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Otherwise Meekly Accept The Lies!!
      Since January of 1959, when the Cuban Revolution kicked the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia leaders off their island all the way to Miami, Americans have gone through six decades of being lied to by the Little Havana exiles in Miami who have been allowed to dictate America's Cuban narratives and Cuban policies. One of those policies largely takes away the freedom of Americans to visit Cuba, lest they judge it and its people for themselves. Thus, to circumvent the ebullient lies, if you can't make it to the island yourself, learn to trust great photo-journalists such as Kevin Spear of the Orlando Sentinel. He is just back from Cuba and his article this week is entitled: "Return to Cuba: Everything and Nothing Has Changed." What Kevin Spear means is...despite the ongoing Batistiano-fueled effort of the Batistiano-controlled Trump administration to starve Cubans on the island...they are nothing if not resilient. And, uh...YES!! They know all about the brutal, thieving Batista-Mafia rule from 1952 till 1959 and they do not want it to return. They simply want to be able to correct their own mistakes...and especially correct the harm the Little Havana/Washington-based Batistianos have and are causing to their everyday lives. Below are some of the photos and explanations Kevin Spear makes this weekend in his insightful Orlando Sentinel article.
       This magnificent Kevin Spear photo shows two Cuban schoolchildren. His caption: "Along Havana's famed Malecon seawall at twilight."
    This Kevin Spear photo of a street in Havana features this caption: "Cubans continue to wait for change that Obama promised and President Trump has clamped down on." That caption reminds me of the prime reason neither Trump nor any Republican should be elected U. S. President as long as they are totally beholden to Batistiano extremists.
      This Kevin Spear photo has this caption: "Cell phones have arrived in Cuba in an enormous way." The New York Times also had a huge article this week about the explosion of cell phones and the internet in Cuba. It explained that social media is now widely used to praise or criticize the government, which the government now encourages, but the New York Times stated that CUBANS DO NOT WANT A CHANGE IN GOVERNMENT, just to work with their government to bring out changes they desire.
     This Kevin Spear photo has this caption: "Along Havana's famed Malecon seawall at twilight." As darkness settles in over Havana, the tropical heat of the day is replaced by soothing Caribbean breezes over the beloved Malecon seawall that looks out over 90 miles of the Florida Strait towards Key West.
      This Kevin Spear photo was captioned this way: "Cubans are resilient, inventive, and practical at pushing through disappointment." Yes, any American who slips through the Batistiano restrictions and gets to meet everyday Cubans knows Kevin Spear's observations are true. Cubans are "disappointed" that the decent Obama administration in Washington has been replaced by the indecent Batistiano-dictated Trump administration, but their plan is to survive  both Trump's presidency and the USA's Batistianos, as difficult as that seems.
    Since 1962 the U. S. embargo against Cuba has intended, according to DE-classified U. S. documents, to STARVE, DEPRIVE, and MAKE MISERABLE the lives of Cubans on the island to induce them to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary government. Indeed, the embargo by the world's most influential economic Superpower has deprived the island of being self-sufficient in food because of denials involving trade, fertilizer, equipment, etc., but the Kevin Spear photo-caption above shows a food-stand depicting how Cubans are trying to cope. With each blow from the unchecked and extremely vicious Batistianos in the U. S., Cubans like these try to survive "till democracy and decency in the United States also pertains to Cuban."
      This Kevin Spear photo taken at Jose Marti International Airport in Havana includes this caption: "Tensions at Havana's airport have lessened significantly in recent years." The decency of the Obama presidency in curbing much of the most vicious abuse from the Batistiano extremists in Miami and Washington ended, of course, when another Republican {Trump} became the USA's President in 2017. But Obama's lessening of "tensions" on the island still gives hope that, if the Batistanos cannot get Trump RE-elected, relations with the U. S. may improve as they were improving before Trump replaced Obama.
      Cubans on the island today consider Marco Rubio, Little Havana's lightweight U. S. Senator, their "#1 Batistiano-Mafiosi Miami ENEMY." He was the embarrassing presidential contender back in 2016 that Donald Trump easily brushed aside with derogatory comments such as "Little Marco."
     Yet, incredibly, President Trump has anointed Marco Rubio as America's Cuban dictator on U. S. soil. That's because Trump believes that Rubio, strictly a product of the Little Havana extremists in Miami, will deliver Florida's massive haul of 29 Electoral Votes that will be needed for Trump's 2020 RE-election. With that assumption, Trump is perfectly willing for Rubio to do precisely what he is currently doing, which is: Trying to starve and bludgeon Cubans on the island into submission while, of course, directing even more pipelines of tax dollars from Washington to selective friends in Miami. Meanwhile, as he dictates Trump's extremely cruel Cuban policies, Rubio also is in charge of dictating the Cuban narrative in the United States...YOU KNOW, All the Batista-Mafia leaders in Havana were saints and in Little Havana are still saints while everyone that opposes them is a racist and a criminal. In other words, if you believe ANY word that Rubio says about Cuba, ask him how much he'll take for the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and then negotiate the deal with him. After all, if 325 million Americans allow "Little Marco" to become the Cuban dictator on U. S. soil, why not permit him to become America's dictator too.
    Yes, America, you've allowed President Trump to anoint Little Marco from Little Havana as Cuba's Batista-like dictator on U. S. soil. BUT WHO long he just starves, deprives, and makes miserable Cubans on the island while merely enriching his Little Havana pals with bundles of our tax dollars. {Note: The best and most respected journalist in America who uses Freedom of Information laws to obtain precise figures on the insane amount of tax dollars Rubio is directing to Miami is Tracey Eaton. If you are a democracy-loving American and if you're interested in the startling Washington-to-Miami money scans, I suggest you dial up Tracey Eaton's two primary blogs: Cuba Money Project and Along the Malecon. His irrefutable money statistics just since Rubio took charge are listed right now to the penny and will astound you}. Yes, Rubio...Trump's "Little Marco" now America's Cuban dictator ala Batista and if Americans continue to keep their eyes shut he might be America's Batista-like dictator one day.
     I remind you: If Rubio will not allow you to go to Cuba to judge it for yourself, depend on great journalists who have been there as recently as this month of July, 2019...such as Tracey Eaton and, as mentioned, Kevin Spear at the Orlando Sentinel. Kevin Spear's aforementioned article this weekend will give you a true visual and verbal look at everyday life, reality, and hope on the island. Skip Rubio's self-serving propaganda and see Cuba for yourself, at least through the unbiased prisms of great, unbiased photo-journalists like Kevin Spear at the Orlando Sentinel.

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