Saturday, January 23, 2016

Unafraid of Cuba Haters

And Other Injustices
       Don Cheadle was born in Kansas City 51 years ago. Since 1987 he has been one of America's greatest actors, producers, directors, writers, and husbands. He has been married to the talented actress Bridgid Coulter since 1992 and they have two children, Imani and Ayana. In the U. S. and internationally, Don has won more awards than I have space to list. And...oh yes...he won a Nobel Peace Prize too. He co-authored a great book -- "Not On My Watch" -- that helped end the genocide in Darfur. He has worked tirelessly with the United Nations to correct or at least make the world acutely aware of other crimes against humanity. It is, therefore, no surprise that Don Cheadle has taken a Hollywood film crew to Cuba to shed light on injustices against the people of Cuba perpetrated by usurpers from a foreign power, a foreign power that happens to be the world's greatest and strongest democracy. Mr Cheadle told CNN, "Cuba is a place to shoot authentic scenes. It's a place that deserves to be brought onto the world stage. Cuba has a culture of its own. It shouldn't be squashed by a foreign power." Such words could only come from a very decent and very brave man. Don Cheadle is one of America's greatest talents as well as being a decent and brave man. Regarding Cuba, that makes him somewhat unique in the United States.
          This image of Don Cheadle on a street in Havana is courtesy of CNN. On January 22, 2016, CNN's Cuban bureau, headed by Patrick Oppmann, had a feature entitled: "Don Cheadle's 'House of Lies' Makes Friends in Cuba." Using Americans and Cubans as paid workers and actors, Mr. Cheadle is filming "House of Lies" in Cuba and encouraging other Hollywood power-brokers to take advantage of President Obama's "overdue friendly overtures" to Cuba and "start bringing these worthy neighbors in from the chilly cold."
           This Cuban T-shirt salutes the decent wages being paid by Don Cheadle to film "House of Lies" on the island. On January 22nd both CNN and CBS told Americans about the camaraderie among Cubans and Americans working on the project. This T-shirts reads: "Island Film Cuba and House of Lies 2016."
         This iStock photo backs up Don Cheadle's reminder that Cuba is a great place to shoot movies, especially if you want an eager workforce and, perhaps, scenes depicting the 1950s. In Cuba, it's not hard to find a plethora of fine-tuned 1950s American cars or to find Cubans very friendly to Americans.
         But the main thing that Don Cheadle is trying to convey this week is the Truth about Cuba, and WHO DOESN'T LOVE THE TRUTH. Well, according to Don, the last two generations of Americans -- since the 1950s -- have accepted lies about U.S.-Cuban relations, lies that have hurt the worldwide image of the U. S. just as much as they have hurt millions of innocent Cubans. Thanks to the Miami-Batistiano control of the U. S. Congress regarding Cuba, the Cuban laws and narratives in the U. S. have included such things as...denying everyday Americans the freedom to travel to one place on this planet -- Cuba. That, of course, has allowed self-serving misinformation about Cuba that wouldn't be possible if Americans could visit the island and make their own judgments. Thanks to a decent and brave U. S. president, Mr. Obama, more Americans are being allowed to visit Cuba although Batistiano-dictated Congressional laws are still quite restrictive in continuing defiance of the freedoms Americans otherwise enjoy. Don Cheadle's film crew in Cuba is trying to project the Truth about U.S.-Cuban relations. Americans deserve the Truth about Cuba.
CNN's Patrick Oppmann actually tells the truth about Cuba.
How about that!!!!!

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