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Bolton's Cuban War

Yes, It Is Real!!
{Tuesday, April 16th, 2019}
    The most controversial and outrageous National Security Adviser in America's history, the infamous John Bolton, will be back in Little Havana/Miami this week to make his second {and final} declaration of war against Cuba. Back on Friday, April 12th, Bolton Tweeted his intention to inform "the Bay of Pigs survivors" of his Trump-approved Cuban plans on "February 17th" and that's tomorrow, Wednesday. The apparent reason Bolton, Tweeted that information was to strike fear in the hearts of 11 million totally innocent Cubans on the island. The obvious reason Bolton used the the exact phrase "the Bay of Pigs survivors" was to taunt Cubans on the island. The Bay of Pigs attack on Revolutionary Cuba took place in mid-April of 1961 and in mid-April of 2019, 6 decades later, it remains a humiliating defeat for the extremist Cuban exiles and the USA, but Bolton and other right-wing Americans to this day paint it, as well as the brutal, U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship {1952-1959} that spawned the Revolution, as a glorious monument in the pantheon of American history.
    Soon after becoming President Trump's National Security Adviser, John Bolton huddled with Brazil's new right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro to make sure he had permission and assistance from Latin America's biggest, strongest, and richest nation to execute Bolton's LONG-DESIRED regime-change on the island of Cuba.
        Like all five of the Trump administration's top war-mongering foreign policy advisers, John Bolton is a product of the Batistiano-aligned BUSH DYNASTY. President George W. Bush, above, once poked fun at the USA and Democracy, I believe, by naming John Bolton as the U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Bush well-knew that the well-known war-mongering Bolton would never get the necessary approval from the Senate for the prestigious position, but Bush just made Bolton a brief so-called "recess appointment" and, of course, withdrew it before it could come up before the Senate. Such Batistiano-taunts from the BUSH DYNASTY was/is typical but not once since the 1950s has the BUSH DYNASTY -- Prescott, George H. W., George W., Jeb, and now Jeb's son in Texas George Prescott -- been held responsible. So, from the BUSH DYNASTY all Republican presidents, including Trump, have tapped into the BUSH DYNASTY'S deep well of anti-Cuban zealots, and that includes Bolton. It is well known that Bolton tried desperately to concoct "pretexts" to persuade President George W. Bush to launch a stronger-than-Bay of Pigs attack against Cuba, which not even Bush agreed to do. But quickly, using the Venezuela crisis as a 2019 pretext, Bolton is convinced he has Trump's permission to eviscerate Revolutionary Cuba, as he apparently will assure his Little Havana pals -- "the Bay of Pigs veterans" -- in Miami tomorrow -- Wednesday, April 17, 2019. Because the topic is Cuba, both the mainstream U. S. media and the majority of Americans and Cuban-Americans will be too intimidated to take note of it or discuss it.
  The war-mongering and Trump-anointed John Bolton hasn't surprised anybody with his apparent determination to execute U.S.-friendly regime-changes in a host of nations he deems unfriendly to the U. S. -- PRIMARILY CUBA but also Venezuela, Nicaragua, and even Iran. Bolton, of course, is afraid of nuclear-powered Superboy Big Countries China and Russia, both of whom have soldiers and military muscle in Venezuela keeping President Maduro afloat at least for now while the U. S. pick as Venezuela's President waits in the wings.
    Prior to Wednesday's second cowardly trip to Miami, John Bolton's first declaration of war against Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua was made, as registered above, soon after he became Trump's enigmatic National Security Adviser. As long as Trump remains Commander-in-Chief, Bolton will have the muscle to accomplish his Caribbean and Latin American whims {or wars}...but once the tricky cat is out of the bag and the blood-letting has begun, putting the tricky cat back in the bag will likely tax the America people LONG AFTER Trump and Bolton have departed. A non-proxy war on America's back doorstep will be unlike seemingly endless proxy-wars in far-away places. {Now let's see...who was it who said that the BIGGEST threat to the U. S. was its own Military Industrial Complex that benefited from wars and the threat of wars??? Oh, I remember. It was 5-star General and two-term President Eisenhower who said that}.
     A cornered President Donald Trump and a war-mongering John Bolton makes for a duo in Washington that might leave lingering and long-standing USA hangovers in the Caribbean and Latin America that not even the Bush dynasty risked since the ill-conceived and poorly executed Bay of Pigs attack in mid-April of 1961. The Bush-Batistiano plan, since 1962 and confirmed by declassified U. S. documents, was merely {if not so sweetly} to STARVE, DEPRIVE, AND MAKE MISERABLE the lives of Cubans on the island to induce them to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary government on behalf of what Bolton euphemistically called, in his Friday Tweet, "the Bay of Pigs survivors." Of course, most of the Revolutionary fighters and most of the Bay of Pigs attackers have died of old age by now, but, you know, propaganda still lives strongly.
    Cuba's new President, former Education Minister Miguel Diaz-Canel also is a Tweeter. Using Tweets like the one above this past weekend, Diaz-Canel has informed the Cuban people that the severely new economic sanctions imposed by the Trump administration is causing shortages that include less food in supermarkets and less newspaper print, and he warned it will worsen. As for Diaz-Canel's Tweeted reaction to John Bolton's Friday Tweet, his words in the above Tweet, translated to English, are these:
            "Let us work installing beauty and the culture of detail as life practices. Overcoming the inertia of the tired. Containing enthusiasm and optimism to the committed. Understanding that the beauty of the moment is in the middle of the challenges. WE ARE CUBA."
     This photo was taken on a sunny Sunday -- April 14th, 2019 -- and, if you study it carefully -- you may detect that it is a statement from the Cuban people to the John Bolton Tweet last Friday concerning his refreshed declaration of war on Cuba that he will make in Miami tomorrow, April 17th. This photo shows influential News Anchor Rosy Amaro, who represents the rhythms and pulses of everyday Cubans on the island. She is pointing her index finger ALL THE WAY ACROSS Havana Harbor precisely down on an old fortress that protected Havana from centuries of imperial attacks from foreign nations. Spain holds the record for the Most CENTURIES of dominating Cuba with the USA in second place. After concocting the Spanish-American War in 1898, the U. S. dominated Cuba from then until the triumph of the Cuban Revolution at 3:15 A. M. on January 1, 1959. Right-wingers in Washington in 1952 made the stupid mistake of siccing the Mafia on Cuba, sharply exacerbating the brutality associated with the U. S. dominance of the island that had existed since 1898. Rosy Amaro yesterday captioned this photo with just one word: "Fortalezas." It's the Spanish word for "Strengths." She is abundantly aware that Cuba is a non-nuclear island nation and that John Bolton is supported by a nuclear-powered Supermilitary. So, she is referencing the symbolic "Strengths" of the Cuban people and their pugnacious love of independence. She believes John Bolton will win his Caribbean-Latin American War. And she believes the USA will lose the revolutions that will follow.
    Late Sunday -- April 14th, 2019 -- Rosy Amaro took this selfie surrounded by friends. Her smile was genuine and happy. As a barometer of the rhythms & pulses on the island, when Rosy Amaro is genuinely smiling, I believe the island is safe from least for the time-being. Like atrocious but "legal" U. S. Cuban-related laws in Washington {Helms-Burton, etc.} are made by Counter Revolutionary extremists, the Cuban narratives in the USA are almost entirely dictated by remnants from the long-ago Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba. Thus, Americans are taught that people like Bolton, Rubio, Ros-Lehtinen, the Diaz-Balarts, etc., know more about the rhythms & pulses of everyday life on the island than Rosy Amaro knows. And that's a blatant lie. When everyday Cubans on the island suffer, Rosy Amaro suffers right along with them.
      The photo above shows Rosy Amaro at work on Monday, April 15, 2019. John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Mauricio Claver-Carone, Otto Reich, Roger Noriega, and other newly Trump-empowered anti-Cuban Counter Revolutionaries are mouth-pieces for Marco Rubio on behalf of a mere handful of "Bay of Pigs veterans" in Miami. They control the Cuban narrative in the U. S. and Cuban laws in Congress while claiming they care for Cubans on the island MORE than Rosy Amaro does. THAT, I believe, is a bald-faced lie that harms America AS MUCH as it harms Cuba. But the "Bay of Pigs veterans" that John Bolton will honor anew two days from now -- April 17th in Little Havana -- have been for six decades...and will continue to be via subsequent generations...DEEPLY INGRAINED within the fabric of the U. S. democracy. Meanwhile, it is Cubans on the island like Rosy Amaro, NOT in Little Havana nor in the U. S. Congress, who actually CARE about Cubans on the island.
       Does U. S. Senator Marco Rubio personify a downward trend in the annals of the U. S. democracy since 1959????? Just asking, of course...but if that, by chance, is a legitimate question, why does the mainstream LEFT-WING MEDIA that is trying SO HARD to impeach Trump refuse to point out the Little Havana connection, the nexus that SOME believe MAY be the situation that gets the U. S. entangled in backyard wars or revolutions.
Trump, Rubio, Pompeo, and Bolton.
More dangerous to Cuba or to America? 

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