The Year 2013 Has Dawned for America and Cuba

 With Both Badly Needing A Rebirth
    The heralded Mayan Prophecy that predicted the world would end on 12-21-2012 turned out to be wrong. Sooooooooo............
      The dawn of a new year, like the birth of a child, is a good time for life's two most precious gifts -- love and hope. Cubans and Americans should love each other. There is hope in the new year of 2013 that Cuba and America will become "Good Friends." 
        In a saner world, U. S. - Cuban relations would be predicated on Love and Hope, not on fractious bickering, revengeful hate, and the desires of a handful of greedy malcontents who seek only self-serving economic and political gains. But U. S. - Cuba relations have been insanely hostile for a long time now.
       For starters in 2013, the United States of America -- the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave -- should once again be Free enough and Brave enough to allow all Americans the freedom to travel where they choose, even to Jose Marti Airport in Havana. The man and woman above, one a Cuban and the other an American, have love and hope in their hearts, as all freedom-lovers should be free to have and enjoy.
      All...yes, all...of America's democracy-loving friends around the world are deeply embarrassed by the above caricature of the United States as a brazen, cruel bully. And all of those friends are abundantly aware -- as confirmed by de-classified U. S. documents -- that the U. S. embargo against Cuba was installed in 1962 for the precise purpose of "starving" the indigenous Cubans to induce them to rise up and over-throw their revolutionary government so that the Batista-Mafia-U.S. capitalist dictatorship could regain control of the island. Fifty-one years later Cuba is still a sovereign nation with the same revolutionary rule it had in 1962 and the embargo, America's most ridiculed failure, is still in place to, as always, only appease a handful of the most radical, the most revengeful, and the most self-serving Cuban exiles.
       In the New Year of 2013 Barack Obama begins his second four-year term as President of the United States. He is a good, decent, and intelligent man. He is the Leader of the Free World. He is Commander-in-Chief of by far the strongest military force in the history of the world. He knows that the entire world including the majority of Cuban-Americans want to end the U. S. embargo of Cuba and improve relations between the two countries. President Obama himself direly wants to end the embargo against Cuba and improve relations between the two countries. But he is powerless to do so because a handful of extremely radical and revengeful second-generational Cuban-exiles -- acting as an over-bearing and ultra-powerful government-in-exile within the bowels of the U. S. democracy -- simply will not allow the strongest man in the world to do what he wants to do and the vast majority of the world wants him to do. And it's not his fault. It is the fault of the gutless majority of American who, as guardians of their democracy, have allowed this anti-democratic abomination to persist decade after decade after decade after decade after decade. 
With all that in mind, please study the following graphic:
       The above graphic embarrasses and shames the President of the United States and it embarrasses and shames America's best friends all around the free world. 
Does it embarrass and shame you?

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