Cuba Captures America!!!

Don't Laugh! It's Possible!
       Naples, Florida is a luscious and gorgeous city of 21,000 well-to-do and highly intelligent souls. They and millions of tourists consider it the Garden Spot of America.
         Naples is located southeast of Tampa and due northwest of Miami on Florida's southwest coast. You can also notice that it is due northeast of Havana, Cuba.
      If you visit Naples you might want to stay at the splendid Ritz Carlton Hotel. Both the beach and one of America's very best golf courses are just a few yards away.
        Naples also has a splendid newspaper -- The Naples Daily News. All  citizens of Naples, of course, are familiar with America's, and especially Florida's, close but testy relationship with Cuba, especially since the Cuban Revolution in 1959 chased the Batistiano dictators to Florida -- drastically altering Cuba, Florida, and America. Some citizens of Naples are concerned that Cuba might be about to capture the United States. Now if that sounds far-fetched, it actually isn't. Cuba has a key official, Josefina Vidal, who...by necessity...probably knows more about the U. S. government than any person on the planet. She is, in fact, probably the prime reason the U. S., on behalf of a vicious segment of America's rich and powerful Cuban-American community, has not re-captured Cuba. And as Ms. Vidal assesses the 2016 Republican and Democratic presidential campaigns, she recently made this succinct and not-so-far-fetched comment: "The Batistianos seem to have a new plan to re-capture Cuba. Their plan is to capture the U. S. first and THEN re-capture Cuba." Ms. Vidal, and some astute citizens of Naples, have noticed that two Cuban-Americans -- Marco Rubio of Miami and Ted Cruz of Texas -- are cruising to the Republican nomination to be President of the United States. They also note that the new President -- who will take office on January 20th-2017 -- will also be America's Commander-in-Chief. Therefore, Ms. Vidal -- and some astute citizens of Naples -- anticipate something akin to the Bay of Pigs on or shortly after January 20, 2017. Now is this sounding less far-fetched? It should. This week, I believe the most interesting item in the Naples Daily News was a letter-styled article entitled "Isolating Cuba." It was penned by David Goldstein. Like Vidal in Havana, Goldstein in Naples worries about either Rubio or Cruz becoming the next Commander-in-Chief. Goldstein wrote these exact words in the Naples Daily News:
                       "It's too bad that both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are more focused on running for President than they are on their day jobs as U. S. Senators.
                   Even though both of them came from families that benefited from the special treatment given Cuban refugees, they both continue to oppose normalizing relations between Cuba and the U. S.
                          Until President Obama acted to reverse 50 years of a failed policy, the U. S. stood alone in its effort to isolate Cuba. Although Sen. Rubio refused to leave the campaign trail to vote on the trillion-plus dollar budget bill (which he opposed), he did find time to put a 'hold' on the nomination of Roberta S. Jacobson as ambassador to Mexico. Ms. Jacobson is a State Department veteran who is fluent in Spanish, and is exactly the kind of person we need to advance U. S. interests in Mexico and Central America. The Mexican government expressed support as did the Republican-led Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
                            Unfortunately, because Ms. Jacobson, while serving as an Assistant Secretary of State, helped negotiate the thaw in relations between the United States and Cuba Sen. Rubio placed a 'hold' on her candidacy, thereby preventing her from receiving what should have been a pro forma vote of approval.
                           Although 'holds' are not in the Constitution, they are in the Senate's rules and, as in this instance, are often used to thwart the will of both the Senate and the President."
           The above article this week from the Naples Daily News is an exact word-for-word quotation. I use it for this reason: It points out that the mainstream U. S. media, unlike excellent small newspapers like the one in Naples, does not have the competence, patriotism, or courage to challenge even the most meretricious, hedonistic, avaricious, and indecent acts of anti-Americanism committed by Cuban-American extremists even in defiance of most Cuban-Americans who, for sure, oppose such extremism. From Florida, Texas, and New Jersey, only hard-line Cuban-American extremists make it to the U. S. Congress, where they can easily use nuances or loopholes to craft legal laws that harm everyone but them and their easily obtained sycophants. Take, for example, the point in the Naples Daily News about Rubio's "hold" to block the nomination of Roberta Jacobson as Ambassador to Mexico, which is harming America and Mexico. However, Rubio does not have to worry that it will cost him a single donation or a single vote on his White House bid.
      Undeniably, Roberta Jacobson is the most qualified American to be Ambassador to Mexico. But in diplomatic sessions with Cuba's Josefina Vidal in 2015, Ms. Jacobson brilliantly represented the United States in trying desperately to correct a failed and cruel U. S. policy that has been allowed to fester for decades thanks to Cuban-American extremism since 1959. Because of that, Marco Rubio is using a quirk in the U. S. Senate's playbook to deny her nomination. Of course, the mainstream U. S. media does not have the guts to call him on it, but the Naples Daily News did.
        Hiding behind the skirts of the U. S. government since 1959, Cuban-American extremists have harmed a lot of decent people -- Americans like Roberta Jacobson, Cuban-Americans like Emilio Milian, etc. Jacobson suffers because she represented the U. S. in diplomatic discussions with Cuba. Milian suffered because he opposed fellow Cuban-Americans committing terrorist acts against innocent Cubans. At one time, Emilio considered leaving his job as a broadcast journalist to run for office in Miami, but he realized that moderate Cuban-Americans couldn't get elected, not even in the greatest democracy in the history of the world. Not since 1959, anyway.
         The volatile Republican race for the White House in 2016 will evolve into a battle between two first-term Cuban-American U. S. Senators -- Ted Cruz from Texas and Marco Rubio from Miami. Their only hurdle is the easily hurdled non-politician Donald Trump. Then their only hurdle will be Hillary Clinton, the Democrat who will be gradually worn down by her sex, her age, her Wall Street ties, her politics-as-usual mantle, and her dynastic Clinton name. That's why Cuba's prime defender, Josefina Vidal, expects Rubio to the next Commander-in-Chief of the world's strongest military. {Note: Vidal, of necessity, knows more about the U. S. presidential race than all the television pundits combined}. Vidal realizes that both Cruz and Rubio will be awash with money in a political arena that now allows for unlimited donations from billionaires. Conservative and right-wing billionaires love both Cruz and Rubio. Religious billionaires love Cruz; Jewish billionaires love Rubio. Either man has more than enough money to purchase the White House. Vidal believes that Rubio will triumph because Cruz is too radical for most traditional Republicans. For a lot of past months and future months pundits have and will make a lot of money forecasting 2016's presidential sweepstakes, no matter how wrong they might be. In Cuba, Vidal's forecasting might determine whether Cuba remains a sovereign nation. Vidal thinks Rubio will be the next U. S. president. And Vidal has a country, not just money, at stake. Plus, she's smarter than all those pundits combined.
       So, let's revisit Josefina Vidal's epic prognostication about the 2016 U. S. presidential race: "The Batistianos seem to have a new plan to re-capture Cuba. Their plan is to capture the United States first and THEN re-capture Cuba." WOW! The Batistianos and the U. S. have tried, on a daily basis since 1959, to regain control of Cuba. I mean...the record number of assassination attempts against Fidel Castro, the Bay of Pigs attack in 1961, the embargo in 1962, terrorism such as befell Cubana Flight 455, etc. BUT, nothing has worked as Fidel Castro prepares to celebrate his 90th birthday in 2016 at his modest home in Havana. SO NOW, Cuba's primary protector, Vidal, thinks that on or around Jan. 20-2017, with Rubio as Commander-in-Chief, Cuba must prepare for a new tactic -- uh, THE ONE OUT-LINED IN HER QUOTATION ABOVE.
         And speaking of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, I have nothing against a Cuban-American being President of the United States. In fact, I have so much admiration for Cubans, I would gladly accept Cubans, at one and the same time,  being President, Vice President, Secretary of State, and Secretary of Defense. But my problem is this: Only Cuban-American extremists -- and ones who will readily sell-out to the Tea Party, billionaires, and the vast Castro Industry in the United States -- need apply for important electable offices. That sheer and unmistakable fact, I believe, demeans democracy, which is and always will be my first love. In fact, just about every aspect of America's Cuban policy since the 1950s, starting with teaming with the Mafia to support the brutal Batista regime in nearby Cuba in 1952, has demeaned democracy. That's why, for example, all of America's best friends around the world, each October at the United Nations, use their UN vote to express strong disapproval of the U. S. policy regarding Cuba. It is my strong belief that the Cuban Revolution and Revolutionary Cuba say a lot more about the United States than they say about Cuba. Cuba, after all, is a vulnerable island. The United States, after all, is the world's economic and military superpower. For one vulnerable island to so massively coat the image of the United States around the world is stunning, to say the least. It points out massive chinks in America's vast democratic arsenal, not the least of which is the precipitous decline of the U. S. media. I don't think it necessarily involves the intimidation factor, such as the car-bombing of Emilio Milian when he voiced opposition to terrorism against innocent Cubans. I think it has more to do with the evils of capitalism, not the many positives derived from capitalism. The evils manifest themselves in meretricious hedonism that spawns acerbic and avaricious ludicrousness that callously and userpically eat away at the democratic pillars of a great nation. One of those pillars, as envisioned by the Founding Fathers centuries before the digital age, was the media. That pillar has dissolved, leaving democracy itself vulnerable. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, as contrasted with moderate Cuban-Americans, reflect that vulnerability. For example, the mainstream media -- on a daily basis or in forums such as the ubiquitous Republican debates -- has neither the guts nor the integrity to ask either Cruz or Rubio pertinent questions, such as those raised this week by the aforementioned article in the Naples Daily News {my favorite newspaper, at least this week}. On the campaign trail, for instance, Cruz gets standing ovations when he raves about how his father left Cuba with only "one bill attached to his underwear," BUT LOOK AT ME NOW LIVING THE AMERICAN DREAM JUST TWO STEPS OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE. Or, for example, take Rubio who raves on the campaign trail and in the televised debates that his mother and father were hotel maids and bartenders in Miami after "leaving the tyranny of Castro's Cuba for the freedom of America!" That standard line, almost a tear-jerker, is sure to garner loud applause and plenty of votes. Of course, the mainstream U. S. media will never point out such facts as...Rubio's parents left the tyranny of Batista's Cuba, not Castro's Cuba, and Cubans who touch U. S. soil have privileges, economically and politically, that non-Cubans DO NOT HAVE. Other massive debits attached to Cruz and Rubio -- such as Rubio's financial shenanigans in Florida and the tale Cruz's father tells about fighting with Castro's rebels -- will never be challenged by the mainstream media. Thus, for example, revelations by the Naples Daily News should circumvent the mainstream media when that little newspaper challenges extremist Cuban-Americans about how they got to the U. S. Senate and what they have actually done during their first terms there, aside from running for President/Commander-in-Chief.
{"poco a poco" = "step by step"}
     Poco a poco, the Batistianos may have finally discovered how to re-capture Cuba after so many failures: "The Batistianos seem to have a new plan to re-capture Cuba. Their plan is to capture the United States first and THEN re-capture Cuba."
Now don't blame me for that salient quote:
It should be credited to...Josefina Vidal!! 



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