Monday, October 9, 2017

America's Unending Infamy

Right-Wing Thugs Attacking Children...
That Live in a Foreign Nation!!
{Updated: Tuesday, October 10th, 2017}
      The AP/Ramon Espinosa photo above reflects the huge transition that will saturate Cuba in just a few months -- February of 2018 -- when the island will be led by a non-Castro for the first time since January of 1959. The big man upfront is Miguel Diaz-Canel and he will replace the retiring 86-year-old Raul Castro shortly. Diaz-Canel is 57. This photo shows him hosting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife on their Cuban visit. Diaz-Canel was born on April 20, 1960, in Villa Clara, Cuba. A Beatles fan, motorcycle enthusiast, and a strong backer of educational opportunities, Miguel Diaz-Canel has considerable popular support on the island. Last week -- Sunday, October 8th, 2017 -- Diaz-Canel made a PERTINENT SPEECH.
      The next big man in Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel on Sunday was the prime speaker at an important Cuban commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Che Guevara's death. His comments are traveling around the world: "Changes needed in Cuba will solely be carried out by the Cuban people. Imperialism can never be trusted, not even a tiny bit, never. Cuba will not make concessions to its sovereignty and independence, nor negotiate its principles or accept the imposition of conditions." Those words, quite obviously, were aimed directly at U. S. president Donald Trump and were deemed necessary by Diaz-Canel after Trump, last Friday at an anti-Cuban Hispanic gathering in Washington, excoriated Cuba and indicated the U. S. is about to harden its Cuban policy that former President Obama had remarkably and bravely softened. Diaz-Caneland many impartial observers agree, believes that the current sonic-wave attacks in Cuba are being perpetrated by elements in Cuba or Miami that oppose normal relations between the U. S. and Cuba. Diaz-Canel used these exact words: "Some unnamed officials are propagating unusual nonsense without any evidence, with the perverse aim of discrediting the impeccable reputation of our country as a safe destination for foreign visitors, including from the United States." 
         Meanwhile, as has been the case since 1959, Revolutionary Cuba is trying to keep the U.S.-backed Batistianos in Miami and in the U. S. Congress from recapturing the island, and doing so just as hard as the Cuban Revolution tried to defeat the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship in the 1950s. The photo above reflects that effort. It shows a birthday party held last week for a little Cuban girl, the one wearing the cone-hat to make her more ubiquitous. In 1962 -- after the 1961 Bay of Pigs military attack and after countless CIA-Batistiano-Mafiosi assassination attempts and after endless Cuban-exile terrorist attacks -- the U. S. imposed an embargo/blockade on Cuba that, based on de-classified U. S. documents, was designed to starve and deprive Cubans on the island for the purpose of inducing them to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary government. The embargo-blockade is still in effect for that very reason, yet it has failed miserably even though it is now registered as the longest and cruelest embargo ever imposed by a strong nation against a weak nation. Understandably, the nations of the world currently oppose the malicious, genocidal-intended embargo by a 191-to-0 vote, surely the only issue that could possibly attain such unanimity in a very diverse world. Yet, the U. S. democracy, at the mercy of Batistianos, is unable or unwilling to challenge a few Cuban-American extremists. 
     Thus in October of 2018 totally innocent Cuban children on the island, like the ones shown above at that birthday party, are being punished in the guise of a bald-faced lie that maintains they must be punished because of the necessity to punish "the Castros." Because the last two generations of Americans have had neither the guts nor the patriotism to even enter the fray on behalf of their democracy, the parents and grandparents of the children shown above have been punished by American miscreants and liars who are still punishing and depriving these precious children. 
      Because the Batistiano-Mafiosi exiles have been allowed to dictate the Cuban narrative in the U. S. since 1959, cowardly and propagandized Americans have been too afraid to challenge the lie that the most vicious Batistianos-Mafiosi in Miami and in Congress are far better human beings than Cubans on the island. The photo above illustrates the mammoth dimensions of that gross distortion. The totally decent young Cuban parents shown above at the birthday party for their little girl are, according to proselytized Americans, inferior and worse humans than the Batistiano exiles who basically have total dictation of America's Cuban policy. Such lies have now gotten America universally condemned by that LOUD 191-to-0 vote in the United Nations. 
      The photo above was taken at a news conference in Miami on Nov. 26-2016 and it shows Cuban-Americans celebrating the death of Fidel Castro at age 90 in Havana. On the left is Lincoln Diaz-Balart and on the right is Mario Diaz-Balart. Their father, Rafael Diaz-Balart, was a key Minister in the Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba and then, after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, Rafael Diaz-Balart was one of the richest and most powerful counter-revolutionaries in South Florida, and the creator, in fact, of the first anti-Castro paramilitary unit. Of course, with only vicious counter-revolutionaries elected from Miami to the U. S. Congress, both the Havana-born Lincoln first and then Mario were elected to the U. S. Congress. Most of the Cuban-Americans even in Miami favor normal relations with Cuba but Americans are not supposed to wonder why at least one of them can't get elected to Congress. But, of course, counter-revolutionary Carlos Curbelo...that's him second from the left...gets an easy ride from Miami to the U. S. Congress. And the lady at the microphones above, Havana-born Ileana Ros-Lehtinen...perhaps the most consistently vicious counter-revolutionary...has been entrenched in the U. S. Congress from Miami since 1989 when Jeb Bush was her Campaign Manager, which, of course, paved the way for his two terms as Florida's Governor. Since 1959, as this photo attests, the United States democracy has been revamped and reshaped...and not for the better. Today cowered Americans are supposed to ignore the updated color photos of the birthday party that show Cuban children, even on their targeted and embargoed island, being loved and protected. By the same token, for sure, Americans today are supposed to ignore definitive black-and-white photos and all other documentations from Batista's Cuba in the 1950s when non-Mafia children on the island were very callously mistreated. 
      Prior to 1959, I do not believe that any generation of Americans would have allowed totally innocent children in a foreign sovereign nation, like those above at that birthday party in Havana, to be unmercifully punished by self-serving miscreants operating freely from U. S. soil and hiding behind the big skirts of the superpower.
      The photo above shows a typical peasant mother and her two little children in Batista's Cuba. They were not even a mere afterthought while the Batistianos, the Mafiosi, and rich U. S. businessmen were robbing the island blind from 1952 till 1959.
      The photo above shows brave Cuban mothers marching in protest against the most egregious trait of Batista's Cuba -- the murder of Cuban children that was meant to quell resistance against the Batista-Mafia dictatorship. The courageous Cuban woman near the middle wearing the cut-off, light-colored jacket was the mother of the gruesomely murdered little Willie Soler. Today in Cuba a major Children's Hospital is named for...Willie Soler. It exists as a tribute to Willie and all the brave mothers.
   The three incomparable Cuban heroines depicted above -- Vilma Espin, Celia Sanchez, and Haydee Santamaria -- were not only prime guerrilla fighters and stupendous recruiters during the Revolutionary War, but after defeating the Bastista-Mafia dictatorship on January 1, 1959, this trio, truth be know, had more say-so in reshaping the new Cuba than the male quartet consisting of the Castro brothers, Camilo Cienfuegos, and Che Guevara. That pure fact is true because Fidel Castro made sure that Celia Sanchez was Revolutionary Cuba's main decision-maker and Celia, in turn, insisted that Vilma and Haydee join her in making the most important domestic decisions on the island, decisions such as guaranteeing totally free health care for life and totally free educations through college. If you disagree with that assessment, you are biased or you have simply been lied to about the transition from Batista's Cuba to Revolutionary Cuba. The two historic black-and-white photos above -- the one depicting the typical peasant mother-and-child in Batista's Cuba and the one showing outraged mothers protesting the murders of their children by Batista's goons -- explain why Celia, Vilma, and Haydee were left in charge of re-figuring priorities in Cuba, refigured priorities that favored mothers and children.
     Thus, the image above of Celia Sanchez is the one that lingers to this day on the island of Cuba. The 99-pound doctor's daughter was inspired by her passionate love of Cuban children. As the prime recruiter of both rebels and supplies, as a fearless guerrilla fighter, and as the prime decision-maker, Celia Sanchez was the most important figure in Cuba's Revolutionary War and in Revolutionary Cuba.     
     Of course, the very last things the counter-revolutionaries in Miami and in the U. S. Congress want to discuss are...Celia Sanchez and the definitive black-and-white photos from Batista's Cuba. Such discussions might supersede propaganda lies.
      This is the little Cuban girl that had that birthday party in Havana a few days ago. She is far better off to have been born in sovereign Revolutionary Cuba than in U.S.-backed Batista's Cuba. The fact that Americans are not supposed to know that simple, basic fact says a lot more about America than it does about Cuba, and it highlights how very much the U. S. democracy has changed since the seminal year of 1959.
And by the way:
       The excellent photo above is courtesy of Wendy Williams. The barrage of deadly hurricanes that have recently assaulted the entire Caribbean as well as significant parts of the United States seem unending by whatever names -- Harvey, Irma, Maria, Nate, etc., etc. But Wendy's seaside photo appears to flaunt the destructive nature of natural or man-made hurricanes while tauntingly celebrating the resilient nature of humans to survive with a fierce will to live. Wendy's message should resonate.

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