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USA's Cuban Dictators

Unchecked, Unconscionable!!
{Wednesday, June 12th, 2019}
     Norwegian Cruise Lines, headquartered in Miami, controls 8.7% of the worldwide cruise market. The Norwegian Sky and the Norwegian Sun were its two ships thriving on cruises to Cuba from Miami. But last week the Trump administration, which allows Cuba-exile extremists in Miami to dictate its Cuban policies, stopped all such cruises to Cuba in an urgent USA effort to strangle the Cuban economy and starve Cubans on the island to please well-heeled Cuban-exiles in Miami and in the U. S. Congress. Thus Norwegian this week -- June 10, 2019 -- announced that its two Cuban cruise ships -- the Sky and the Sun -- will now be diverted to the Bahamas with new introductory prices of $169 for 3-to-5-day cruises.
       Carnival Cruise Line had a very popular Miami-to-Cuba sailing but it is being sued by Miami-exiles who claim their ancestors in Cuba owned Cuban ports prior to 1959 when the Cuban Revolution chased the leaders of the Batista-Mafia dictatorship to Miami. The Trump administration, totally controlled by extremists Miami-exiles, has opened up such lawsuits in U. S. courtrooms to highlight the two prime goals of Counter Revolutionary Miami-exiles -- which is FIRST to get rich and SECOND to starve the Cubans on the island.
    This week -- July 10th, 2019 -- The Virginian-Pilot newspaper in Norfolk, Virginia, used the above photo to explain how its huge world-renowned port is being harmed by the Miami extremists wiping out its popular cruises to Cuba. The article, written by Gordon Rago, said the Norfolk-to-Cuba sailings by the Carnival Sunrise had been extremely popular and that, of course, was why the Miami exiles stopped them. Gordon Rago wrote: "257,500 Americans, not counting those of Cuban origin, had visited Cuba from January through March. Over half -- 55% -- arrived by cruise ships." That article in Virginia's largest newspaper merely confirmed what already was evident -- the handful of Cuban extremists in the U. S. are totally willing to punish EVERYONE ELSE in order to dictate their self-serving starvation tactics against Cubans on the island.
     Just as The Virginian-Pilot pointed out on June 10-2019, starving Cubans on the island and enriching a handful of extremist Cubans in Miami and in the U. S. Congress is par-for-the-course whenever a Republican is in the White House, but never prior to Trump have the Counter Revolutionary extremists had 100% dictatorial control of America's Cuban policies. That abominable anti-Democracy situation not only punishes the vast majority of Americans and Cuban-Americans, but that majority also seems helpless in its efforts to correct the attempted genocide...and this past weekend a decent long-time U. S. Senator expressed the shame that a mere handful of Cuban-exiles can exert within the bowels of what once was the world's strongest and most respected Democracy. Such honors are now reserved for the Baltic and European democracies.
     At age 79 Vermont's Patrick Leahy fervently continues his decades-old fight in the United States Senate to bring sanity and decency to America's Cuban policies. This past weekend, on June 8-2019, Senator Leahy penned a scathing Op-Ed in the Miami Herald. The article is entitled: "AMERICANS AND CUBANS DESERVE BETTER." He called the Little Havana section of Miami dictating genocidal Cuban policies within the Trump administration both "dumb" and "embarrassing" for both the United States and Democracy. Senator Leahy said, "I would urge all Senators to not let the same old, worn out, Cold War, isolationist, fear mongering, failed arguments about Cuba stand in the way of common sense." Senator Leahy's top aide and longtime Foreign Policy adviser, Tim Rieser, not only backed up Mr. Leahy's words but confirmed that his "dumb" and "embarrassment" diatribes were aimed directly at Little Havana's embarrassing contribution to the U. S. Senate -- Marco Rubio. Tim Rieser said on behalf of Senator Leahy, "Trying to have an intelligent conversation about Cuba with the likes of Rubio is fruitless -- a complete waste of time."
       Every decent politician and journalist in Washington is well aware that President Trump's unholy anointment of "Little Marco" Rubio as America's Cuban dictator is, as Senator Leahy said, "dumb" and an "embarrassment." It is also known that Rubio is anxious to commit starvation-type genocide on totally innocent Cubans on the island while Trump is willing to condone it because he believes, in exchange for the genocide, that Rubio and Little Havana will deliver Florida's huge bundle of 29 electoral votes for Trump's 2020 RE-election.
      The lightweight Marco Rubio is lavishly supported by tons of right-wing dollars as well as a lavish publicity organization, and for the most part he gets a free ride even from the powerful left-wing media that is obsessed with impeaching Rubio's prime Cuban benefactor, President Trump. But, I believe, any "CLOSER LOOK" at Rubio's rise in Little Havana's Cuba-obsessed political swamp will reveal that Little Marco is "Head and shoulders above everyone else in Washington when it comes to corruption and chicanery." And, yes, America...this is the same Senator Rubio currently directing the USA's all-time most flagrant genocidal schemes against innocent Cuban women and children.
       Arguably the most respected investigative journalist in Washington, Ken Silverstein, began his long and minutely detailed bio of Little Marco Rubio with that definitive sentence: "Rubio is head and shoulders above everyone else in Washington when it comes to corruption and chicanery."
     Although the mainstream U. S. media is too afraid of Little Havana to inform Americans, there is a plethora of decent, democracy-loving Americans who are devoting their lives to bringing sanity and decency to America's Cuban policies. One of them is James Williams and his Engage Cuba Coalition. Mr. Williams, of course, is outraged over a lightweight like Rubio being allowed to dictate genocidal USA-backed tactics against innocent Cubans "to the undeniable detriment of most Americans and most Cuban-Americans." On his Twitter page, Mr. Williams wrote: "The Cuban people want better lives, and they don't need us to make their lives more difficult any more than the American people need to be told where they can and can't travel." A frequent visitor to Cuba, James Williams on Engage Cuba and YouTube posted the video below showing young Cuban entrepreneurs who flourished under the decent U. S. President Obama's policies, expressing in their own words how they are suffering under the Trump-Rubio genocidal policies"
Tap the video above to hear from young Rubio-targeted Cubans.

     On the pages of Rubio's hometown newspaper, the Miami Herald, four young Cuban female entrepreneurs penned a scathing article in which they made it plain that the lightweight Rubio is responsible for trying to starve their children. As you can see above, Niuris Higueras and Yamina Vicenta as well as Julia de la Rosa and Marla Recio BEGGED RUBIO TO MEET WITH THEM and at least hear their side of the equation. Of course, although they took their pleas to Washington, Rubio didn't have the decency to meet with them. And, yes, America...this is the Rubio currently being allowed to use the might of the U. S. government to try to starve, deprive, and make miserable the lives of Cuban mothers on their own island.

       This photo was taken in Havana yesterday -- June 9th, 2019. It shows Cuban children gathered together for a closely supervised fun occasion. In addition to the starvation-like tactics being engineered by Rubio, the mothers of these children are beside themselves about Rubio's claims that he is more concerned about these Cuban children than these Cuban mothers are. I happen to know the mother and the maternal grandparents of the 5-year-old girl in the pink dress in this photo. They are decent, wonderful people. As a democracy-loving American, I regret that I can't say the same about Rubio or anyone who supports his Cuban schemes.

     For the first time since 1962 the decent President Obama bravely arranged for such things as allowing cruise ships to dock in Cuba to benefit Cubans, Americans, and Cuban-Americans. Cubans like the driver-owner of this vintage 1950's American convertible began to make good incomes driving tourists around the island...and paladars {home restaurants} thrived as did home Bed & Breakfast operations. But greedy and revengeful miscreats, hiding behind the skirts of the U. S. government, now dictate that this decent, hard-working Cuban man can't make a living to support his family.

      Cubans on the island are considered the friendliest people in the world to American tourists. This year of 2019 the Madrid Tourism Board designated Cuba "THE SAFEST PLACE IN THE WORLD FOR TOURISTS," which is interesting considering how unsafe it appears for tourists these days in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, etc. Yet, the one nation the USA's lightweight Cuban dictator Rubio restricts Americans from visiting is a nation he himself has never visited but it is also a nation that Rubio feasts on to enhance his economic and political nests.
     Every U.S.-related cruise line, including the two that use Miami as their home port, want to be free to sail to Cuba. Every port from New Orleans to Florida and on up the east coast wants the freedom to sail to Cuba. Every Farm Bureau in the United States wants the freedom to sell food and other supplies to Cuba,  as opposed to participating in trying to starve totally innocent Cubans like the young girl above wrapped in an American flag as she welcomed an American cruise ship. Of course, in addition to starving innocent Cubans, Rubio doesn't want Americans to visit the island because if they were allowed to do so freely then people like Rubio wouldn't be so able to lie about Cubans on the island or about U.S.-Cuban relations. In other words, dictating Cuban laws and the Cuban narrative in the United States should be left up to decent people like the aforementioned Senator Leahy and James Williams, not the likes of Marco Rubio. The United States Democracy deserves that, and so does the Cuban girl standing on the famed Malecon seawall wrapped in the U. S. flag as she welcomed the U. S. ship into Havana Harbor.
       The fine-tuned, vintage 1950's American convertibles shown above were waiting as privately owned taxis for a U. S. cruise ship to dock. The tourists could have taken a scenic and educational ride or have been driven to one of the paladar-restaurants or Bed & Breakfast operations that flourished in private homes thanks to Obama. But now such livelihoods are  suffering because of the starvation tactics the Trump administration is allowing Little Marco to orchestrate. And even prior to Trump & Rubio, the USA's Cuban policies had shamed both America and Democracy.

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