Cuba on Nov. 25-2017

Miami on Nov. 25-2017:
Photo courtesy: Alejandro Ernesto/EFE/Getty Images.
       The photo above is used to highlight an article posted today -- Nov. 25-2017 -- in El Pais, the powerful international newspaper in Spain. The article, written by Pablo de Llano, has a Miami dateline. El Pais was commemorating the one-year anniversary of the death of Cuba's revolutionary icon Fidel Castro at age 90 on Nov. 25-2016 in Havana. The article is entitled: "Fidel No Ha Muerto, O Eso Parece" or "Fidel Has Not Died, or So It Seems." It is a very interesting article.
     America newspapers cannot publish such articles, especially from Miami where the Batistiano-Mafiosi remnants from Cuba's overthrown Batista-Mafia dictatorship have been headquartered in their Little Havana base since January of 1959. But Spain's El Pais can publish such an article pointing out that...even after the death of Fidel Castro, Revolutionary Cuba is still pugnacious and sovereign Cuba while the rich and powerful Batistianos and Mafiosi -- though still supported by the Superpower United States in the U. S. Congress and in all Republican presidential adminstrations -- are still unable to regain control of the coveted and vulnerable nearby island.
           For the most part, propagandized Americans HAVE NO COMPREHENSION of what an unbiased El Pais journalist wrote about from Miami on Nov. 25th, 2017 -- the first-year anniversary of Fidel Castro's death. But I believe Pablo de Llano is merely expressing a true fact: Since 1959 there have been two generations of Cubans on the island who do not want a return of the Batista-Mafia rule that brutalized and fleeced the island from 1952 till Jan. 1, 1959. The photo that illustrates the El Pais article from Miami shows a Cuban schoolboy proudly holding up a photo of Fidel Castro. The Cuban narrative in America since 1959, promulgated from Little Havana, claims that the schoolboy has been brain-washed and programmed by the Revolutionary government. El Pais seems to suggest that he has been educated by his parents and grand-parents who remember the Cuban tracks left by the Batistianos and Mafiosi.
    The international newspaper giant, El Pais, is based in Madrid, Spain. Thus, its journalist -- Pablo de Llano -- was free to write an article from Miami today on Nov. 25-2017, the first anniversary of Fidel Castro's death, that tells both sides of the two-sided Havana-Little Havana story. In the U. S., unfortunately, only one-side is generally told -- the Little Havana side. In other words, the precious U. S. democracy has changed drastically since 1959. El Pais seems to agree with the yearly vote in the United Nations that universally condemns America's Cuban policy since 1959. Perhaps more Americans should consider that condemnation and even muster up enough courage and patriotism to challenge the current Rubio-Trump cruelty that targets totally innocent Cuban women and children in the guise of hurting and exacting revenge on Castro for booting them off the island -- all the way to Miami!!

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