Monday, July 8, 2013

Jamaica Provides Unbiased News Regarding Cuba

The Ongoing Edward Snowden Saga Is An Example
      This Reuters/Alexander Natruskin photo shows Anna Chapman -- Russia's all-time most beautiful U. S. spy -- at a news conference confirming her proposal of marriage to Edward Snowden, currently America's most famed fugitive. After releasing tons of embarrassing U. S. National Security Administration material, Snowden is currently holed up at a Russian airport trying to secure a flight to Venezuela that U. S. jets will not force down. At the above news conference Anna backed up her Tweet to Snowden: "Snowden, will you marry me?" And she admitted she indeed had tweeted this tease to the NSA: "NSA, will you take care of our children?" Anna, now 31, was booted out of the United States in 2010 as a renowned Russian spy.
Shown above in Switzerland, Anna Chapman adds spice to the ongoing Snowden saga.
     If you seek up-to-date, unbiased news related to Cuba and/or the Caribbean, the Jamaica Observer newspaper or is probably your best bet in a era when good news is hard to find.
The best Jamaican newscast is "Jamaica Now" anchored by Heather Cummings.

Heather, perhaps the best news-anchor in North America, is also an international music sensation.
Jamaica, you see, famously sprinkles a little spice over its hard news, such as the Snowden Saga.
       This is the Moscow-to-Havana flight that many thought was taking Edward Snowden to the island two weeks ago and may actually be doing that this week. Rely on Jamaica for the best ongoing coverage.
       Since the London Guardian broke the story of Snowden's leaks of secretive U. S. government documents, the 30-year-old American has been Fugitive #1 on America's list. Now Russia is increasingly uneasy about his sanctuary in a Moscow airport. The Jamaican news coverage of the Snowden saga has been the best and, as usual, the sexiest. It's important this week if Snowden does fly to Havana, at least as a transit point. Jamaican media focuses on such highlights but also stresses the spicy aspects.
       For example, Alexei Pushkov, who heads the international affairs committee in the Russian parliament and generally is the first to speak knowingly of Prime Minister Putin's wishes, advises Snowden to accept Venezuela's offer of asylum and do it "pronto." But to the delight of the amused Jamaican media, Pushkov strongly suggested that Snowden "stay and marry Anna Chapman. Pairing them together, in a movie, would be great cinema!" Pairing them together in real life, of course, would enhance the movie.
      Anna Chapman is the splendiferously red-headed Russia spy deported from the U. S. three years ago. Monday's USA Today said that the feisty, flirtatious Anna "proposed to Snowden on Twitter last week." 
     Anna Chapman was such a knock-out that she appeared nude on the covers of Playboy and Maxim. Pushkov says: "Anna is now 31-years-old and as breathtakingly beautiful as ever and she probably knows more about secretive U. S. documents than Snowden will ever know. They could get together, compare notes, and then Hollywood could make a movie. That girl who shoots the bow-and-arrow could play Anna!"
      Pushkov obviously was impressed with Jennifer Lawrence in "The Hunger Games" and so were the Academy Award voters who made her the youngest-ever "Best Actress" winner. And the powerful Russian is obviously still a fan of the Russian spy Anna Chapman, accounting for a Jennifer-Anna synergy/fetish. 
Come to think of it, Jennifer Lawrence, now 22, does look a lot like Anna Chapman.
So, if Pushkov matches Chapman with Snowden, Jennifer indeed could play Anna.
Alexei Pushkov probably realizes that Jennifer Lawrence {above}, like Anna, is a natural red-head.
         Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Monday his government had received an asylum application from Snowden and it was now up to him if he wanted to fly to Caracas. There are five Moscow-to-Cuba flights each week but none to Venezuela and the flights to Cuba normally pass over U. S. land.
      Cuban President Raul Castro, shown above conferring with heir apparent Miguel Diaz-Canel, yesterday strongly supported his ally Maduro's decision but refused to clarify whether or not Cuba would assist Snowden's transit via Cuba to Venezuela. Diaz-Canel advised Raul not to worsen relations with the U. S. 
       Meanwhile, Mr. Snowden has many admirers around the world...and not just the renowned Russian spy Anna Chapman. The photo above was taken in front of Berlin's famed Brandenberg Gate as Germans marched in a pro-Snowden demonstration. But now it's up to Snowden to respond to Venezuela's invitation...AS WELL AS ANNA'S! Presumably his priority is Venezuela at the moment, but that's just a guess.
The AP's Franklin Reyes today took this photo of tourists admiring an old car in Havana.

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