Saturday, June 4, 2016

Fanciful Cuban Facts

It's A Normal Island...
but also quite abnormal!! 
Cuba's friend Muhammad Ali has died at age 74.
Ali supported Fidel Castro's revolution.
Ali said, "I like Fidel. I like fighters, you know."
     Teofilo Stevenson was Cuba's Muhammad Ali. The unbeatable Teofilo was in his prime when Ali was in his prime. The boxing world longed for them to meet in the ring to determine who was the greatest. But Teofilo refused million-dollar offers to make it happen. Teofilo strongly supported the Cuban Revolution and said, "Ali is my revolutionary friend. I don't want to beat him."
      With the above quotation Teofilo Stevenson declared his love for Cuba and explained why he refused a million-dollar offer to fight Ali. Teofilo was born in 1952 in Puerto Padre, Cuba. He died on June 11, 2012, in Havana, Cuba.
Ali and Stephenson were close friends.
Muhammad Ali: 1942 - 2016. R. I. P.
U.S.-Cuba relations are rebooted.
    U.S.-Cuban relations are restored!!
U.S.-Cuba relations have entered a new era.
President Obama charted the new course!
Exports of U. S. goods to Cuba are exploding!!!
   Most Cuban-Americans in Miami-Dade "oppose" the embargo!
Cruise ships now sail from Miami to Cuba.
Some Americans now even get to travel to Cuba.
Lt. Gov. leads anti-Obama demonstrations in Miami.
{Miami politics lag far behind the Miami polls.}
A fierce minority in Miami want to fire Obama.
But Obama bravely applauds his overtures to Cuba.
America's new Cuban policy is even democratic!!!
Meanwhile, a peak at Cuba itself:
A Cuban home with side-by-side Cuban & U. S. flags.
Cristina Escobar, Cuba's outstanding broadcast journalist.
Cristina says, "But I'm not the best Cuban journalist."
    Cristina thinks THE ABSOLUTE BEST is Maria del Carmen.
      These are some of the about 325 Cubans stuck in Panama this first weekend in June of 2016. They so far have been unable to raise $805.00 that Panama's Copa Airlines is demanding before it flies them to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. From there, under the U. S. Wet Foot/Dry Foot law that only benefits Cuban immigrants, these Cubans would immediately attain legal U. S. residence complete with financial rewards the moment they touch U. S. soil. The Panamanian government has already arranged for about 3,800 Cubans to fly to Ciudad Juarez but Panama is one of many Latin American nations roiled by thousands of stranded Cubans rushing to touch U. S. soil amid rumors {totally unfounded} that President Obama is about to end the discriminatory Wet Foot/Dry Foot malaise that the U. S. Congress has locked in for decades and, apparently, for eternity. But it seems...uh...! I'm being told we have to pause for some...BREAKING NEWS:
         WAIT A SECOND!! We interrupt Cubaninsider for Breaking News!! The U. S. Congress has just announced that it will keep the cruel and insane embargo against Cuba even if quote "100% of the people in the entire world oppose it" end of quote. I repeat...the U. S. Congress says the Cuban embargo will never end!!
       "Apparently, the rationale of the U. S. Congress is that the embargo against Cuba greatly enhances the image of the United States and democracy all around the world, as indicated by this graphic. So, that's why it has been in place since 1962 and why Congress wants to continue to maintain it for many generations to come, or at least until Cuba is recaptured so the U.S.-friendly Mafiosi can finally regain its proper and badly needed dictatorship on the nearby piggy-bank of an island." And now we return you to your regularly scheduled Cubaninsider program.
And speaking of Cuba, it's still there in the Caribbean Sea.
See it?
A Cuba-U.S. handshake.

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