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Cuban Dissidents Emboldened

Cuba Adjusts to Trump Era!!
{Monday, August 13th, 2018}
Photo courtesy: Mariana Bazo/Reuters
      The Reuters journalist in Cuba, Marc Frank, reported on Aug. 12-2018 that the island's leading dissident, Jose Daniel Ferrer, has been charged with attempted murder. He is accused of trying to use his car to deliberately run over an official of the Interior Ministry. A spokesman for Ferrer's Patriotic Union of Cuba organization told Marc Frank the "incident was an accident and the official was only slightly injured."
"Dios Patria Libertad" = "God Homeland Freedom"

      The Cuban government considers Jose Daniel Ferrer to be "an agent of the United States government created by Counter Revolutionairies and the U. S. media."
      In her Aug. 12-2018 article in the Los Angeles Times, Tracy Wilkinson wrote, "The Ferrer arrest comes after a relatively benign period for Cuban dissidents, who have enjoyed more freedom as the new government of Miguel Diaz-Canel drafts a new constitution, Cuba's first in decades." But as Tracy Wilkinson and all unbiased journalists and Latin American experts well know, anytime anything positive related to Cuba is reported, the vast Counter Revolutionary extremists in the USA mount their counter narratives with well-funded but distorted interpretations. That was obvious when Sunday's Tracy Wilkinson-LA Times article quoted the Trump administration's acting Deputy Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere and he quickly assailed Cuba for the Ferrer arrest. Unfortunately, Cuba is in the Western Hemisphere and another Batistiano-aligned Republican administration is in power in Washington.
Trump's Western Hemisphere guru, Francisco Palmieri.

     After replacing the two-term, Cuba-friendly Democratic President Barack Obama, Republican President Donald Trump, like all Republican presidents since the 1950s, turned America's Cuban policies back over to the most radical Counter Revolutionaries in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood. The photo above shows Trump performing that chore at Miami's Manuel Artime Theater, a plush Little Havana landmark named for a leader of the 1961 Bay of Pigs military attack on Cuba.

       While in Little Havana, President Trump officially signed documents returning America's Cuban policies back over to extreme Cuban-American hardliners and their self-serving sycophants, such as the two men peering over Trump's right shoulder -- Senator Marco Rubio from Little Havana, Miami's capital; and Governor Rick Scott from Tallahassee, Florida's capital. None of the people in this photo are the least bit concerned that America's Cuban polices were condemned by a 191-to-0 vote in the United Nations in 2016, the year before Trump replaced President Barack Obama.

       Meanwhile, Cuba has a new President, Miguel Diaz-Canel. He said, "We have just drafted a new constitution that is now being discussed in people forums all across this island, and we hope it will be ratified by a referendum vote in November. We must, foremost, continue the sacred Revolution beyond all else but we also must recognize who and what is now in charge in Washington as we try to build a sustainable economy while also staunchly maintaining the sovereignty that the Revolution in 1959 finally gave this island and its deserving people. The world globe beside me includes many nations favorable to Cuba already and many others desiring to be Cuba's friend. We must concentrate on cultivating friendly relations while trying to drift away from our one enemy nation even if we must face another survival mode situation."
      This weekend -- on Aug. 11th, 2018 -- longtime Counter Revolutionary journalist Andres Oppenheimer penned a major article in the Miami Herald entitled: "Cuba's New Constitution Is Worse Than The Old One." After referencing items in Cuba's new constitution that he said have "generated a lot of enthusiastic headlines around the world," Oppenheimer then lambasted the new constitution with this sentence: "On the contrary, it's dreadful." On U. S. soil Oppenheimer is one in a long, lucrative line of Counter Revolutionary journalists/authors/speakers who have gained fame, riches, and notoriety within the bowels of the Castro Cottage Industry in the USA. The only thing people like Oppenheimer would not consider "dreadful" in Revolutionary Cuba is if all the leaders in Havana would surrender on their knees in Miami's Little Havana sector and turn the island back over to the Batista-Mafia remnants that the Revolution chased to Miami way back in 1959. Of Course, being Counter Revolutionaries from Little Havana in Miami might be more lucrative than being back in charge of Cuba in Big Havana.
     Cuba announced on August 9th that the referendum vote on the new constitution will be held on February 24th, 2019, after island-wide forums "thoroughly discuss the new provisions," which include same-sex marriage, strong protections for gays, added property ownership avenues, and other prime guaranteed advancements.
      Meanwhile, CUBANS ON THE ISLAND LIKE THESE THREE LADIES -- not Counter Revolutionary extremists like Andres Oppenheimer in Miami -- will hopefully predicate whether Cuba's new constitution gets ratified or not. And that's the way it should be, regardless of how lucrative Counter Revolutionary assaults from Little Havana in Miami from the likes of Oppenheimer may be. Cuban women likes these on the island, now busily studying the new constitution, are the ones who should have input regarding its passage, NOT self-serving foreigners like Andres Oppenheimer.

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