Monday, May 14, 2018

Florida Thugs Attack A Great Lady

U. S. Cuban Insanity Firmly Embedded
Deeply Within America's Fabric!!
{Wednesday, May 16th, 2018}
    Americans who care about America, I believe, should know Alicia Adams. She is an extremely decent, patriotic, and democracy-loving American. She happens to believe that, for the past six decades and perhaps for another six decades, a mere handful of thuggish, self-serving miscreants from Miami and in the U. S. Congress should not, in the name of the United States, be allowed to harm millions of totally innocent and decent people in a smaller, weaker nation. And for those reasons, in May of 2018, Alicia Adams is being rudely and unconscionably assaulted by the Governor of Florida and extremists Counter Revolutionary politicians from Miami. Meanwhile, of course, neither the gutless mainstream U. S. media nor many cowardly U. S. citizens give a damn. Permit me to explain why Alicia Adams is the latest democracy-loving American to be victimized by revengeful, self-serving thugs feathering their own economic and political nests on the backs of innocent people in a much smaller and weaker nation...and Cuban-Americans on the United States side of the Florida Straits.
     As the curator at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D. C., Alicia Adams oversees that august body's international endeavors in supporting the arts and cultures of other nations. She meticulously created the Kennedy Center's current recognition of much-maligned, very talented, and totally innocent Cuban and Cuban-American artists -- over 400 of them who are performing at the Kennedy Center for two weeks -- from May 8th till May 20th. That simple gesture of sanity and decency by Alicia Adams is taking place now at the Artes de Cuba Festival. She said, "This is cultural deplomacy. Arts are the best tool we have to bring people together. Cuba punches way above its weight in the artists it has created and given to the world." But those words and her Artes de Cuba Festival now underway at the Kennedy Center has resulted in this great lady being gutlessly assaulted by Florida's Governor Rick Scott and the usual Cuban-American suspects entrenched in the United States Congress.
    As if he had nothing better to do as the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott has unmercifully assailed Alicia Adams for treating totally decent and innocent Cubans on the island and Cuban-Americans in Florida with decency and respect. But such insanity can get you elected Governor of Florida and get you enshrined in the U. S. Congress from Florida. Knowing all that, Scott and the usual suspects that make up the Counter Revolutionary Cuban-American contingent in Congress fired off blistering letters to the Kennedy Center and to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo crudely, bitterly, ignorantly, and typically denouncing Alicia Adams because she happens to be a decent, democracy-loving American who had the audacity to make a sane and decent gesture toward innocent stark contrast to, say, a terrorist bomb that sent the civilian CUBANA FLIGHT 455 into the ocean killing all 73 on board or the car bomb that silenced Miami's top Cuban-American journalist EMILIO MILIAN for having the temerity to criticize such things.
   The photo above reflects how extremist Counter Revolutionary Cubans and their sycophants like Florida's Governor Rick Scott are in High Heaven whenever a Republican controls the White House. Scott is the bald-headed...and clapping over President Trump's right shoulder when Trump visited the Manuel Artime Theater {named for a leader of the Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba in 1961} in Miami's Little Havana section to sign vicious and cowardly anti-Cuban executive orders. At Scott's right shoulder is U. S. Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart from Miami; Mario's father was Rafael Diaz-Balart, a key Minister in the Batista dictatorship and then, after the overthrow of that vile regime, one of the richest and most vehement Counter Revolutionary figures in the history of Miami. At Scott's left shoulder is U. S. Congressman Marco Rubio from Miami, Trump's choice as America's new Cuban dictator ala Batista-Luciano. The lady in front of Rubio and looking down over Trump's left shoulder is Martha Beatriz Roque who was born 72-years-ago in Havana and has for decades been a fierce Counter Revolutionary in Cuba, Miami, and Washington.
     Extreme Cuban dissidents like Martha Beatriz Roque since 1959 have had massive influence on all six Republican presidents, the latest being Donald Trump, and...of course...on all politicians in South Florida. They not only dictate America's Cuban policies but also control the Cuban narrative in the United States...policies and narratives that stress that all Counter Revolutionaries in Miami and in Congress are saints while the majority of Americans and Cuban-Americans who disagree with Emilio Milian and Alicia Adams...are pariahs to be punished and shunned.
     The long letter above assaulting the Kennedy Center's awesomely decent Alicia Adams was crafted by Miami's gift to the U. S. Congress Mario Diaz-Balart, the son of a powerful Minister in the overthrown Batista dictatorship. Getting revenge on the Cuban Revolution -- while feathering their political and economic nests -- is par for the course for the normally unchallenged Counter Revolutionaries, and assailing decent Americans and Cuban-Americans is par for their course too. Believing they are the only ones who deserve opinions related to Cuba, Diaz-Balart and his ilk assault over 400 Cubans and Cuban-Americans performing during the current two-week Festival at the Kennedy Center...incredibly labeling them threats to America and, in the above letter, mentioning "Omaro Portuondo" in the first line of the second paragraph.
     The photo above shows Omara Portuondo as she was performing at the Kennedy Center during the current Artes de Cuba Festival. Omara is 87-years-old. She is the legendary singer for the internationally famed Buena Vista Social Club Band. IS OMARA A THREAT TO AMERICA BECAUSE SHE PERFORMED AT THE KENNEDY CENTER IN WASINGTON OR ARE THE COUNTER REVOLUTIONARY EXTREMISTS WHO HATE OMARA BECAUSE SHE HASN'T DEFECTED TO MIAMI THE BIGGEST THREATS TO AMERICA?? For the record, Marisa Arbono-Ruiz, the journalist at NPR, wrote these exhilarating words: "Omara Portuondo brought gasps of delight, then rapturous applause, just by walking out onto the stage at the Kennedy Center." And so again, as you study the photo above, I believe it is appropriate to ask this question: Is 87-year-old super entertainer Omara Portuondo a threat to America or are the latest iterations of Counter Revolutionaries, like Mario Diaz-Balart, and a small litany of sycophants, like Rick Scott, the greatest threats to the United States of America??
       Among the Cuban singers at the Kennedy Center's Cuban Festival that runs until May 20th is Symee Nuviola. She was born in Cuba but lives in Miami, Florida.
     Cuba's world-famed National Ballet performers are among the headliners at the Artes de Cuba Festival in Washington. In 1999 the Kennedy Center's Alicia Adams traveled to Cuba at the behest of the Smithsonian Institute and there she met Cuba's Alicia Alonso, the world's most famed ballet teacher now in her 90s but thrilled about the two-week Kennedy Center Festival that will feature Ms. Alonso's students.
      Cuba's heralded and talented Havana Lyceum Orchestra felt "honored and blessed" to be invited to the Kennedy Center in Washington by Alicia Adams.
      The Tiempre Libre band from Miami was also pleased to be invited to the Kennedy Center's extravagant tribute that blends talented Cuban artists with Cuban culture. 
               Diaz-Balart, Rubio, and Ros-Lehtinen -- in the U. S. Congress from Miami -- believe they should be able to dictate America's Cuban policies and America's Cuban narratives. In the state of Florida and in the overall United States since 1959 -- especially during the Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Bush #1, Bush #2, and Trump Republican administrations -- they have assumed, and I believe abused, that power as extensions from the Batista-Mafia dictatorship that fled the Cuban Revolution for U. S. soil beginning in the wee hours of January 1, 1959. Their vicious and self-serving Cuban distates are opposed by most of the two million-plus Cuban Americans in South Florida and, for sure, by the entire world as illustrated by the 191-to-0 condemnation in the United Nations during the decent Democratic Obama presidency. The U. S. democracy in 1952 sicced the Mafia and the U.S.-backed Batista dictatorship on Cuba, and since 1959 has embraced the overthrown Mafiosi-Batistiano remnants of that regime. In the last six decades many decent Cuban-Americans, like Emilio Milian, and many decent Americans, like Alicia Adams, have been routinely and ungodly punished merely for having very decent but contrary views regarding the Cuban conundrum. But as indicated by the unanimity of the UN condemnation, the U. S. democracy has suffered even more.
     Propagandized and intimidated Americans are not supposed to care that another great American, Alicia Adams at the Kennedy Center in Washington, is being assailed by the latest iteration of a handful of Cuban extremists and their sycophants who dictate America's Cuban policies and narratives. It's been that way for six decades now and it seems that America no longer has a democracy capable of dealing with it. In other words, the Batistiano cancer on U. S. soil has been allowed to spread.
     The U. S. democracy currently led by Bolton, Trump, and Pompeo is the latest Republican example of a democracy that caters to the top Batistiano extremists.
And by the way:
      One of the major headlines in the Washington Post today -- Monday, May 14th, 2018 -- screams: "TRUMP PLEDGES TO HELP CHINESE PHONEMAKER ZTE 'GET BACK INTO BUSINESS.'" Communist China is the biggest threat to America economically and militarily thanks to decades of sweet Chinese trade advantages with the United States, the same United States that has tried mightily to, as documented by declassified U. S. documents, to starve, deprive, and make miserable totally innocent Cubans on the nearby island. Of course, America's sharp dichotomy as related to harmless Cuba and dangerous China is two-fold: {1} The U. S. is mightily afraid of superpower China and has no reason at all to be scared of little Cuba; and {2} unlike the Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba, no Chinese dictatorship has ever been overthrown and then reconstituted itself on U. S. soil. China, of course, was also the reason the U. S. didn't win the bloody Korean War way back in the early 1950s and Vietnam is now united as one COMMUNIST nation that is a top trade partner of the U. S. after beating the U. S. and its South Vietnam allies in the bloody Vietnam War.
     As a Big Boy that no international bully wants to mess with, China's economy is on a path to overtake America's and the ultra-modern Chinese jet above is one reason China's exploding nuclear-powered military is not afraid to intimidate the U. S. and its allies concerning disputed islands in the China Sea and elsewhere around the globe.
Ultra-modern Chinese bomber & fighter jet.
       China, meanwhile, is spending billions of its excess dollars gaining influence on the African continent but also in Latin America and the Caribbean, with Cuba being the biggest and most influential island in the Caribbean. The United States has a naval base that Cuba abhors at Guantanama Bay, Cuba; China's rapidly expanding naval prowess would love to have both a Caribbean and a Latin American port and it believes it now has the economic and military might to make that happen soon.
     With Trump "tightening the screws on Cuba that Obama had loosened," Cuba's brand-new President Miguel Diaz-Canel is concentrating on building closer ties to China's President Zi while also revamping Cuba's struggling, U.S.-embargoed economy to replicate Vietnam's. Diaz-Canel is less inclined than his predecessor Raul Castro was when it comes to trying to normalize USA relations. The week before he officially took over as Cuba's leader on April 19th, Diaz-Canel said, "Wasting time dealing with the U. S. can better be spent dealing with available friendly nations."  


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