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Fidel's Tragic Love Story

Was With A U. S. Journalist!!
{Sunday, May 6th, 2018
     Anyone...and I do mean ANYONE...who has seriously studied U.S.-Cuban relations since the 1950s is well aware that Americans have been fed a continuous passel of lies -- from the U. S. government, from vicious Batistianos who fled the Cuban Revolution, and from an intimidated U. S. media. In fact, if Americans are unfamiliar with America's greatest investigative journalist, Peter Kornbluh, it is safe to assume they know practically nothing truthful about U.S.-Cuban relations since the 1950s. Kornbluh, among his exhaustive research, has unveiled troves of de-classified U. S. documents that reveal vitally important and extremely fascinating U.S.-Cuban facts. One of them -- Fidel Castro's massive love affair with powerful U. S. journalist Lisa Howard -- is illustrated above. Note on the lower-left that Kornbluh's revelations are buttressed by de-classified U. S. documents. The graphic above, newly spotlighted by Politico Magazine, illustrated a massive NEW essay that details the Fidel-Lisa love affair that "reshaped the Cold War" and, as many believe, factored into President Kennedy's assassination on Feb. 22-1963 and quite possibly led to Lisa's death at age 39 on July 4th, 1965. Incredible history.
     Thus, Peter Kornbluh's new documentation is an absolute must read and is entitled: "MY DEAREST FIDEL: AN ABC JOURNALIST'S SECRET LIAISON WITH FIDEL CASTRO -- The Untold Story of How Lisa Howard's Intimate Diplomacy With Cuba's Revolutionary Leader Changed the Course of the Cold War." In addition to being a great journalist-historian with impeccable credentials, Peter Kornbluh is a national treasure in the United States at the U. S. National Security Archive in Washington.
When he speaks, other historians listen.
    As an investigative journalist, author, and Cuban expert, Peter Kornbluh is nonpareil. Here is his very first paragraph about the Fidel-Lisa love affair:
                "Lisa Howard had been waiting for more than two hours in a suite at the Hotel Riviera, enough time to bathe, dress and apply makeup, then take it all off to get ready for bed when she thought he wasn't coming. But at 11:30 P. M. on that night in Havana -- February 2, 1964 -- Howard, an American correspondent with ABC News, finally heard a knock at the door. She opened it and saw the man she had been waiting for: Fidel Castro, the 37-year-old leader of the Cuban Revolution and one of America's leading Cold War antagonists."
     Titillatingly beautiful, Lisa Howard had been a successful movie and TV actress but had dreamed of being a journalist. She quit acting and started with the top radio network, Mutual Broadcasting, and quickly proved her mettle. She was hired by ABC News, then one of three television networks. She quickly zoomed to the forefront of television news in the U. S., but that ascendance coincided with learning some facts about U. S. relations with Cuba. She believed that right-wing Mafia extremists ousted from the Batista dictatorship were allied with right-wing politicians in creating criminal atrocities in trying to recapture Cuba. And that's how, as a high-profile U. S. television journalist, she got to know famous men...and to deeply love one of them, Fidel Castro.
     The photos above, used in Peter Kornbluh's superb newly updated depiction of a truly historical love affair, capture intimate dining moments shared by Lisa Howard and the man who had become the love of her life, Fidel Castro. Kornbluh unearthed and declassified sweet, haunting words Lisa wrote to Fidel, such as: "But I shall treasure will all my heart for as long as I live my trip to Cuba in April of 1963 and my meeting with you, my dearest Fidel. No matter...our personal desires are not important. We met and came together and, I know, felt something for one another that could not go further. Nothing personal could be realized. I am who I am and you are Fidel Castro and for us, at this moment in history...our personal desires are not important."
        The legendary Fidel Castro did not accept Lisa Howard's realistic explanation about why they could not continue as lovers. The three photos above -- taken by Elliot Erwitt and owned by Magnum, show in the lower-left Fidel pleading with Lisa but the other two photos show why Lisa felt she could not own Fidel...because she knew everyone else did. In his splendid portrait of this love affair, Peter Kornbluh declassified one of Fidel's pleadings to Lisa: "You don't understand me. You just want to do what you want to do. Why can't you treat me like a man?" Again, after that plea Lisa had to remind Fidel that he was not just a man but he had become a legend too...a legend that led an historic revolution but now had to SOMEHOW defend it.
       The photo on the lower-left above shows Fidel & Lisa briefly believing they were relatively alone. The photo on the lower-right shows the crowd after recognizing Fidel squeezing Lisa, shown in the lower-right, away from him as Fidel rubs his beard and capitulates. The top photo showed Lisa that being in the backseat of a chauffeured car with Fidel also offered very little privacy. Lisa loved the man, but not the legend.
     Peter Kornbluh for decades has uncovered or declassified a massive trove of documents -- typed and handwritten -- that reveal the torrid Lisa Howard-Fidel Castro love affair. But beyond that, it's historical significance takes precedence. On Jan. 20th, 1960 President John Kennedy inherited massive U. S. plans from the Eisenhower administration to recapture Cuba. Those plans included all-out schemes to murder Fidel Castro, the April-1961 Bay of Pigs military attack, and even a unanimous 7-0 opinion from the Lyman Lemnitzer-led Joint Chief of Staff to conduct murderous attacks on innocent Americans so they could be blamed on Cuba and then used as pretext for a massive attack on the island. But while all that was enveloping the Kennedy White House, Lisa Howard, while a high-profile journalist, worked massively to normalize relations between the U. S. and Cuba, and President Kennedy used her for that purpose. While informing both Kennedy and Castro, Peter Kornbluh's updated masterpiece quotes Lisa as telling Fidel, "The U. S. might attack you." Yet, THANKS TO LISA HOWARD, in the first two weeks of Nov.-1963 President Kennedy told his staff that, upon his return from Texas, his next priority would be to normalize relations with Cuba. But that decision was not a secret to Kennedy's enemies. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas on Nov. 22-1963 and his return from Texas was in a casket.
        After the murder of President Kennedy in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, the new U. S. President, Lyndon Johnson -- among many other historically controversial things related to the much-younger John Kennedy blocking his ambitions to be President -- descended on Lisa Howard. President Johnson used his power to persuade ABC News to fire Lisa. It was an appeasement to the radical Cuban exiles and Mafiosi who had targeted Kennedy since blaming him for the defeat at the Bay of Pigs in April of 1961. But even after losing her treasured job at ABC News thanks to President Johnson, Lisa Howard continued to bravely work to normalize relations with Cuba. She was still doing that when she mysteriously died at age 39 on July 4, 1965.
      Since 1952, the year the United States government sicced the Mafia on Cuba to support the brutal and thieving U.S.-Batista dictatorship in Cuba...and especially since 1959 when the Cuban Revolution overthrew the Batista dictatorship, chasing its leaders to U. S. soil...Americans have mostly gotten false narratives about Cuba from the U. S. government and from the usually unchallenged Batistiano-Mafiosi exiles in Miami & in the U. S. Congress. In May of 2018 -- the first full month in six decades that Cuba has had a non-Castro leader, and one who was born AFTER the triumph of the Revolution -- PERHAPS IT IS FINALLY TIME THAT AMERICANS WERE TOLD THE TRUTH ABOUT U.S.-CUBAN RELATIONS. That truth starts, not with the Batistiano-aligned U. S. government and not with the sycophantic mainstream U. S. media, but with America's greatest investigative journalist, Peter Kornbluh. His fascinating and historic update in May of 2018 of Fidel Castro's torrid love for Lisa Howard, and hers for him, is an example of great journalisn that Americans have a right to know. And yes, the intrigue includes the murder of a U. S. president and the possible murder of the American movie star-journalist who passionately loved both him and Cuba.
       When Lisa Howard fell in love with Fidel Castro, she was the most beautiful and the most well-known female journalist in the United States...and one of the very best.
Fidel and Lisa.
Fidel and Lisa.
   Lisa and Fidel.
      While Fidel Castro died of natural causes at age 90 in Havana on November 25th, 2016, Lisa Howard died under very mysterious circumstances at age 39 in New York City on July 4th, 1965. Not surprisingly, in his terrific May-2018 update on Lisa's love affair with Fidel Castro, the great journalist Peter Kornbluh bravely said, "The FBI would launch a bizarre inquiry" into her death.
      This photo shows the body of Lisa Howard. Peter Kornbluh: "The FBI would launch a bizarre inquiry." As posted on its letterhead, the theme of Cubaninsider has always been the same: The Cuban Revolution says a lot more about the United States than it says about Cuba. The life...and the death...of Lisa Howard is just one example. "The FBI would launch a bizarre inquiry." 



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