Cuba Is Arriving

Obama Opened the Door!!
       This photo is courtesy of Ramon Espinosa/AP and it reflects changes on the island of Cuba wrought by U. S. President Obama's herculean normalization efforts. In the center is Cuban fashion designer Analu proudly walking one of her models down the catwalk at this week's Havana Fashion Week. It's vibes and vibrations seemed to flow out from the Alicia Alonso Grand Theater, revealing the island's love of beauty and aesthetics as unleashed talent and creativity emerge amidst the lingering, archaic U. S. embargo.
       According to the AP's Andrea Rodriguez, the highly successful Havana Fashion Week was created only in 2015 as key elements of President Obama's efforts to normalize relations with Cuba began to be implemented. Rodriguez wrote, "It began in 2015 with 30 designers. This year's edition had twice as many." 

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