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Indelibly Redefining the United States!!
{Updated for: Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017}
     An awesomely important and incredibly expensive trial ended in a U. S. Federal Courtroom in Newark, New Jersey, yesterday -- Nov. 16th, 2017. An entrenched, ultra-powerful Counter Revolutionary Cuban-American U. S. Senator, Bob Menendez of New Jersey, was charged with 18 felony counts. The U. S. government had spent almost five years investigating Menendez and then almost three months trying desperately to convict him. After exhausting all that time, energy, and money -- as predicted in this forum earlier -- there was zero chance of convicting a Counter Revolutionary Cuban-American in any Miami or Newark courtroom. The best the U. S. government could hope regarding Menendez was a show trial ending in a mistrial with a hopelessly hung jury. And that's what the U. S. got yesterday in Newark. A powerful and entrenched U. S. Senator being charged by the U. S. government with multiple corruption and bribery charges is a GIANT news story but one virtually ignored by the scared liberal media in the U. S. although the Fox network in the U. S. covered it as did international networks like the BBC, which is the world's best broadcast outlet. That in itself reveals anew how awesomely and indelibly the U. S. has been reshaped by the overthrow of the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba way back in 1959. That's because the Batistiano-Mafiosi leaders merely reconstituted themselves on U. S. soil, namely the Miami and Newark regions. With the necessary aid of the Bush dynasty dating back to the 1950s, and especially since the 1980s, Cuban-American extremists embedded themselves deeply into the fabric of the U. S. government, riding the coattails of the Republican Party into dominant positions in the U. S. Congress and in all Republican presidential administrations.
        The Bob Menendez profile above was two years ago but it is still valid. He is now 63-years-old. A powerful politician in controversial New Jersey, he was elected to the U. S. Congress in 1993 and then appointed to the U. S. Senate by a controversial New Jersey governor-friend in 2006. He has been re-elected twice and will probably be re-elected again in 2018. As a Counter Revolutionary Cuban-American in the Senate he has held vital anti-Cuban positions, including the Chairmanship of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Revolutionary Cuba is both a sovereign and a foreign nation.
      In the almost five years that he has been massively and expensively investigated by the U. S. government for corruption, and then in the last 11 weeks while on trial, Senator Menendez has shaken a BIG balled fist at Cuba every step of the way.
Photo courtesy: Seth Wenig/Associated Press.
     The photo above in Newark yesterday shows Senator Bob Menendez moments after the anticipated hung jury nullified the 18 felony corruption charges the U. S. government had charged him with after preparing its case for almost 5 years and then diligently prosecuting it for almost 3 months. Incredibly, Menendez said these exact words: "To those who were digging my grave so that they could jump into my seat, I know who you are and I won't forget you." And he remains a U. S. Senator.

     Speaking for the devastated U. S. Department of Justice, Nicole Navas said: "The DOJ will carefully consider the next step in this important matter and report to the court at the appropriate time." Even after five years of expensive efforts to accuse and then prosecute Senator Menendez on the felony corruption charges, the DOJ still wants to prosecute Menendez even after the expected hung jury yesterday.

     Even CNN predicted Sen. Menendez could not be convicted, and not just because he was a Cuban-American being tried in a federal courtroom in Newark, New Jersey. CNN asked the above question: Has the Supreme Court Legalized Public Corruption?" The army of multi-million-dollar lawyers that represented Menendez had, like CNN, pointed out that former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell's massive corruption convictions had been over-turned by the U. S. Supreme Court. Thus, Menendez's lawyers and supporters mocked his trial as useless, which it was except for the U. S. government spending five expensive years keeping the charges alive. If CNN asks the question above, there is probably something rotten in Washington. But SCOTUS? That is an acronym for "The U. S. Supreme Court." 
A part of the Menendez case above.

      Even conservative Talk Show giant Russ Limbaugh mocked the liberal media as "fake news" for not headlining one of the most expensive and important political trials in American history. With politicians and Hollywood stars falling right and left in the U. S. because of sex charges, Limbaugh pointed out that the FBI accused Senator Menendez of sex crimes related to Batistiano-havens in the Dominican Republic, "and nobody cares." Also, Limbaugh and others pointed out that the FBI accused Menendez of illegally helping get foreign females into the U. S. for a friend.

  The New York Post had this Front Page.
  The New York Daily News had this headline.
      The dear friend that helped get Senator Menendez in trouble with the FBI and the U. S. Department of Justice was a Miami multi-millionaire named Salomon Melgen who has already been convicted of MASSIVE Medicare fraud. Most of the many felony corruption and bribery charges against Menendez involved Melgen. But all 18 charges, as expected, got muted by a hopelessly hung jury in Menendez's stronghold of Newark, New Jersey. So, at the moment, Menendez is a shoo-in to be re-elected to a third full 6-year-term in the U. S. Senate next year. And that situation is very bad news for Cuba but, perhaps, even worse from an image standpoint for the United States, which already is condemned worldwide in the United Nations for its cruel, unending Counter Revolutionary policies regarding the sovereign nearby little nation of Cuba, which has pugnaciously been sovereign since over-throwing the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship in January of 1959. SO...to say the mighty USA has a BIG Batistiano problem is an UNDER STATEMENT as wide as the Grand Canyon in the great state of Arizona.
Meanwhile, Cuba hangs on
with a little help from its friends:
      The Minister of State in Guyana, Joseph Harmon, is one of Cuba's friends trying to help the Caribbean's largest island to survive the latest efforts by U. S. President Trump and U. S. Senator Rubio to overthrow, once and for all, Cuba's Revolutionary government that, with unique pugnacity, has survived since January of 1959. Reacting to the Nov. 9th-2017 sanctions that Trump & Rubio believe will finally doom Cuba, Guyana's Joseph Harmon says, "Cuba has just one enemy, but it's the superpower United States. That doesn't, or shouldn't, mean the rest of us have to accept another half-century of a foreign superpower targeting the sovereign Cuban island." I'll shortly explain what Mr. Harmon is doing on Cuba's behalf but first some background. 
     The best newspaper in the Caribbean is the Jamaica Observer on the island just south of Cuba. This week -- on Nov. 16-2017 -- one of its major articles was entitled: "Fly Jamaica Airlines to Begin Direct Flights Between Guyana and Cuba." Cuba, the Caribbean's largest island, has no enemies in the region...except the nearby United States. During the Obama presidency -- from 2009-2017 -- the United States was Cuba's friend for the first time since 1959, which was the year the Cuban Revolution overthrew the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafiosi dictatorship only to see the almost-immediate Batistiano revival on U. S. soil with a new capital of Little Havana in Miami and with the continued backing of the U. S. government, at least prior to and since Obama. The Jamaica Observer's aforementioned article reflected a Caribbean reaction to new and harsher sanctions against Cuba that took effect last week, on Nov. 9th, 2017. The fresh sanctions, engineered by Senator Marco Rubio on behalf of President Trump, reverted from Obama back to the original purpose of the the U. S. economic embargo of Cuba, which was imposed in 1962 for the purpose of starving, depriving, and making misery on the island to induce mistreated Cubans to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary government. The embargo has fulfilled its mission since 1962 except for fatally countering the Revolution, which apparently enough Cubans on the island prefer to a return of a U.S.-backed Batistiano/Mafisoi rule. Since 1962 all Republican administrations in America's two-party system have used the embargo and other vicious methods to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba. The current Trump administration, taking a page out of three particularly cruel Bush administrations, is determined that the Nov. 9-2017 sanctions will finally cap the embargo's long-failed mission. Trump's anointed American dictator of Cuba, Miami's U. S. Senator Rubio, has mandated 180 new sanctions against Cuba designed to shut off tourism and other commercial entities vital to Cuba's survival, and that includes destroying Cuba's promising, state-of-the-art, deep-water Mariel Port Economic Zone 28 miles southwest of Havana. Seattle-based Alaska Airlines, scared off by Trump & Rubio, announced it WILL END its year-long flights to Cuba. The Jamaica Observer article revealed how the Caribbean is trying TO INCREASE flights to Cuba.
     Now back to Guyana's Cuban-loving Minister of State Joseph Harmon. He told the Jamaica Observer yesterday, "The government of Guyana has given Fly Jamaica Airways permission to begin a series of new flights between Guyana and Cuba."
      The gesture by Guyana and Fly Jamaica Airlines to help Cuba's vital tourism industry may, on the surface, appear to be a drop in the bucket compared to the omnipotent vitriol being newly imposed by President Trump and Senator Rubio. But it at least reflects continued efforts by Cuba's friends to boost Cuban tourism.
      Back in June President Trump {above} went to Little Havana in Miami and signed Executive Orders reversing former President Obama's decent Executive Orders that had eased most of the Congress-mandated harsh sanctions against Cuba. Trump also essentially promised the Counter-Revolutionary choir in Little Havana that he would, AT LAST, regain control of Cuba for them. Note in the photo above that Rubio, the Little Havana "choirboy" entrenched in the United States Senate with dangerous presidential ambitions, is staring ominously down over Trump's right shoulder.
     The top U. S. television network for business news is CNBC, which -- like all the major U. S. networks except Fox News, is trying desperately to get President Trump impeached with the aid of an around-the-clock media coup. Thus, CNBC opposes everything Trump stands for, including his stringent Cuban policies. Yesterday -- May 16th -- a major CNBC article written by Ali Montag was/is entitled: "Yes, You Can Still Take A Great Vacation in Cuba -- Here's How." The article then stated: "Traveling to Cuba just got trickier, but you can still take a great vacation. If you've been thinking about taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Cuba, you haven't missed your chance." The article went on to explain how you can get around the Nov. 9th diatribes handed-down by Trump & Rubio to curtail tourism and commerce to Cuba. You can consult the article to see how CNBC provides some anti-Trump & Rubio advice regarding Cuba.
      The Getty Images photo above shows Cubans Dr. Aleida Guevara March and her brother Camilo this week commemorating the 50th anniversary of the assassination in Bolivia of their father, Che Guevara. A medical doctor like her Argentine father, the 56-year-old Aleida has spent this year traveling to the UK and elsewhere conducting fiery interviews and speeches in defense of the Revolutionary Cuba that her father mightily helped forge. Camilo Guevara, by the way, was named for Camilo Cienfuegos, Che's co-Commander when they captured the city of Santa Clara.
    Camilo Cienfuegos and Che Guevara were not only co-Commanders during the Cuban Revolution, they were also best friends in 1959 in Revolutionary Cuba when Camilo was almost as powerful as Fidel Castro and Che. But at age 27 on Oct. 28th, 1959, Camilo died in the crash of a small plane during a coastal thunderstorm. 
     This photo of Dr. ALeida Guevara March, Che's oldest child, is included in a Nov. 16-2017 article written by British journalist David Walsh and entitled: "Aleida Guevara on Cuba, Trump and Her Revolutionary Father." As you may imagine, she loves Cuba and hates Trump but her non-Trump comments include: "I am a firm believer in the Cuba my father helped create and I, like the rest of the good world, believe that the U. S. embargo against Cuba since 1962 is a genocidal sin. Cubans are very hospitable people. They have been fighting for more than 100 years for their independence and they finally got it in 1959. The independence we now have we will defend with every fiber in our being." The journalist, David Walsh, pointed out that some people believe that Cuba got its independence in 1902 shortly after the U. S. won the 1898 Spanish-American War. But the U. S. Platte Amendment quickly gave the U. S. the right to have military control of Cuba and, of course, by 1903 the U. S. had control, "in perpetuity," of Cuba's plush Guantanamo Bay as a prime U. S. military base. With continuing U. S. dominance, in 1952 the U. S. government and the U. S. Mafia teamed to support the Batista dictatorship in Cuba, which the Cuban Revolution amazingly overthrew on January 1, 1959. So, Dr. Aleida Guevara March, and most Cubans on the island, consider JANUARY 1, 1959 their Independence Day, and certainly not 1902.
    The mother of Dr. Aleida Guevara March is Aleida March who is shown above as a very beautiful guerrilla fighter in the Cuban Revolution. Aleida, born in 1936, is now 81-years-old. She fell madly in love with the Argentine doctor, Che Guevara, when they fought together as anti-Batista rebels. Aleida was born in Santa Clara, Cuba. That was the Cuban city where Commander Che in the last week of Dec.-1958 scored his greatest victory. After Che captured Aleida's hometown city of Santa Clara, it quickly persuaded Dictator Batista and his top Mafia associates to bolt for their getaway planes, ships and boats, with Batista flying first to the Dominican Republic that was then ruled ruthlessly by U.S.-backed dictator Rafael Trujillo. The beautiful Aleida, as shown above, helped her future husband Che capture Santa Clara, the city where she was born, and that capture within hours resoundingly ended the Revolutionary War.
       In 1959 right after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, the two guerrilla fighters -- Aleida March and Che Guevara -- got married just about the exact time two other famed Cuban guerrilla fighters -- Raul Castro and Vilma Espin -- also got married.
      Before he was assassinated in Bolivia on October 9, 1967, Che Guevara and Aleida March had four Cuban children. They are shown above, left to right: baby Celia, Camilo, Aleida, and baby Ernesto. Aleida March wrote a heart-wrenching and best-selling book entitled: "Remembering Che: My Life with Che Guevara." It is truly a gripping read, telling the other side of one of history's greatest stories.
     Of course, Aleida March's book -- "The story of a great legend and a great love" as it was accurately described on the front-cover above -- is an insider account of a two-sided legend that the Cuban narrative in the United States still viciously ignores. But at age 81 in Cuba today, Aleida March believes every word that she wrote.
      This photo shows Che in Bolivia in 1967. The female guerrilla fighter with him is Loyola Guzman-Lara. Shortly after this photo was taken, they were captured by CIA-directed Bolivian soldiers and executed. So this photo pains some people.
     A man who could be expected to dispute everything Aleida March says about Che is Felix Rodriguez. Aleida fought beside Che in the Revolution, then married him and had his four children. Rodriguez was born in Havana 76-years-ago, is now retired and well-to-do in Miami, and since the triumph of the Revolution he has spent all his days as a fierce U.S.-based Counter Revolutionary. Basking in his fame/notoriety, Rodriguez this month of Nov.-2017 was interviewed by London's BBC about his best-selling book and the 50th anniversary of Che's death.
       Most of Felix Rodriguez's fame is because he was the CIA-agent, as the photo he's holding indicates, credited with tracking down Che, interviewing him, and then overseeing his brutal execution by a Bolivian soldier in 1967. In his book, he mentioned he took Che's watch as a souvenir. Che's hands were cut off so finger-prints couldn't identify his body. He was buried in a grave that wasn't supposed to be found. But years later it was found. DNA confirmed the bones with the missing hands were Che's. The bones were flown to Cuba. They are massively treasured today.
      The photos above show Felix Rodriguez on the left and Luis Posada Carriles on the right. They, and many other counter-revolutionary Cubans beginning in 1959, were sent to Fort Benning, Georgia, to train for the recapture of Cuba. As the photos indicate, Rodriguez and Posada graduated from Fort Benning as 2nd Lieutenants in the U. S. Army as a part of Brigade 2506, the unit that was unceremoniously defeated in April-1961 in the Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba. But both Rodriguez and Posada made most of their fame...or infamy...as CIA operatives engaged in assassination attempts and other activity designed to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba. Posada, for example, is tied to decades of terrorism against Cuba -- such as the bombing of the civilian Cubana Flight 455, which killed all 73 on board including two dozen teenage Cuban athletes, and the deadly 1990s hotel bombings in Havana designed to discourage tourism to Cuba. Today the 76-year-old Rodriguez and the 90-year-old Posada are heralded citizens of Miami but Posada is reported to be suffering from cancer.
      While Felix Rodriguez's fame and infamy are most tied to the capture and execution of Che Guevara in Bolivia in 1967, his notoriety with the U. S. government beginning in 1959 is mind-boggling. Most of that fame-infamy has been white-washed in the U. S. but a google search would easily take you to much de-classified U. S. documents and great sources such as the UK-based www.spartacus-educational.com. Such history ties Rodriguez to much more than just Che -- such as the Iran-Contra scandal with Oliver North, drug-running in U. S. airplanes from U. S. airbases, etc.
     One common thread connects almost all of the Miami Counter Revolutionary Cuban-American estremists to the Bush dynasty dating as far back as the 1950s although that has been denied but de-classified U. S. documents indicate that IT IS  historically factual. The photo above shows George H. W. Bush with his dear friend Felix Rodriguez. Such a self-serving nexus continued, of course, with the sons George W. Bush and Jeb Bush. Thus the Bush dynasty's decades-old alliance with many of the most infamous Cuban Counter Revolutionaries had the benefits of omnipotent CIA connections and finances plus...a CIA Directorship in one bloody year, 1976; two Vice Presidential terms; three Presidential terms; and two terms as Governor of Florida. And to this day Jeb and his son Georgia P. Bush still have highly financed presidential ambitions to fuel the dynasty for many more decades to come.
      The photo above also shows George H. W. Bush with his dear friend Felix Rodriguez. Google searches intimately connect them in many crucial decades past.
    The above photo shows the Havana-born Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and the Havana-born Felix Rodriguez. Although a strong majority of Cuban-Americans even in Miami favor normal relations with Cuba and, indeed, financially support Cubans on the island, it seems only Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Miami get elected to the U. S. Congress. Ros-Lehtinen has been in the U. S. Congress since 1989 when Jeb Bush was her Campaign Manager on his way to being twice elected governor of Florida. It is in that manner that politicians like Ros-Lehtinen and the Bushes desire the support of Counter Revolutionary icons like Rodriguez and even the less-sanitized Posada.
   The photo above shows Felix Rodriguez helping Miami's Marco Rubio get elected to two 6-year terms in the U. S. Senate. Although the mainstream U. S. media meekly portrays Rodriguez as a Cold War icon and Rubio as Miami's latest choirboy, Google searches of historic and topical facts would reveal, in both cases, some shocking and non-sanitized results, even more shocking than the FBI's accusation's concerning Senator Bob Menendez. Today Trump's former vicious competitor for the White House, Rubio, is Trump's designated American dictator of Cuba. Now please understand...I am not suggesting that Trump-Rodriguez-Rubio in 2017 are worse than 1952 when the U. S. government sicced the Mafia kingpins Luciana-Lansky-Trafficante on Cuba so rich U. S. politicians-businessmen could also partake in the rape and robbery of the island. But also understand that I am, indeed, suggesting you study the 1952 & 2017 comparisons to see if you equate the two extremely anti-democratic events that pulverize America's democratic image...then and now.

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