Why {How} Cuba Shames America

From 1898 Till 2018!!
      U.S.-Cuba Relations have been dictated by right-wing political and media thugs since the Spanish-American War in 1898 wrested dominance of the Caribbean island from Spain and left Cuba controlled by the supposedly much more decent United States. As a democracy-loving American, I have the guts to make that statement. However, most Americans don't despite the undeniable truth of such a simple, historic and TRUE fact.
      Since 1898 only one nation, Cuba, has consistently resisted America's brash imperialistic designs on helpless, smaller, and much weaker nations. Again, most Americans in 2018 don't have either the guts, the intelligence, or the patriotism to admit that simple truth...which says a lot more about superpower United States than it says about little Cuba. And mostly what it says is just how cowardly, ignorant, and unpatriotic the last few generations of Americans have been in their lack of defense of their nation's democracy and its international reputation.
     America's Cuban policy in 2016, the last year of the decent Obama presidency, got a resounding 191-to-0 condemnation in the United Nations, and that unanimity was approved by America's President, a democracy-lover named Barack Obama. Furthermore, I don't believe in this very diverse world that there is any other single topic other than the U. S. insanity against Cuba that could possibly attain such international unanimous condemnation and, if you think there is, BE SURE to let me know if there is another such topic. In that vein, I refer you to the above image entitled: "US-Cuba Relations Explained." This image, or graphic, will take you to a brilliant, concise, fair, and unbiased eleven-minute video on YouTube that expertly, concisely, and fairly summarizes U.S.-Cuban relations since 1952 when right-wing thugs in the Eisenhower administration sicced the Mafia on Cuba to expedite and facilitate the participation of rich Americans and so-called legitimate U. S. companies in the wholesale rape and robbery of the Caribbean's largest island, Cuba. The video-bio explains how the same right-wing thugs, beginning in Guatemala in 1954, overthrew the democratically elected Arbenz government to install a series of brutal but U.S.-friendly dictators. This consistent trend persisted in the U. S. for two more brutal decades, culminating in 1973 when the two most powerful U. S. thugs -- Nixon & Kissinger -- got away with backing a coup in Chile that overthrew and killed the wildly popular and democratically elected Allende government to install, for the next 17 murderous years, the U.S.-friendly but well-known and extremely murderous Pinochet dictatorship. Through it all, the aforementioned YouTube bio entitled "US-Cuba Relations Explained" very correctly explains that little Cuba for all these decades has been the only small country to continually resist such hegemony and foreign domination by a world superpower.
 I sincerely urge all democracy-loving Americans to use this title -- "US-Cuba Relations Explained" -- to dial up the 11-minute explanation on YouTube that explains why America's Cuban policy -- since 1898 and especially since 1952 and 1959 -- has done more...FAR MORE...than anything else to harm America's and Democracy's worldwide images and reputations. And that undeniable fact mostly rests, I and many other democracy-lovers believe, with generations of cowardly and unpatriotic Americans who have allowed right-wing thugs to dictate America's grossly insane Cuban policies.
    For sure, President Barack Obama was mightily ASHAMED of the graphic above compiled by Brazilian artist Carlos LaTuff. The American SHAME in August of 2018 is that the above image does not SHAME enough citizens in an America that is in dire need of more democracy-loving patriots. In the meantime, OF COURSE, America in August of 2018 is awash in sanctimonious, cowardly citizens and sanctimonious, self-serving media propagandists who readily accuse other powerful countries...such as Russia and China...of brutalizing totally innocent citizens in weaker countries. 

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