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USA Resembles Batista's Cuba

A LASTING Bush/Trump Legacy!!
{Thursday, March 7th, 2019}
   Since January 1, 1959, Revolutionary Cuba has somehow survived as a sovereign nation, even beyond the death at age 90 of Fidel Castro on November 25, 2016. That survival is even more astounding than the triumph of the Cuban Revolution itself because the ousted Batista-Mafia dictatorship quickly found a new capital -- Little Havana in Miami right across the Florida Straits from Havana. Thus, supported by the same right-wing thugs in Washington who had sicced the Mafia on Cuba in 1952, Batistiano-controlled Little Havana became what Batista-controlled Havana had been -- namely, a cesspool of drugs, crime, and Mafiosi-like mayhem fueled by greed. For over six decades, as the Batistiano government in Little Havana extended its reach to Washington, the USA-backed effort to recapture Cuba has been uppermost among the fervent desires of the Little Havana exiles, but secondary to the overall desire -- which is to get rich, very RICH. To their surprise, beginning in 1959 the Counter Revolutionary Cubans realized first-hand that the USA had a lot more easily available money than Batista's Cuba. But on the heels of that realization was an BIGGER SURPRISE, which was an amazing Fact -- the Batista-Mafia friends still in Washington would make the USA dollars EASY PICKINGS. And that's where we are today in March of 2019 as another generation of Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Little Havana have their best chance since 1959 of still eating their cake, the moneybut now also relishing their secondary priority -- RECAPTURING CUBA.
    Cuba now has a new President, former Education Minister Miguel Diaz-Canel. The USA has another Republican President, Donald Trump. Since the 1950s all six Republican presidents have been tightly aligned with the Batista/Batistiano extremists. But in order to grab a niche within the bowels of the U. S. democracy, the transplanted Batistianos needed to be aligned with a powerful entity that could and would share in an unholy alliance with mutually beneficial economic and political rewards. That nexus paired Little Havana with the Bush dynasty, a pairing that has everlastingly reshaped the U. S. democracy...and that nexus set the stage for the current Republican presidency, Trump's, to be the ONE that finally allows the Little Havana extremists to have their CAKE and EAT IT TOO. Now...permit me to be politically and socially incorrect while I explain the basic truths depicted above.
     The Bush dynasty nexus with Cuban extremists did not start in Little Havana with the two-term presidency of George W. Bush. It started THREE GENERATIONS earlier with the controversial patriarch Prescott Bush and then became indelible with THE FIRST Bush World War II hero, CIA Director, two-term Vice President, and one-term President George H. W. Bush. And then it was the two-term George W. Bush presidency, which actually began as a sweet gift from Little Havana in 2000that codified the dire political influence of Little Havana on the USA landscape. The photo above is just one undeniable confirmation of that Bush dynasty progression. President Bush appointed John Bolton to the historically prestigious position as U. S. Ambassador to the UN. But it was a Bush joke that insulted America and Democracy. As a well-known U.S. war-monger, Bush knew Bolton could never get the necessary Senate approval, so it was a "recess appointment," meaning Bush withdrew the appointment before it could come up for Senate approval. Among other nefarious things, Bolton formulated pretexts, excuses, trying to persuade President Bush to make an all-out attack on Cuba. However, even Bush didn't QUITE go that far.
     NOW FAST-FORWARD TO March of 2019. The latest U. S. Republican President, Trump, has appointed Bolton as NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER. That, unfortunately, is a powerful war-mongering position that DOES NOT require Senate approval. And, to sate his long-standing desire to execute a regime-change in Cuba, there is now nothing holding Bolton back, certainly not Trump who badly needs the Little Havana extremists to {1} keep the Democrats in Congress from impeaching him; and {2} to help get him re-elected to a second presidential term in 2020. THUS, by the spring of 2019 John Bolton expects to be able to return Cuba to the Cuban extremists in Little Havana.
      As shown above, John Bolton, as Trump's new point-man on Warswent to Miami and, as far as Cubans, Cuban-Americans, and other observers are concerned, officially declared war on the island.
       Even the mainstream left-wing U. S. media that is trying so hard to impeach Trump does not have the guts to challenge Little Havana's dictation of the TRUMP presidency. But other braver inside sources knew from the beginning that, once anointed by TRUMP, John Bolton's war-mongering would pay lip-service to Iran and other anti-American hot-spots but ALWAYS Bolton would be sure to come back to his long-desired regime-change in Cuba. Study the brilliant Editorial Cartoon above by the great Carlos Latuff that depicts the war-mongering Bolton with buzzard wings as he checks back with TRUMP to make sure he still has permission to launch his "WAR" that will likely involve Venezuela and Nicaragua but, as always, lead back to Bolton's "WAR" priority -- Cuba.
     Of course, the great Carlos LaTuff who correctly nailed the significance of TRUMP'S war-mongering appointment of JOHN BOLTON, also crafted the world-famed image above. This LaTuff classic, beyond doubt, is the best world-wide image of America's incredible red-eyed greed that has ruled the USA's thirst for Cuba...from the concocted Spanish-American War in 1898; to the theft of Guantanamo Bay in 1903; to siccing the Mafia on Cuba in 1952 so rich American businessmen could also get richer; to allowing the two most vicious Havana-born Little Havana Counter Revolutionaries {Jorge Mas Canosa and Lincoln Diaz-Balart} to dictate the extremely punitive but richly rewarding Helms-Burton Act in 1996; etc.; etc. All of those things, and so much more, inspired Carlos LaTuff to best define the USA's insatiable greed that still crowns its Cuban policies in alignment not with the moderate Cuban-Americans but only with a few extremists. Some Latin American experts, LaTuff included, believe it was no coincidence that in 1976, the only year a Bush has been CIA Director, that U. S. Cubans were involved in such things as the plane-bombing of Cubana Flight 455, the car-bombing of the decent Cuban-American newsman Emilio Milian in Miami, the Pinochet/Cuban-related car-bombing that killed Chilean diplomat Orlando Letelier and his beautiful and very young American aide Ronni Moffit within sound of the White House, etc., etc. {The underlined names are for your Google-search purposes in case you are interested enough to double-check}.
    Stating that the Cuban Revolution -- from the 1950s till today -- says a hell of a lot more about the United States than it says about Cuba is actually an understatement. In March of 2019 when yet another Republican U. S. President, Trump, takes all of his Cuban orders from regime-change/war-mongers like Rubio, Pompeo, and Bolton, the onus falls on us, the cowardly American people who have allowed it to happen. Thus, it is not just on the Republicans and the Cuban-Americans who continue to benefit from it so drastically both economically and politically. When the mainstream U. S. media and another generation of Americans don't have the guts to call a spade a spade, it's America's problem more than it's Cuba's problem. And, folks, the four-person montage shown above is a SPADE. And...a spade IS a spade.
    This photo posted on Facebook March 6th-2019 shows four young broadcast journalists in Havana enjoying "Happy Hour" at a favorite club. They are happy and healthy young-adult Cubans. They had totally free educations from kindergarten through college and they've had totally free health care all their lives. There are many young-adult Americans struggling to pay-off $1.4 TRILLION DOLLARS in Student Loans that benefit rich bankers and rich universities. And there are millions of Americans struggling to find affordable health care as the price of drugs, hospital care, etc., is astronomically high to benefit rich Americans and the politicians they can buy-off. Meanwhile, Cuba has invented many of the world's best cancer and diabetic drugs that some great people, such as Candace Johnson at the famed Rockwell Cancer Institute, are trying to access despite the U. S. embargo. And, oh yes, Cuba has a lower infant-mortality-rate than the United States and practically no crime and no illegal drug problems, and police shootings are unheard of. And this week the International Bloomberg Health Index rates poor little, embargoed-for-six-decades Cuba FIVE SLOTS above the United States because of its "its free and excellent health-care for all with an emphasis on preventative care." Meanwhile, with the likes of Little Havana's Marco Rubio in charge of the Cuban narrative in the U. S., Americans are told "we must strengthen the embargo and punish all nations even more if they trade with Cuba because every dime or peso that reaches Cuba goes into the Castro bank account." Of course, only idiots and/or cowards believe such propaganda...but it appears America now has about 325 million idiots and/or cowards.
    This photo shows two of those broadcast journalists -- talented and influential television news anchors Rosy Amaro Perez and Yanet Perez Moya -- enjoying a recent concert. They are also passionate about baseball, etc. Healthy, well educated and smart, Rosy & Yanet...have traveled extensively and, like almost every young-adult Cuban now, they have access to Smart Phones and the Internet. For example, this week they monitored a U. S. network broadcast...it happened to be on the anti-Cuban Fox Network...that reported that the USA has such drastic problems with "drugs, alcohol, crime, and suicide" that, for the first time since records have been kept, the USA population is in decline. AND THE IMAGE ABOVE OF ROSY AND YANET AT THE CONCERT. Their startled reaction is as if someone had just asked them, "Hey, have you heard? Rubio just got Title 3 of Helms-Burton activated and he thinks he and the other Little Havana Cubans will be in charge of Havana and all of Cuba by springtime?" Now, after pondering that question, go back and study the reaction from Rosy and Yanet. For sure, they know all about Batista's Cuba and they don't want any part of Rubio's Cuba, although Rubio can go on U. S. network television 24-hours-a-day and insist that Cubans want the sweet U.S.-backed Batistianos to return to their island. That, of course, is not so and that is precisely why Rubio still wants Americans to be the only people in the  world without the freedom to visit Cuba. Such visits, of course,  would afford Americans the opportunity to judge the island, and Cubans like Rosy and Yanet, for themselves.

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