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The USA's Cuban Government

 How Did It Happen?
How Has It Changed America?
Is It Still Evolving?
Can Democracy Survive Two Governments?
Let's Examine The Parameters!!
{Updated: Wednesday, July 10th, 2019}
     On a daily basis since January of 1959, when the Cuban Revolution chased the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship off the island...all the way to its new headquarters in Miami...a plethora of damaging, anti-American, and anti-democracy headlines related to that transition have flooded the United States, reflecting a drastically changed America. The image above, for example, is courtesy of the Miami Herald and relates to the arrest of Hedge Fund billionaire Jeffrey Epstein on multiple charges of sex trafficking including sex involving underage girls. His latest arrest refreshes the 2008 memory when a Cuban-American empowered by the Bush dynasty gifted Mr. Epstein with a highly charged and controversial plea deal that no ordinary American could have remotely hoped for. But it also is a microcosm of how the emergence of a Cuban government within the bowels of the United States government has altered and reshaped the United States, in perpetuity. It began almost immediately in January-1959 when Cuban-based Batistiano-Mafiosi money and intimidation easily and quickly overwhelmed all economic, criminal, and political aspects of nearby Miami, which then became famous for its Little Havana designation that, in reality, replicated...and replicates...what Havana was in the 1950's prior to the Revolution. The Jeffrey Epstein headlines now reflect that reshaping of America, and also chronicles how in the 1980's Little Havana's alliance with the Bush dynasty spawned essentially a two-government U. S. system, an American system headquartered in Washington and a Cuban system headquartered in Miami. It is today the goal...not unreasonable...of Little Havana to overwhelm Washington in the near future in the manner it took control of Miami beginning in 1959.
     This photo shows President George W. Bush's Attorney General Alberto Gonzales appointing Cuban Alexander Acosta {far right} as a powerful attorney for the U. S. Southern District.
     Soon Jeffrey Epstein's sweet plea deal provided by Alexander Acosta had to stand but was widely criticized by the Miami Herald and, without fail, everyone else.
     But the extreme nexus of the Bush dynasty and the Little Havana Cubans was and IS such that no controversy related to Cuba fazed them or, moreover, hurt them because both the mainstream media and the U. S. citizenry have been, for decades, too afraid to question it. In fact, the George W. Bush presidency named Alexander Acosta to no less than four positions.
      Then, as is now the rule for all Republican administrations, President Trump has bent over backwards appointing Bush-anointed Cubans to key political/financial positions...including, as indicated above, Trump apparently being obligated to point to Alexander Acosta.
      Yes, indeed!! From his huge basket of Bush-anointed Cubans, President Trump nominated Alexander Acosta as Secretary of Labor.
      The U. S. Senate approved Alexander Acosta as Labor Secretary by a vote of 60-to-38. As an only son of Cuban exiles, the now 50-year-old Acosta had huge financial, educational, and political benefits not available to others...expediting his entries to Harvard College, Harvard University, and Harvard Law. Of course, as the son of Cuban exiles, Acosta's other great asset was his nexus to the Bush dynasty.
      Getting controversial Cubans like Acosta approved by the Senate is no problem because Little Havana Cubans like Marco Rubio in the Senate and the Diaz-Balart brothers in the House gravitate quickly to such committees, often as Chairman. Once Trump anointed Rubio as the USA's Cuban dictator, Rubio has been able to essentially dictate the success of all key Trump appointments and nominations, such as Trump's early Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. But in that ultra-powerful role, Tillerson turned out not to be 100% agreeable to Rubio's extreme harshness against Cubans on the island or Rubio's extreme economic and political favors to Little Havana Cubans...such as Rubio naming his old mentor Tomas Regalado, the former Miami mayor, to the extremely lucrative job as head of Miami's tax-draining Radio-TV propaganda machine...and Rubio without blinking an eye has also anointed a controversial female Cuban as head of the U. S. Southern District Court system that is so vital to successful lawsuits against Cuba for...well, for whatever anybody wants to sue Cuba for. Along the way, of course, Rubio has been unchallenged in replacing people like Rex Tillerson with a Secretary of State like Mike Pompeo who is 100% agreeable to all of Rubio's self-serving and even genocidal Cuban policies, as are National Security adviser John Bolton, Western Hemisphere Chief Mauricio Claver-Carone, etc., etc., etc., etc.
      A firm handshake...between Rubio & Trump...sealed "Little Marco's" anointment as the USA's Cuban dictator answerable only to Little Havana extremists, as opposed to most Cuban-Americans or most non-Cuban Americans.
     An older generation of ultra-powerful Cuban mentors in Little Havana/Miami like Tomas Regalado gave birth to the second generation of well-trained puppets like Marco Rubio. Once Little Havana's nexus in the 1980's with the Bush dynasty extended Little Havana's economic and political clout to Washington, it has {since the first Reagan-Bush administration} created a two-government situation in the United States -- namely, Little Havana and Washington. In America's two-party political system where currently top Democrats are extremely left-wing and top Republicans extremely right-wing, Little Havana's government now has a chance to supersede both the Democratic Party and the U. S. government to create a one-party Little Havana-dictated system not so unlike Cuba had in the 1950's with the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia rule. You, uh...think that is NOT POSSIBLE?
     Although I am abundantly aware that it is poignantly not politically or socially correct to say so, I believe this photo chronicles the start, in the early 1980's during the Reagan-Bush administration, of America's current two-government situation -- one that is American out of Washington and one that is Cuban out of Miami. That's Vice President George H. W. Bush listening intently to the then most powerful anti-Castro Counter Revolutionary Cuban in Miami -- Jorge Mas Canosa. For sure, VP Bush bought everything Canosa was selling...and, I believe, both Democracy and the U. S. Treasury have paid for it ever since.
    The Cuban-born Miami Batistianos got a huge break when George H. W. Bush became President Reagan's two-term Vice President. But they also had gotten fantastic benefits prior to that when Bush was CIA Director for one extremely bloody year -- 1976. Then, as you can see above, the Miami Batistianos fully began extending their control of Miami northward into Washington when Bush became President. Study the gleeful photo above. Standing directly over the sitting President Bush and about to be fantastically rewarded is...Jorge Mas Canosa. This photo portended two things for Canosa, and they were: {1} He would soon be a BILLIONAIRE IN MIAMI; and {2} he would be in a position to dominate the Republican Party; and to have his highly paid lawyers literally write legislation such as the infamous Helms-Burton Act strictly designed to grossly punish Cubans on the island while also grossly enriching selected Cubans in Miami with pipelines of tax dollars from Washington-to-Little Havana via such legal means as the unending, tax-chewing Radio-TV Marti propaganda machine.
     The best documentations of how the Bush dynasty enabled Jorge Mas Canosa to establish a second government within the United States Government is from Julia Sweig, the government insider and undeniably America's best all-around Foreign Relations expert, Latin American expert, and surely the best expert on U.S.-Cuban relations.
      In countless forums Julia E. Sweig has minutely documented how the U. S. has ended up with two governments -- one still mostly resembling the Democracy the Founding Fathers envisioned almost 250 years ago and the other closely resembling what the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia DICTATORSHIP was in Cuba from 1952 till it was chased by the Cuban Revolution to its new headquarters in Miami in January of 1959. Of course, in her book "CUBA: WHAT EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW" the great Julia E. Sweig acutely explains how the Bush dynasty provided Jorge Mas Canosa the political and financial wherewithal to create a Cuban government on U. S. soil. Canosa, Ms. Sweig documents, was first advised to "study AIPAC and then construct a super-powerful Cuban lobby just like it." Of course, Canosa did that. AIPAC is the ultra-powerful Israeli lobby that no politician in Washington will dare challenge. Canosa studied it and created CANF, the omnipotent CUBAN AMERICAN NATIONAL FOUNDATION, which also remains too powerful to challenge.
      Now that Cuba is a government unto itself in the USA, it doesn't really need Canosa's CANF lobby to bully politicians but it still intimidates them. The photo above showing Donald Trump addressing a CANF affair as Canosa's sons look on illustrates that point.
     This image of Jorge Mas Canosa illustrates how Miami...and soon all of America...changed drastically after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in January of 1959. That month anti-Castro zealots like Canosa began plotting their revenge and their recapture of the island.
     Totally unknown to Americans, in 1959 the U. S. government had a secret unit at Fort Benning in Georgia known as The Army School of the Americas. That was where it trained soldiers and police from friendly U. S. dictatorships and sent them back to those countries to make sure those dictators survived...ruthless but U.S.-friendly dictators like Batista in Cuba, Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, Somoso in Nicaragua, etc., etc. So after Batista was ousted in Cuba by the Cuban Revolution, the U. S. immediately sent anti-Castro zealots like Jorge Mas Canosa, future infamous terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, etc., etc., to Fort Benning to train for the infamous Brigade 2506 that was directed by the CIA and designed to quickly recapture Cuba. As you can see above, Mas Posada, etc...graduated as a 2nd Lt. from Fort Benning's Army School of the Americas. By the way, it wasn't until the 1990s that knowledge of the Army School became known and then President Clinton held one news conference to apologize for it...after which, at least, the nefarious and infamous name was changed. So, how did a lowly anti-Castro zealot, Mas Canosa, evolve into a U. S. soldier; then a Miami billionaire; and then the head of a Cuban government in the United States that could so easily construct legal laws grossly assaulting Cubans on the island while also grossly enriching selected Cubans in Miami?? The answer was already stated above, which is the Bush dynasty anointment of Mas Canosa as the head of the Cuban government in exile. Gradually, as the Miami Cubans got richer and more powerful even as Revolutionary Cuba somehow survived, Mas Canosa can be credited with not only founding things such as CANF, Helms-Burton, Radio-TV Marti, etc., he also founded a second government within the bowels of the U. S. government.
      Born in Santiago de Cuba in 1939, Jorge Mas Canosa died young at age 58 in Miami/Coral Gables in 1997. But riding the enormous power of the Bush dynasty -- A CIA directorship, a two-term Vice President, a one-term President, a two-term President by a Bush son, a two-term Governor of Florida by another Bush son, etc. -- Mas Canosa never realized his dream of recapturing Cuba but he did become a Miami billionaire and the head of the Cuban government in the United States. Today throughout South Florida...despite his close ties to famed anti-Cuban terrorist Posada and other controversies...there are schools, buildings, roads, and many other edificies named for Mas Canosa. In other words, today's Cuban Government in the United States is still Mas Canosa's.
        But, amazingly, Cuba to this day is still Fidel Castro's Cuba...although the Revolutionary icon died at age 90 on Nov. 25-2016. Most Americans today don't realize that fact because: {1} Mas Canosa's Cuban government in the U.S. mostly deprives Americans from the freedom to visit the island to judge it for themselves; and {2} Mas Canosa's Cuban government in the U. S. still dictates America's Cuban narratives as well as Congressional laws and all major Republican politicians.
        Thus, in stark tribute to Mas Canosa's continuing power, the genocidal Helms-Burton Act to this very day still dictates unconscionable assaults on Cubans in Cuba while also dictating unconscionable riches for selected Cubans in the USA.
     And as further indelible proof that Mas Canosa's Cuban government still reigns as one of the two U. S. governments -- one in Washington and the other in Miami -- every major Republican politician, as shown above, must go to Little Havana in Miami and bow down to the infamous BRIGADO ASALTO 2506, the Battle Flag of America's humiliating Bay of Pigs attack way back in April of 1961. Of course, when Americans see images like the one above, they are not supposed to be embarrassed for America.
    And, of course, when Americans today see this most definitive worldwide image of America's insatiable Cuban greed and insanity, they are also NOT SUPPOSED TO BE EMBARRASSED FOR AMERICA. And why is that so? It dates back to the Bush dynasty empowering Jorge Mas Canosa's creation of the Cuban Government in the United States of America.
For America's sake.

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