Propaganda Against Cuba

So Americans Will Approve Genocide!
    Currently CNN is airing a very effective and very propagandized promotional ad that ends with a true statement: "This is an apple" under the photo of an actual apple. Till that honest conclusion, the ad powerfully explained that incessant propaganda -- certainly in dictatorships but also in the world's greatest democracy -- can convince masses of people that the apple shown above is actually a banana. To CNN's credit the ad expertly is reminding Americans that, in the changing landscape of 2017, even the United States of America is fully susceptible to such extreme PROPAGANDA, especially when such modern tools as radio, newspapers, television, and the internet can so easily and readily be used as propaganda outlets. {CNN, you see, was coyly exposing itself}.
    The absolutely brilliant CNN promotional ad should corral an Emmy or even a Nobel Peace Prize. It is, I think, the best explanation that propagandized Americans will ever get about the awesomely negative and anti-democratic power of unchecked, force-fed propaganda. Most Americans already knew propaganda's power in other nations based on their knowledge of Nazi Germany and countless other despotic regimes -- both historic and topical. But the CNN Apple-Banana analogy graphically reminds Americans that unchecked...although perhaps very subtle...propaganda can...and has...infiltrated America's democracy while their...our...patriotic eyes were conveniently gazing elsewhere. Incessant propaganda that can convince Americans that an Apple is a Banana or vice-versa was never supposed to cripple the world's greatest democracy like an un-treatable cancer assaults a human body. But, as CNN not-so-subtly points out, America and Democracy are not immune to the crippling aspects of propaganda from the U. S. government nor from the U. S. media. Re-study CNN's Apple-Banana analogy depicted above and I think you will agree.
     Extreme propaganda related to America's centuries-old obsession to control the Caribbean island of Cuba is the very best example of how incessant propaganda can cripple even the world's strongest democracy. That extreme propaganda began in 1898 when a U. S. warship, The USS Maine, blew up in Havana Harbor killing hundreds of innocent and very young U. S. sailors. It very conveniently served as the much-desired pretext to Declare War On Spain knowing that imperial Spain was far too weak and far too extended to fight a war to defend its prized long-time colony, Cuba, in America's backyard. Prior to and after the very convenient explosion of The USS Maine in Havana Harbor, America's two most powerful newspaper publishers of that era -- Hearst and Pulitzer -- waged incessant propagandized articles about the necessity for the U. S. to gain control of Cuba from Spain. In 2017, if non-propagandized Americans are interested, a simple Google seach will reveal these facts about the 1898 Spanish-American War that changed the domination of Cuba from Spain to America. But the propaganda regarding Cuba was actually just beginning and it extends to this very day -- November 9th in 2017.
      In China yesterday, the Communist government royally welcomed U. S. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. The Greg Baker/AP photo above shows China's First Lady Peng Lizuan and Chinese schoolchildren honoring Melania.
   President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping are shown here flanked by their gorgeous and classy First Ladies. As this photo indicates, the world's two most powerful men have not only been cordial but best buddies. China even officially denounced the mainstream U. S. media for being overly harsh and unfair to Trump.
   While campaigning and then just politicking in the U. S., Trump has vowed to be tough on China's President Zi for throwing his massive weight around, particularly in the China Seas and the Korean Peninsula, but also for having a massive export-import trade advantage with the United States. But the mammoth U. S. trade deficit with China has helped Zi become the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao and Zi has vowed to make sure China overtakes the U. S. economy and the U. S. military with China soon becoming the world leader in both categories. And except for posturing just for Americans, Trump is in no position to bluff Zi economically or militarily. In fact, Trump is left to only beg Zi for help in key areas like North Korea.
      So in China yesterday -- Nov. 8th, 2017 -- President Trump was subordinate to the massive might of President Zi. In fact, Reuters reports that the two nations yesterday announced new trade deals valued at about $250 billion with U. S. giants like chip maker Qualcomm and aircraft maker Boeing among the U. S. companies increasing their stakes in China. While Communist China is so powerful and so ambitious it represents a serious threat to America, there is now little the U. S. can do other than what it is now doing, which is to help China soon become the world's #1 power.
     MEANWHILE, back in the continental United States President Trump's minions YESTERDAY -- November 8th, 2017 -- continued to pick on poor little CUBA, which pleases Zi because it greatly enhances China's prestige in Cuba and therefore also in the Caribbean and, of course, throughout Latin America.
       Yesterday -- Nov. 8, 2017 -- while President Trump was licking President Zi's boots in China -- U. S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchen was announcing Trump's final plans to bring Cuba to its knees. Mnuchen began his propaganda spiel with these exact words: "We have strengthened our Cuban policies to channel economic activity away from the Cuban military..." Such propaganda does not fool citizens in any other nation but it is effective in America because it has been consistently used by the U. S. government since the the Cuban Revolution in 1959 overthrew the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship. The U. S. and Cuban exiles responded almost immediately with massive assassination attempts and terrorist attacks designed to regain control of the island. After the April-1961 Bay of Pigs military attack failed miserably, the U. S. in 1962 imposed an economic embargo that was, de-classified U. S. documents proved, designed to starve, deprive, and create misery that would induce the Cuban people to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary government. That embargo, denounced by the entire world, exists to this day even though it, too, has failed to recapture Cuba and it is already registered as the longest and cruelest embargo ever imposed by a a strong nation against a weak nation. Yesterday, with his boss in China, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin...his department oversees such sanctions...cruelly announced additional sanctions against Cuba that Mnuchin apparently believes will finally destroy the Cuban government. Beginning today -- Nov. 9th, 2017 -- the U. S. will enforce ultra-tight Trump-orchestrated laws designed to cripple Cuban tourism and cut-off other vital economic organs considered necessary to Cuba's survival. That even includes assaults on the island's ultra-modern, deep-water Mariel Port & Economic Zone 28 miles southwest of Havana. Mnuchin, like all the U. S. government anti-Cuban propagandists since 1962, insists such tactics are "to hurt the Castros" while the entire world -- apart from propagandized Americans -- fully know that the embargo -- as it was designed to do in 1962 -- HURTS TOTALLY INNOCENT EVERYDAY CUBANS. And so, with all due respect to Trump's Treasury Secretary, I believe Mnuchin knew his statement yesterday was a propagandized lie.
     Literally within minutes after Steve Mnuchen had announced the new and cruel sanctions on Cuba, Senator Patrick Leahy, the decent gentleman from Vermont, was appalled that news targeting Cuba was announced while Trump was sucking up to President Zi in China. Senator Leahy's exact words were: "The hypocrisy of the White House ideologues is glaring." In other words, on behalf of a handful of Batistiano-Mafiosi-type remnants from the long-ago overthrown Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba, the U. S. government shames itself by picking on totally innocent Cubans on a harmless island while being scared to death of mighty China. So let me repeat the exact words of Senator Leahy within minutes of Steve Mnuchen's gutless Cuban assault on November 8th, 2017: "The hypocrisy of the White House ideologues is glaring." Anyone who disagrees with Senator Leahy is either a coward or a propagandized idiot. Please, give Senator Leahy credit for these exact words:
"The hypocrisy of the White House ideologues is glaring."
Indeed, hypocrites should be called "hypocrites."
     The photo above depicts an innocent, everyday Cuban family. On the right is Carla Leon and she is shown with her loving parents Jorge and Mardy. Well educated and blessed with marketing skills, Carla took advantage of President Obama's brave and herculean efforts to normalize relations with Cuba. She opened her own Bed & Breakfast, which thrived thanks to increased Obama-related tourism and to bookings for her business via the U.S.-based Airbnb corporation. But the incredible U. S. election that replaced the decent Obama with the Batistiano-loving Trump destroyed Carla's thriving business and thousands of others in Cuba. Carla told Reuters, "Because of Mr. Obama and my Airbnb connection, we had a lot of reservations from Americans from September through December. But on April 16th President Trump went to Miami and told the Cuban hardliners he was going to reverse all of the Obama positives related to Cuba. So, beginning on April 16th we have had far more cancellations than bookings. My biggest fear is my family and other Cuban families. Do Americans let their government do this to us knowing how it affects our livelihoods?" The rest of the world understands precisely what Carla is saying while propagandized and intimidated Americans are supposed to be too ignorant or too scared to disagree with whatever Trump, Mnuchin, Rubio, etc. do to harm totally innocent Cubans like Carla Leon in the cowardly guise of hurting "the Castros."
       Not surprisingly, Sen. Marco Rubio -- the Cuban-American "choirboy" from Little Havana in Miami -- was quickly quoted as saying Mnuchin's announcement yesterday "didn't go far enough" to hurt Cuba while Mnuchin seemed to think it went far enough to finally destroy Cuba, meaning U.S.-based Counter Revolutionaries like Rubio would be back in full control of the island, ala the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia travesty from 1952 till 1959. Because the mainstream U. S. media is afraid of Rubio and the Little Havana bastion that backs him, daily U. S. propaganda paints Rubio as a presidential wannabee choirboy while brave and respected journalists such as Ken Silverstein depict Rubio as the all-time FOR SALE U. S. politician, certainly not the sweet choirboy worthy of being America's Trump-anointed dictator of Cuba, which happens to be a sovereign nation that doesn't deserve to have its people forever targeted by foreign miscreants -- the types who loudly proclaimed in the Miami media that bombing Cubana Flight 455, a civilian child-laden airplane, into the ocean was "the biggest blow yet against Castro" and the types that proclaim hurting totally innocent Cubans like Carla Leon is necessary "to hurt the Castros." Such cruelty and depravity has been supported for over half-a-century by propaganda lies, and I believe Rubio knows that to be true but also knows how politically and economically beneficial such propaganda lies can be to a select few.
       Cuba's Minister most in charge of relations with the United States, Josefina Vidal, said, "The announcements by Secretary Mnuchin today, November the 8th, will, as the United States government well knows, have drastic repercussions that will further hurt Cuban families. But these newly strengthened assaults will not destroy this island nor revert it to the Batista and Mafia days of the 1950s. I tried for years to hold open the chances that my island and the United States could work together to mutually benefit Cubans, Americans, Cuban-Americans and good people the world over. President Obama raised my hopes, of course. President Trump, with today's Mnuchin announcement, is destroying them. For the first time in at least five years, I am beginning to think we must consider all other options, meaning friendly options." Beyond doubt, Mnuchin's announcement on November 8th, 2017 -- and Josefina Vidal's reaction to it -- greatly disappointed America's best friends around the world while also greatly pleasing America's worst international enemies. It's been that way for a long time now, and more and more it looks like the once vaunted U. S. democracy is incapable or unwilling to correct what every brave, intelligent, and decent person has believed should have been corrected long ago.
      Since the 1950s when the U. S. sicced the Mafia on Cuba...or actually since the Spanish-American War in 1898...Barack Obama has been the only U. S. president with the courage, the intelligence, and the patriotism to try desperately to correct America's depraved obsession and salacious desire to control Cuba. Study, if you will, President Obama's very last words about Cuba during his FINAL STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS. Those ten words, as listed above, were: "Recognize that the Cold War is over. Lift the embargo." After those sane and decent words, Barack Obama was replaced as U. S. President by Donald Trump. Thus, the insane and indecent words released yesterday -- Nov. 8, 2017 -- by Steve Mnuchin on Trump's behalf revived the Cold War that might well result in a Hot War. And if that happens, the primary fault will lie not with Trump and Rubio but with generations of propagandized and unpatriotic American people who have let it happen decade after Mafiosi-loving decade.
And of course:
       Truly the most innocent victims of America's Batistiano & Mafiosi-directed Cuban policies, which the UN has called genocide, have been {and still are} Cuban children on the island like 4-year-old Mariana. Fortunately since 1959 there have been devoted Cuban parents and grandparents on the island trying their best to protect children like Mariana from being completely starved, deprived or made miserable as defined by the U. S. embargo from 1962 till today -- November 9th, 2017. Decent Americans like Barack Obama believe that rogues should not be able to forever hide behind the skirts of the U. S. government and punish little girls like Mariana in a sovereign but weaker nation. Unfortunately, there are not enough Barack Obamas in the United States of America and, also unfortunately, there are too many Trumps & Rubios. 
In other words:
     Propagandized Americans who agree with Trump & Rubio regarding Cuba also most likely can be easily persuaded, as CNN suggests, that the photo above shows two apples and not two bananas. And that is not a hyperbolic exaggeration because too many propagandized, scared, or unpatriotic Americans refuse to question Trump & Rubio when it comes to rich and pompous politicians in a powerful country targeting totally innocent little girls like Mariana in a much weaker country.


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