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Trump Frightens Latin America

July 4th Revelation Is Scary!!
{Updated: Sunday, July 8th, 2018}
     On July 4th, 2018, about 320 million Americans were braving heat waves on Independence Day in the USA. It was then, on the major holdiay, that they and the world learned that U. S. President, Donald Trump, has considered invading Venezuela. The world flinched, especially Cubans and Venezuelans.
    Multiple reports reveal that Trump was so adamant at one particular meeting about invading Venezuela that his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his top National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster had to tone down Trump's dangerous rhetoric and get him on some other topic other than attacking Venezuela.
    Well, since then President Trump has replaced McMaster with John Bolton as his top National Security Adviser and replaced Tillerson with his new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Both Bolton and Pompeo are well known as vicious anti-Cuban advocates and therefore probable anti-Venezuelan war-mongers. Once Bolton and Pompeo emerged as Trump's two main foreign policy advisers, the New York Times immediately said, "Trump has now created the most radically aggressive foreign policy team around the American president in modern times."
     While the mainstream U. S. media is either too afraid or too incompetent to admit it, the revelation above frightens all of Latin America for basic reasons: {1} Latin Americans are aware that Trump's evil designs on Venezuela are at the behest of a handful of Counter Revolutionary Cuban extremists who make up ALL of Trump's top advisers related to Cuba, including #1 Security Adviser John Bolton; his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo; and his UN Representative Nikki Haley; and {2} Latin Americans, unlike Americans, are abundantly aware of historic right-wing Republicans in Washington waging wars on Latin Americans and creating renowned anti-American revolutionaries such as Fidel Castro in Cuba, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, Danny Ortega in Nicaragua; etc., etc.
    Venezuela has the world's largest known oil reserves. It is a Latin American nation that right-wing Republican administrations in Washington have targeted and coveted. But in July of 2018 as news arrives that President Trump is considering "invading Venezuela," Latin Americans are brave enough and smart enough to realize that Trump is being pressured to attack Venezuela on behalf of extremist Counter Revolutionary anti-Cuban militants who hate Venezuela not because of its oil but because of its close ties to and support of Cuba.
    Venezuela's support of Cuba has become almost nil because, despite its incomparable oil wealth and its leader's continuing love of Cuba, Venezuela's drastically dire economic and political problems have left President Nicolas Madura extremely vulnerable to a domestic coup, supported strongly by rich and powerful forces in Miami and in Washington, or by -- we now learn -- from a direct military invasion ordered by U. S. President and Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump. The pretext, of course, will be to help the Venezuelan people; the real reason will be to satisfy Counter Revolutionary Cuban extremists and their counterparts who have already settled from Venezuela to Miami.
    If Trump, goaded by politically and economically influential Counter Revolutionary Cubans and others, attacks Venezuela, it will spawn massive firestorms across Latin America that billions of U. S. tax dollars and millions of good people will have trouble putting out. HOWEVER, such murderous probabilities have never deterred U. S. war-mongers who feel safely and securely protected in the U. S. while other less fortunate and much younger souls are sent to fight real or proxy foreign wars.
 Dwight Eisenhower -- after being the top General in the must-win World War II and then the U. S. President for eight years -- left the White House in 1961 with a dire televised warning -- his famed but unheeded Military Industrial Speech -- in which he said those profiting in the USA from wars and the threat of wars were the biggest threat to the United States, not foreign military powers. Generations of Americans have failed to heed that warning...thus, for example, powerful right-wing thugs in Eisenhower's White House in 1952 sicced the Mafia on Cuba and used the U. S. military and U. S. tax dollars as well as the ignorance and cowardice of the American people to back it up. Now in July of 2018 right-wing thugs in Trump's White House, among other self-serving enterprises, are urging an "invasion" of massively troubled but oil-rich Venezuela. And once again we can expect this generation of Americans not to give a damn, and my seldom-used vulgarity was merely used to emphasize the point.
    Bold headlines in 1961 told Americans all about out-going President Dwight Eisenhower's sincere and accurate warning. Yet, from that day till this day, three of America's all-time most cowardly and unpatriotic generations have ignored it. That plays directly into the hands of war-mongering, right-wing thugs, such as those who goaded the U. S. to attack Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in April of 1961 and who are now goading the U. S. to attack..."invade"...Venezuela in July of 2018.
     For decades anti-Cuban propagandists-lobbyists, such as Frank Calzon, have grown very powerful and very rich behind-the-scenes influencing Republican presidents and Republicans in Congress to attack, starve, embargo, blockade, and otherwise assault Cuba...and, of course, assail people and nations friendly to Cuba or people and nations merely seeking decency for totally innocent Cubans. Calzon and two dozen others like him a couple of weeks ago fired off a long letter demanding that President Trump follow their ten stated demands-orders to finish destroying post-Castro Cuba, which now has a new President -- former Education Minister Miguel Diaz-Canel. Venezuela too was very implicitly mentioned  in that long, ANTI-CUBAN letter to Trump. The intimidated mainstream U. S. media was too scared to publish or even mention that very scary letter, but you can Google-search online to read it and I believe democracy-lovers should do so if they care about America.
    But far beyond the anti-Cuba/anti-Venezuela influences on Trump...such as Calzon, Bolton, Pompeo, Noriega, and U. S. Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart of Miami, who along with his 3 brothers are the sons of a former key Batista Minister...are the two foxes in Trump's hen-house. The foxes I'm referencing are Nikki Haley and her beloved Senator Marco Rubio from Miami. Haley is Trump's high-profile Ambassador to the United Nations; Rubio, as all in Washington political circles well know, is Trump's newly designated Cuban dictator. Haley & Rubio both hate Trump and are determined to replace him in the White House and as the leader of the Republican Party.
    Back in 2016 during the Republican presidential campaign, when Nikki Haley was the Governor of South Carolina and wildly campaigning for Rubio against Trump, Trump fired off massive slams against Haley such as the Tweet above, along with massive denunciations of Rubio, such as calling Rubio "Little Marco" and worse. But, needing Rubio's congressional support and to placate anti-Cuban extremists in Miami, Trump designated Rubio his Cuban dictator and, to appease right-wing Republicans, Trump appointed Nikki Haley as his high-profile United Nations Representative.
     At the UN, as feared, it appears to many that Nikki Haley is "Israel's Ambassador to the UN" -- not America's. That reflects Nikki Haley's massive...some say unholy...alliance with Marco Rubio, not with her upfront boss, President Donald Trump.
    Trump himself has famously accused Senator Marco Rubio of being under the "total control" of controversial Israeli-Jewish billionaires. In fact, so has Fabiola Santiago, the Cuban-born top columnist and Editorial Chief at Rubio's hometown newspaper, the Miami Herald that has called Rubio "a hypocrite."
   Meanwhile, it is easy for Trump, Santiago, and others to label Senator Rubio politically and economically more aligned with Israel than he is to America, including Cuban-Americans in his hometown of Miami. Yet, flush with massive financial-support, Rubio was a presidential contender in 2016 and will be again in 2020...or earlier if Trump is impeached by the left-wing U. S. media and, I believe, by Trump's two dangerous foxes -- Rubio and Haley -- in Trump's own hen-house.
     It is some...that Trump doesn't know a fox when she is standing right beside him. And he thus unwisely put her in his own hen-house and if Trump thinks the fox is not hoping to push him aside to make way for Rubio and herself, than Trump is even more politically naive than we imagined.
    All of which plays directly into the new revelation in this first week of July-2018 that President Trump, the omnipotent Commander-in-Chief, wants "to invade Venezuela." If he does so, it will be because of pressure from Counter Revolutionary anti-Cuban  zealots. Your mainstream U. S. media probably doesn't have the guts to tell you that, but nevertheless it is true.

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