that when a Russia or a China commits {or is accused of committing} genocide against people in a much weaker nation the American people should shout to the high heavans to condemn it!! But, HEY!! If the U. S. commits genocide against innocent Cubans, that is OK BECAUSE it benefits a few rich and powerful miscreants from a former brutal and thieving dictatorship that the U.S. once shamefully supported!! The world-wide image above DEFINES the USA's red-eyed and claw-fingered lust to recapture Cuba and return the Batista/Mafia-types to power. Yet, Americans for 6+ decades have been trained not to be embarrassed about those facts or ABOUT the image depicted above. And, yes, America: The image above says A LOT MORE ABOUT THE USA than it says about the island of Cuba!!!
          Thus, this generation of Americans, for the most part, does't even know about NOR CARE that Trump's activation of Helms-Burton Title III means that the U. S. is committing genocide on their behalf against innocent Cubans on the island.
     The Trump Impeachment Trial essentially began the day Trump was inaugurated President of the United States in January of 2017 and it will continue for the rest of this year in 2020 or for the four years AFTER this year if he is re-elected in November. The "impeachment" is already official in the Democratic-led U. S. House of Representatives but is now being overturned by the Republican-led U. S. Senate. The left-wing Democrats say Trump should be impeached because of a nebulous phone call he made to the President of Ukraine but both the left-wing Democrats and the ultra-powerful left-wing U. S. media are both too afraid to mention Trump's Title 3-imposed genocide against innocent Cubans as a reason to impeach Trump. That fact, of course, says a helluva more about political problems in the USA than it even says about genocidal problems in Cuba, the pugnacious island that, for over six decades, somehow has managed to survive the USA's unchecked Batistiano-tinged government.

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