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"Journalist" Praises Cuba Starvation

Batista Exiles Are The "Good Guys"!!
{Posted: Saturday, July 6th, 2019}
    In the United States major extreme right-wing media sources such as Breitbart are lavishly funded by billionaire families such as the Mercers as they become ubiquitous and even mainstream media stars. Breitbart "journalist" Frances Martel, living large in the world's richest nation, is in charge of celebrating the current all-out effort of the Trump administration to starve 11 millions Cubans on the island to appease a handful of super-rich and ultra-powerful Cuban exiles in Miami, Newark, and the U. S. Congress. This week's Frances Martel article at Breitbart is entitled: "STARVED CUBAN REGIME TAKES OUT TOURISM ADS IN MAJOR CHINESE CITIES." Mocking Cuba for trying to keep its 11 million people from starving as the USA imposes new starvation laws it deems legal because of the Batistiano-written and legalized Helms-Burton Act, is what  right-wing "journalist" specialize in. When a Frances Martel is considered a "journalist" as opposed to a propagandist, and when Breitbart is rated a "legitimate" media source as opposed to an extreme right-wing propaganda machine, the precipitous decline of both the United States media and the United States two-party political system is abundantly apparent.
     Because the United States has the economic and military power to intimidate most nations who seek to do business with Cuba, it is not surprising that Cuba looks to another Superpower like China that is less intimidated. So, trying to get more Chinese tourists to visit the island is a logical step for Cuba to try to survive the Batistiano-dominated Trump administration in Washington. This apparently {above} is one of the Cuban ads in China that Breitbart mocked.
    Actually, the extraordinary resilience of the Cuban people since 1959 to resist the all-out, no-holds-barred, vicious U.S.-backed efforts by the rich and powerful Batistiano exiles to recapture Cuba is astounding, and it's ongoing even as President Trump has given Rubio, the Diaz-Balarts, Claver-Carone, Bolton, and Pompeo full clearance to starve Cuba into submission or otherwise recapture the island "FOR DEMOCRACY," to presumably replicate the GREAT DEMOCRACY the U. S. created in Cuba in 1952 when it sicced the highest echelon of the Mafia -- Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Santo Trafficante Jr., etc. -- on the island. The photo above was taken yesterday -- July 5th, 2019 -- and is used courtesy of Isabel Diaz Gonzalez. It shows Cubans who had been gathered around that table discussing the latest all-out effort by the Trump administration to starve the island by cutting off all imports and exports, including oil, and by severely and successfully invoking huge fines against companies in the U. S. and elsewhere that might do business with Cuba. No other nation, large or small, could survive such tactics from the world's economic and military Superpower, but Cuba has somehow survived it for 6+ decades. The moms and dads in this group yesterday made sure their children were safely at home and were not starving. Then, around this table, they vowed to "Fight to the death to defend our children and our country against U. S. Mafia types in the United States." 
      This Fernando Medina/Reuters photo shows U. S. tourists at Cuba's renowned Varadero Beach. The Batistiano-controlled Trump administration is embarked on a mission to prevent Americans, and others, from having the freedom to visit Cuba. Using the legality of the Batistiano-written Helms-Burton Act, the USA successfully fines U. S. and foreign companies that might, in any manner, assist tourism to Cuba. Such companies, capitulating to the USA's international financial clout, readily send huge checks to the U. S., highlighting the TWO prime Helms-Burton priorities -- which, in this order, are: {1} To increase the extreme wealth of a few already rich Cuban Counter Revolutionaries; and {2} to starve, deprive, and make miserable the lives of Cubans on the island. Anyone who tells you that those are not the two prime priorities of the Batistiano bible known as Helms-Burton are lying to you...and doing so on a 24-hour basis in the United States via such massively financed  right-wing organs as Breitbart "News."
     For most of the past 243 years, America's experimental two-party -- DEMOCRAT & REPUBLICAN -- political system served the USA's democracy very well. That began to change drastically in 1959 after the Cuban Revolution chased the extremely rich leaders of Cuba's U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship to U. S. soil. Riding the conservative/right-wing waves of such allies as the Bush dynasty and the Tea Party, the Batistiano/Mafiosi exiles evolved into major players within the bowels of the Republican Party, and thus the two-party U. S. government. The surprising election of Donald Trump as U. S. President in 2016 has elevated the Batistiano dominance of the Republican Party to 100%. Thus, the Batistiano bible, The Helms-Burton Act, has evolved as the best testament to the weakness of a two-party political system when one of the parties is totally dominated by an extremely biased and greedy Cuban-exile minority.
     All of his waking hours, James Williams works tirelessly to bring sanity and decency to America's Cuban policies. Most Americans support his efforts of "ENGAGEMENT" with Cubans on the island, as opposed to STARVATION. Unfortunately, when it comes to Cuba, majority opinion within the Batistiano-weakened U. S. democracy is overwhelmed by a vicious, intimidating Batistiano minority.
     In America's two-party political system, Republicans seeking national offices are required to genuflect to the tiny Batistiano stronghold of Little Havana in the heart of Miami. But Democrats are generally allowed to make non-Batistiano decisions, and thus almost every Democrat agrees with James Williams about "engagement" with Cuba, not starvation. Study the updated graphic above prepared by James Williams. There are currently 25 Democratic presidential candidates trying to keep Batistiano-controlled Republican Donald Trump from being re-elected to a second term as President. Twenty-four of those 25 Democrats strongly support decent relations with Cuba while only one of the 25 is afraid to even express an opinion on the subject. That lone Democrat -- Corey Booker -- is the only of the 25 Democrats who must bow down to the Miami-based Batistianos, and I'll explain why that is sadly so.
     It is actually no surprise that Cory Booker is the only one of the 25 Democratic presidential candidates unwilling to call for normal relations with Cuba. Born 50-years-ago to wealthy parents in Washington-DC, Booker was blessed with world-class educations -- Stanford, Oxford, and Yale Law School. But his political career is based in New Jersey. When the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959 chased the leaders of the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship to the U. S., Miami became the Batistiano-exiles' primary headquarters but Newark-Union City, New Jersey, was the second most prominent U. S. area overwhelmed from 1959 till 2019 by Counter Revolutionary Cuban exiles. Booker, of course, became an integral part of that Batistiano transition in the money-crazed U. S. political system. He was Mayor of Newark from 2006 till 2013 and since 2013 Booker has been a U. S. Senator from New Jersey. As with members of Congress from Florida, members of Congress from New Jersey must capitulate to the Counter Revolutionary Cuban extremists, even if they are Democrats. So, that explains why Cory Booker is the only one of the 25 Democratic candidates for President without the freedom to advocate sane and decent relations with Cuba. As a democracy-loving American, I believe it is important for Democracy-lovers to be concerned with such things as the Batistiano's total dominance of the Republican Party and its intimidating influence even with members of the USA's other political party -- Democrats like Cory Booker.

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