Monday, May 4, 2020

Cuba Blames Terrorism on Trump

Genocide & Terrorism Against Cuba Allowed!!
     Today -- May 4th, 2020 -- Sarah Marsh, the excellent journalist in Cuba for the London-based Reuters News Agency, strongly implied that both the mainstream U. S. media and the American people are allowing President Trump to get away with both terrorism and genocide against non-Miami/Little Havana Cubans. In her article today Sarah Marsh told the world: "Trump has unraveled a US-Cuba detente carried out by his predecessor Barack Obama." Sarah Marsh believes that Trump can get away with genocide against Cubans on the island and with terrorism against Cubans anywhere because both the U. S. media and the American citizens are afraid of powerful Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Miami, Newark, and in the U. S. Congress. Sarah Marsh's article for Reuters today is, indeed, the type update regarding US-Cuban relations that journalists in the U. S. are not allowed to report nor are U. S. citizens even permitted to discuss. Yet, the latest terrorist attack on non-Little Havana Cubans in the U. S. is a news items that journalists and citizens in the U. S. should be concerned about...NOT JUST FOR CUBA but for the United States too.
     A 42-year-old Cuban emigre named Alexander Alazo fired 32 AK-47 rifle bullets at the Cuban embassy in Washington. Some of the bullets penetrated the building while a dozen people were inside.
    As reported by Sarah Marsh/Reuters today, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said, "I denounce the terrorist attack against our building in Washington. I demand from the United States a thorough and swift investigation."
     Cuba's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said: "When the prime U. S. media and the intimidated American people appear to condone President Trump and Miami's genocidal Blockade against the masses of Cuban people, such an administration in Washington is allowed to get away with genocide and terrorism against Cubans who happen to be innocent but standing in the way of the economic and political goals of a minority of extremist Cubans in the United States. This environment, of course, breeds terrorism such as the shooting up of the Cuban embassy in Washington. The world expects such terrorism from violent Third World nations, perhaps, but not from Superpowers like...China, Russia, and the United States. To condone genocide or terrorism in a Superpower is a problem not just for the victims but it should also be a problem for the perpetrators."
    Because she works for the powerful Reuters News Agency that is based in London, Sarah Marsh can write honestly about the terrorist attack on the Cuban embassy in Washington. There was, of course, a time in the United States when U. S. journalists could have done the same thing.
     The photo above dates back to 1976. It's important. It shows Cubans absorbed with grief at Jose Marti International Airport in Havana. They had been waiting for the arrival of a Cuban airplane, Flight 455, that was carrying 73 people, including two dozen teenage athletes that had just won gold medals in an important Latin American tournament. In the left of this photo, that is a sister and the mother of one of those teenagers in the moments after they had been told that the plane had crashed into the ocean and...there were no survivors. Within hours, according to de-classified U. S. documents, the U. S. government not only knew that the plane had been bombed but the U. S. government documents quickly named the well-known suspects -- including avowed Cuban terrorists already famed for decades of terrorism against everyday Cubans.

     In 1976 there was a great Cuban-American journalist-newsman in Miami named Emilio Milian. With quintessential bravery, Emilio Milian denounced such terrorism against totally innocent Cubans. For that bravery and for being a great journalist, Emilio Milian himself was car-bombed.
      From 1959 till 1976 till 2020 and far into the future, it is apparent that Americans are supposed to be the only Democracy-loving people in the whole world who are not ashamed of the Carlos LaTuff image depicted above. To tolerate a genocidal Blockade/Embargo from 1962 until today -- May 4th, 2020 -- and have it embellished by terrorism and other unchecked hubris from the United States of America, is not what America WAS before Little Havana evolved in Miami after the Cuban Revolution overthrew the brutal US-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship in January, 1959.
     Since the 1950s only one U. S. President, Barack Obama, has had both the guts and intelligence to even TRY to remove the stigma of the EMBARGO from the bowels of the U. S. Democracy. In 2016, in his last year of 8 years as President, Obama was so ashamed of the above image that he would not allow the United States the sham of voting to support it in the United Nations. Thus, the worldwide vote in 2016 at the UN was 191-to-0 to end the EMBARGO. BUT, even with the brave Obama supported by the entire world, the U. S. Democracy was not strong enough to end the shameful EMBARGO, which remains a fierce testament to the grip that LITTLE HAVANA IN MIAMI has on the United States government.
     Because Sarah Marsh works for a great non-American news agency, London-based Reuters, she today had the freedom, while reporting on the latest act of U. S. terrorism against Cuba, to publish this simple, factual sentence: "Trump has unraveled a US-Cuban detente carried out by his predecessor Barack Obama." It is a shame that in the post-Emilio Milian era in Miami and in the United States that mainstream journalists in the United States are too afraid to publish such a simple and honest sentence. "Trump has unraveled a US-Cuban detente carried out by his predecessor Barack Obama."

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