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U.S.-Friendly Dictatorships Have Lasting Effects

A Few Benefit, the Majority Suffer
       In the last week of January, 2013, ESPN featured a very detailed investigative report on Major League Baseball's massive concern related to South Florida's uniquely permissive illegal drug enterprises, especially involving prescription drugs. The huge article's headline: "MLB Investigating South Florida as 'Ground Zero' on PED War." The first paragraph: "Major League Baseball is investigating multiple wellness clinics in South Florida, as well as individuals with potential ties to players, armed with the belief that the region stretching 50 miles south from Boca Raton to Miami is 'ground zero' for performance-enhancing drugs still filtering into the game." The article goes on to name the prime baseball players and the "pill mills" connected to this ongoing scourge and outrage. 
       The Major League baseball teams join a long, long list of American enterprises and individuals that have suffered and continue to suffer massively from the unique Banana Republic that emerged in South Florida after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in January of 1959 when it defeated the U. S. - backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba. It seems innocent generations to come will also suffer.
      Mariana Van Zeller was born 37 years ago in Portugal. Today she is America's best and bravest investigative documentarian. She is a multiple Peabody Award Winner and currently works for National Geographic Channel. In 2009 her superb and courageous documentary entitled "The OxyContin Express" acutely revealed how South Florida's Pill Mills were the "Gateway to Heroin" but she also stated, "Prescription drug addition is killing more people than cocaine, ecstasy, and heroin combined." And quite profoundly, Ms. Van Zeller pointed out that South Florida is "The Colombia of prescription drugs." Unfortunately, South Florida is many other things too, mostly regrettable things.
        A simple "OxyContin Express" Google search will quickly take you to that documentary by Mariana Van Zeller. It has been viewed millions of times world-wide but Americans, programmed to accept the U. S. support of the Batista regime in Cuba in the 1950s and subsequently conditioned to accept the reconstitution of that dictatorship on U. S soil in South Florida, have also been programmed and conditioned to ignore how the Batista dictatorship in Cuba shamed the U. S. democracy and how South Florida's Banana Republic harms Americans who have never been within 1,000 miles of South Florida. Van Zeller left the Pill Mills in South Florida to check out small towns in Kentucky, Ohio, Massachusetts....! Typically, she interviewed a sheriff in tears because his dedicated force was not big enough or strong enough to protect its citizens from the drug traffickers who drove to South Florida and returned with the devastating pills capable of destroying towns or small cities.
South Florida remains on U. S. maps and Florida has a whopping 29 electoral votes.
Thus, since 1989, the United States Congress has been overwhelmed by visceral Cuban-exiles.
       For decades, powerful Cuban-born exiles aligned with the Bush dynasty have dictated American laws -- The Torricelli Bill, The Helms-Burton Law, etc. -- that have massively benefited only the most radical Cuban exiles and their sycophants such as the Bush dynasty but massively harmed everyone else, including America's best foreign friends by also punishing them for involvements with Cuba.
 The U. S. democracy, while always challenged, has been the greatest government ever devised.
    The biggest challenge to the U. S. democracy came in the 1950s when Uncle Sam began to support and even install foreign dictators such as...Batista in Cuba, Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, Somoza in Nicaragua, Videla in Argentina, Pinochet in Chile, Mobutu in Zaire-Congo, Pahlavi in Iran, etc. 
     The Cuban Revolution, from 1952-1959, is unique in the annals of American history for three reasons: (1) It was the only revolution to overthrow a U. S. - backed dictatorship; (2) it marks the only time in American history that an ousted foreign dictatorship was permitted to reconstitute itself on U. S. soil; and (3) it represents the first time in American history that the American people either refused or were unable or unwilling to defend their precious democracy against a mammoth challenge.
Not exactly the democracy envisioned by America's Founding Fathers.

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