Monday, October 16, 2017

Five Cuban Reasons

Why America's Cuban Policy Sucks!
{Updated: Tuesday, October 17th, 2017}
     The photo above shows five reasons why the Batistiano-directed U. S. Cuban policy sucks and why it currently gets a well-deserved 191-to-0 condemnation in the United Nations. These five little Cuban girls, all barely 4-years-old, are shown here this past weekend having a good time during a stay-over at the Havana home of Rosy Amaro Perez, Cuba's outstanding young broadcast journalist. Despite the salient efforts of Cubans on the island to protect and preserve these little girls, a second generation of vicious, revengeful, and self-serving Cuban-American miscreants are allowed to unmercifully punish these little girls because the current generation of cowardly and unpatriotic Americans simply don't give a damn. If you happen to think that assessment is biased, it would only reveal how susceptible you have been to a half-century of propagandized lies and distortions by miscreants who laugh at American values while padding their bank accounts and political fortunes.
     A mere handful of Cuban-American miscreants -- with names such as Rubio, Diaz-Balart, Ros-Lehtinen, Curbelo, Cruz, Menendez, etc. -- have no trouble at all convincing cowardly Americans that is is necessary to target and punish these five little Cuban girls "in order to punish the Castros" for winning the Cuban Revolution in 1959 and for defeating the Bay of Pigs attack in 1961. Of course, the rest of the world disagrees with that shameful do all courageous and decent Americans...and yet it has persisted in the world's strongest democracy for over half-a-century.
      Till the last two generations, all other generations of Americans would never have allowed miscreants acting in America's name to target and punish five totally innocent little Cuban girls to sate the greed and revenge appetites of a handful of descendants from a vile and overthrown Cuban dictatorship dating way back to the 1950s. Study this particular photo of the five little Cuban girls -- all just turning four-years-of-age -- as they play during a sleep-over in an Havana home where decent Cubans try to protect them from a few rich and powerful indecent Cubans living in a foreign country. Especially study the face of the little girl staring up at the camera. Please understand that she is too young to understand why foreigners punish her.
      These five little Cuban girls are best of friends and they cling to each other in total innocence under the protective umbrella lovingly provided by their proud parents and other decent Cubans on their vulnerable and grossly targeted island. The indecent miscreants who target them from a nearby foreign country are protected by the cowardice and propagandized ignorance of the American people. If that appraisal sounds too harsh, don't try retaliating by calling me un-American or anti-Democracy. It is precisely because I am passionately pro-American and pro-Democracy that I feel so passionate about these five little Cuban girls being punished in my name by a few greedy, revengeful, self-serving miscreants hiding behind the skirts of the world superpower that, incredibly, allows it to happen...decade-after-decade-after-decade.
Photo courtesy of Luis Jorge Joa Perez.
A Cuban child on her 4th birthday.

She is furiously protected on the island.
Americans allow Cuban-Americans to punish her.
The U. S. policy has existed since 1959.
And by the way:
     The Voice of America website posted the above photo-caption this week -- on Oct. 16, 2017. It reveals, I think, that the U. S. government realizes that some of its alleged allies -- such as Turkey and Iraq -- are far more problems for the U. S. than alleged enemies like little Cuba. The VOA started its explanation of this photo with this sentence: "Kurdistan is paying a heavy price for trying to break away from Iraq." The Kurds have been by far America's best fighting ally in the vital war against ISIS and the Kurds, both its women and men, are probably the best fighters in the world today. But 30 million or so Kurds have no country and for generations they have tried to have their own independent nation, and a part of the land they have claimed is the oil-rich region around Kirkuk, Iraq. But militarily powerful Turkey and Iraq want to destroy the Kurds and now the U.S.-supplied...with a trillion dollars or so...Iraqi army is attacking the Kurds. That's a prime problem for the U. S., as the VOA acknowledges. The U. S. with warplanes and drones has backed the ground-attacking Kurds and thus gained gigantic successes against ISIS. So now...two prime U. S. "friends" are trying to annihilate the Kurds once and for all. And that's a huge problem for the U. S., the superpower that is reluctant to fight guerrilla-type wars with ground soldiers, especially after losing the Vietnam War to guerrilla-fighters.

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