Friday, November 3, 2017

Cuba Says U.S. Is Lying

About Alleged "Sonic Attacks"!!
{Posted for: Sunday, November 5th, 2017}
Photo courtesy: Alex Brandon/Associated Press.
     At a major news conference at The National Press Club in Washington this week -- November 2nd, 2017 -- Cuba's frustrated Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said the United States was "deliberately lying" about the alleged sonic-wave attacks at the American embassy in Havana and at Havana hotels including Capri and Nacional. Rodriguez said: "I can categorically affirm that those that say there have been attacks are deliberately lying. No attack has occurred. No deliberate action has taken place. If the United States government thinks otherwise, I invite it to present evidence." At Cuba's request, U. S. FBI teams have made four exhaustive trips to the island to investigate, as have units from the Royal Canadian Mounties plus 3,000 of Cuba's own investigators. Rodriguez maintained the "lies" were fabricated to hurt Cuba and to serve as a pretext to harm tourism to Cuba, not unlike the series of deadly hotel bombings in Havana in 1997 that well-known CIA-Cuban American terrorists admitted were designed to scare-off visits to the island. Rodriguez pointed out that after announcing the attacks months ago the U. S. government "requested 212 visas for relatives and friends of diplomats to make more than 251 pleasure trips outside Havana knowing that Cuba was not unsafe" even while it was "warning Americans" not to visit Cuba. ABC News asked the U. S. State Department to respond to the Rodriguez statements but says it got no immediate reaction.

          Acoustic experts in Cuba, the U. S., and Canada agree with Rodriguez's claim that no single device could possibly have caused the health damages to the 24 Americans as claimed by the U. S. government. Even anti-Cuban zealots from the George W. Bush administration, such as Michael Palmly, agree that the Cuban government "wouldn't shoot itself in the foot with such tactics" but, as Palmly opined, such acts would only benefit someone interested in hurting Cuba and reversing the positive relations extended to Cuba by the Obama presidency.

            So this week, Bruno Rodriguez in Washington invited the United States to show Cuba some evidence proving the sonic-attacks actually occurred. He said, "If the United States has proof of such intentional and devious wrong-doing, Cuba is the country that most wants to know about it to clear up the mystery or the lies."
And by the way:
      This week in the U. S. the handful of Counter-Revolutionary Cuban-Americans who still, after all these decades, dictate America's Cuban narrative do not want Americans to know about the important photo above that should have made U. S. headlines this week. It shows two ultra-powerful Cubans -- Bruno Rodriguez in the middle and Josefina Vidal on the right -- meeting in Washington with American business executives at the headquarters of the U. S. Chamber of Commerce.
      While the miscreants who dictate America's Cuban narrative highlight the "mysterious" sonic-attacks as their latest tool to wipe-out Cuba, the photo above shows Vidal and Rodriguez discussing business opportunities in Cuba with top U. S. business executives who were obviously very interested and very attentive.
       Of course, the intimidated or politically correct mainstream news media wouldn't dare mention this important and very positive U.S.-Cuban meeting arranged this week by the U. S. Chamber of Commerce. And by the way, the two invited Cubans -- Bruno Rodriguez and Josefina Vidal -- will, I believe, be two of the three most important Cubans on the island starting in February of 2018 when Raul Castro steps down as President, with 57-year-old Miguel Diaz-Canel making up the other third of Cuba's new Big Three. While remnants from the long-ago ousted Batista-Mafia dictatorship still want to keep U.S.-Cuban relations in an unending Cold War era, most Cubans, Cuban-Americans, and Americans want to move on to a mutually beneficial and decent relationship, and so do all of America's best friends around the world, as registered again this week by the yearly vote at the United Nations. 


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