Hurricane-prone Cuba

Perpetually Tested!!
        Throughout its history, the island of Cuba has always had to be cognizant of being targeted by devastating hurricanes -- both natural and man-made. Such is the case today -- Monday, October 3rd, 2016. Nearby Miami and the United States Congress are endlessly trying to desperately turn back President Obama's historic and peaceful overtures, always spending an inordinate amount of time and tax-dollars in attempts to bring about the demise or recapture of Cuba. But the more pressing vulnerability today is Hurricane Matthew that is targeting the eastern third of the island with what one forecast predicts will be "catastrophic effects." Over 700 U. S. family members have been removed from Congress's most-beloved spot on the island  -- the plush U. S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay. Meanwhile a couple million Cubans, accustomed to such dangers, are braced for a dire threat that is expected to come early Tuesday.
     A world-class photographer, Gina Nero, spent a month traveling around Cuba chronicling images that depict and define everyday life on the island. Ms. Nero is a 26-year-old native of Australia now based in LA and NY. The initial batch of her ongoing project has been released by DailyMail.com with more photos to follow. The young Cuban baseball player above posed for Gina Nero before heading off to his game.
      This Gina Nero photo shows three Cuban ladies discussing their lives on the island, and maybe some gossip. Ms. Nero's fascination with Cuba will manifest itself with future photos, she promises. She said, "The daily lives of Cubans show me the heart and soul of a country so technologically isolated. I am not trying to tell the story of the U. S. embargo. I'm merely documenting a country rich in culture and wonderful people." 
Gina Nero captured the heart-and-soul of this Cuban home.

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