Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Trump's Cuban Lies

Condoned by U. S. Media!!
     In a paradox the American people are not supposed to understand, the left-wing mainstream U. S. media -- namely 5 of the 6 network "television news" organizations coupled with the NY Times and Washington Post -- are not engaged in covering the news but only in a coup to overturn the election that made Donald Trump the President of the United States. Yet, that same left-wing extremist media group is too intimidated or too incompetent to either report fairly on or to criticize Trump's diabolical and egregious assault on Cuba that leaves America "out in the cold" as far as the rest of the world is concerned and as far as the vast majority of democracy-loving Americans, including most Cuban-Americans, are concerned. The photo above and the "out in the cold" caption are courtesy of the Voice of America, which, interestingly, is a vast internationally renowned U. S. news operation that does have the guts and the integrity to tell the truth about both Trump and Cuba.
     For example, yesterday -- Feb. 13th, 2018 -- the Voice of America used the above Reuters photo to illustrate a worldwide article entitled: "Cuba Creditors Offer Cuba 'Very Significant Relief' In Debt Proposal." The VOA was referencing an offer from the London Club for Cuba to pay back a $1.4 billion debt that dates back to the 1980s. But the VOA points out fairly that Cuba is already strapped by paying back an old debt to the Paris Club nations and Cuba is also, as the VOA had the decency to stress, facing financial hurdles because of the extremely punitive U. S. embargo, dire problems in Venezuela, lower revenue from such key exports as nickel and sugar, and devastation wrought by Hurricane Irma that is costing Cuba $13 billion in its recovery efforts. But most of all, the VOA pointed out that Cuba's prime assault comes from "the tightening of business and travel restrictions by the U. S. administration under President Donald Trump." That references the fact that Trump and his Bastistiano friends are smelling blood in Cuba's Caribbean waters and, like sharks and buzzards, want to feast on what they presume will be Cuba's demise. And in referencing the photo above, the VOA on Feb. 13-2018 pointed out both the stupidity and the cruelty of Trump in permitting the Miami Batistianos -- led by Rubio -- to impose on Cuba and on the gullible U. S. tax-payers another propaganda ploy, the crudely named Cuba Internet Task Force, which is designed to propagandize Cubans on the island into rising up and overthrowing their government, something the ousted U.S.-backed Batistianos & Mafiosi have spent six costly decades sucking up American prestige & tax-dollars trying to recapture Cuba with the full support of all Republican presidential administrations. This could only have been possible with the apathy, cowardice, and lack of patriotism from two generations of American citizens.
     In other words, the Voice of America -- quite unlike the intimidated and incompetent mainstream U. S. media -- is fair enough to acknowledge a fact of life: The vast majority of Cubans on the island don't want a Rubio-Trump dictatorship on their island anymore than they want a return of the murderous-thieving Batista-Mafia dictators that resettled in Rubio's Miami backyard after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution way back on January 1, 1959. Yet, in February of 2018 neither the mainstream U. S. media nor the equally propagandized and scared U. S. citizens will confess to either the utter stupidity or the insane cruelty of Rubio-Trump assaults on Cuba that actually are bigger assaults on democracy and decency. The new Rubio-Trump Cuba Internet Task Force and the new Rubio-Trump support of the London Club in pressuring Cuba to repay an alleged 1980s debt will surely hurt innocent Cubans on the island but it won't make Rubio-Trump the new dictators of Cuba.
     While the Voice of America on its excellent international platforms has both the courage and the competence to report fairly on U.S.-Cuban relations, the mainstream U. S. media has evolved into left-wing & right-wing propaganda outlets devoid of meaningful journalism in both electronic and print forms. That basic fact hurts Cuba, of course, but mostly makes a mockery of the U. S. democracy Thomas Jefferson loudly proclaimed...was dependent on having a fair and effective media.
      For sure, Thomas Jefferson believed that a decent and competent media was more important than the government itself. When the Founding Father who penned the Declaration of Independence penned the above quotation, it indicated that he dreaded a U. S. media that might devolve into being a propaganda outlet for the "naughty and greedy few," as he expressed in a letter to John Adams. If Mr. Jefferson was alive today, I believe he would be outraged that his greatest fear for his democracy had come to fruition. Unwittingly, little Cuba looms as a big example of what Thomas Jefferson apparently feared the most for his precious democracy.
     But as of February 14th, 2018, the Revolutionary flag still waves over the island of Cuba. It signifies, I believe, that the Cuban Revolution for the past six decades has said more about the United States of America than it has said about Cuba. 

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