Monday, March 27, 2017

How Cuba Defines America

Regionally and Globally!!
      As its logo states, World Net was the "digital Pioneer in Independent online news" and after twenty years it remains one of the most popular news sources in the world. One of its current articles, in my opinion, explains why the Caribbean island of Cuba says more about the superpower United States than it says about Cuba. In fact, Cuba says more about the United States than any other country in the world -- including its best friend, Mother Country England,  and including mighty nations America has fought wars against in the past century, such as China, Japan, and Vietnam. And even including the colossal nation, the Soviet Union-Russia, that ended up as America's much-needed ally to defeat the Germany-Japan-Italy axis in World War II. If you disagree with this conclusion, then I ask you to explain the current 191-to-0 condemnation in the United Nations of America's Cuban policy. In explaining your disagreement, you need to name at least one other topic in this entire world that could possibly get a unanimous opinion.
          So why in the world does little Cuba say more about the United States than it says about Cuba and why does Cuba say more about the United States than any other nation in the world says about it?
      The Chairman of the Washington-based Religious Freedom Coalition, William J. Murray, is the author of seven best-selling books, none of which I've ever read. But I did read his insightful new article on The article is entitled: "FIDEL'S LEGACY: ON CUBA, SANCTIONS AND REALLY SMART TOUR GUIDES. Here is the first paragraph of that article:
                  "Almost every adult in Cuba has a college education, provided at no cost. The result of this level of education for all became evident to me when my wife and I recently took an evening tour of Havana. Our tour guide, Susanna, was a lawyer fluent in Spanish, German and English. Her income as a less than $25 a month. As a tour guide she may receive twice that in tips in one day."
           In that first paragraph Mr. Murray tells basic facts that Americans are not supposed to know because, for going on six decades, Americans have gotten their Cuban information almost exclusively from two generations of Batistiano-Mafiosi factions that Fidel Castro's Cuban Revolution booted off the island on January 1, 1959 -- kicking most of the fleeing leaders to their new haven of Little Havana in Miami, Florida. From there, after hooking up with the Bush dynasty and stretching their tentacles to the U. S. Congress, the Batistiano-Mafiosi leaders have had no problem controlling both U. S. laws and the U. S. narrative regarding Cuba. The right-wing thugs in the 1950s Eisenhower administration that sicced the Mafia and America's greediest businessmen on Cuba in 1952 were still around to support the Batistiano-Mafiosi exiles on U. S. soil beginning in 1959. Also, as far back as the 1950s...not just the 1980s as many believe...the Bush dynasty's unholy alliances with the Batistiano-Mafiosi exiles have shamed America and democracy in manners nothing else in America's proud history has ever shamed it. That latter fact is evident from the current 191-to-0 denunciation of America's Cuban policy in the UN and confirmed by William J. Murray's aforementioned article.
            And speaking of Mr. Murray, his article has other interesting tidbits, such as: "Cuba has their version of Obamacare in Spades..." And he audaciously predicted that the United States embrace of Cuba "will never happen" like the warm U. S. economic embraces of China and Vietnam have happened. That astute observation is, of course, based on the fact that neither Communist China nor Communist Vietnam ever overthrew a brutal, thieving U.S.-backed dictatorship that fled to U. S. soil where it was instantly and strongly embraced just as it had been on Cuban soil. Therefore, with tons of ill-gotten Cuban loot, those exiles easily overpowered South Florida citizens, South Florida politics and the South Florida media.
       The reason William J. Murray and his wife this month got to visit Cuba and judge it for themselves also relates to the basic fact that little Cuba says more about superpower America than it says about Cuba. Mr. Murray got to visit Cuba only because he is a renowned author-journalist. For decades, everyday Americans have been the only people in the world without the freedom to visit Cuba. That unique lack of freedom, of course, is dictated by the Batistiano-Mafiosi dictate of America's Cuban policy, a policy that dictates a Batistiano-crafted Cuban narrative as opposed to Americans being permitted to judge it for themselves. Such dictations also helped dictate that current 191-to-0 United Nations condemnation of America's Cuban policy. But, amazingly, for over half-a-century, pusillanimous and unpatriotic Americans have meekly accepted such dictations without a whimper, unlike prior Americans would have reacted.
        One of William J. Murray's seven best-selling books is entitled "MY LIFE WITHOUT GOD." He was, you see, reared an atheist before becoming very religious and founding the Religious Freedom Coalition.
               Madalyn Murray O'Hair was William J. Murray's mother. Until she was assassinated in San Antonio on September 29, 1995, Miss O'Hair was America's most famous atheist. Other than those basic facts, I am unfamiliar with Mr. Murray and his mother. But Mr. Murray's visit and his up-close views of Cuba serve as reminders that in a non-Batistiano defined democratic nation, all Americans, like all other people in the world, deserve the freedom, should they so desire, to visit the nearby sovereign, independent nation of Cuba that was neither sovereign nor independent when the Batistianos so brutally ruled it. And based on that history, it apparently wouldn't be sovereign or independent if and when they recapture it as they fiercely try to dictate America's Cuban policy and America's Cuban narrative to serve their own dictates.
        In the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, at least the truth about U.S.-Cuban history should be permitted, even if that history includes the U.S. support of the Batista-Mafia dictatorship of Cuba from 1952 till 1959, a brutal and thieving dictatorship that spawned the victorious Cuban Revolution.
     Since 1959 Revolutionary Cuba has encountered an air-land-and-sea military attack, repetitious terrorist and assassination attempts, and the longest and cruelest economic embargo ever imposed by a powerful nation against a weak nation...all to whet the revenge, economic and political appetites of a handful of Cuban-exile hardliners although most of the two million Cuban-Americans even in the Miami area oppose such gruesome undemocratic stupidity. In that milieu, the UN 191-to-0 vote condemns America's Cuban policy and great political cartoonists like Carlos LaTuff regularly mock America on behalf of the feisty little island of Cuba, as LaTuff's famed gem depicted above indicates and as it now resonates worldwide.
         Meanwhile...little sovereign, independent Cuba still dominates the Caribbean Sea even as the ubiquitous U. S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay still reminds the world of America's long-standing imperialist designs on the luscious island and even as the Batistiano-ruled Miami area still defies two million moderate Cuban-Americans and only sends anti-Castro extremists to the U. S. Congress, extremists who couldn't care less about how America's Cuban policy mocks America's democracy. Thus...perhaps the U. S., which didn't bring democracy to Cuba when it had the chance from 1898 after the Spanish-American War till the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, now needs to remind Miami that it is a democracy, not a Banana Republic. Just reminding Cuba every day since 1959 that it must have only a United States-approved...meaning only a Batistiano-approved...government hasn't worked out to well, has it? At least, Carlos LaTuff's feisty little Cuban girl doesn't think so and neither do many other decent Cubans.



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