Monday, June 5, 2017

Trump's Cuban Pressure

Dark and Threatening!
         This photo-graphic is courtesy of Scott McIntyre. The photo shows the Little Havana neighbor of Miami and it's fronted by the graphic of the Cuban flag. It highlights a major editorial in today's New York Times entitled: "TRUMP'S HYPOCRISY ON CUBA." The opening words are: "The appalling cynicism of the Trump White House is on display once again in 'citing human rights abuses by the Castro government as justification for a more punitive approach to Cuba.' Repeatedly President Trump has shown fervent admiration for leaders who abuse human rights to the extent of murdering their own citizens, such as Rodrigo Dutarte of the Philippines, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt and, of course, Vladimir Putin of Russia." The NY Times, of course, could also have pointed out this fact: Since 1952, while justifying its own dictatorial designs on Cuba, the U. S government supported many of history's most oppressive, thieving and  murderous dictators -- Batista, Somoza, Trujillo, Pinochet, Videla, Mobutu, etc. -- while blatantly lying about its reasons for supporting the Batista-Mafia rule in Cuba and, after that brutal dicatatorship was overthrown by the Cuban Revolution, for shamefully supporting the transplanted counter-revolutionary Batistiano-Mafiosi zealots headquartered in their new capital -- Little Havana in Miami. The NY Times editorial today -- June 5-2017 -- is merely a reminder that President Trump is on the eve of rehashing similar lies to justify doing the bidding of today's Batistiano leaders to erase former President Obama's sane and decent overtures to innocent Cubans. Obama, of course, was also trying to make a sane and decent gesture on behalf of America and democracy because he, unlike the Batistianos and unpatriotic Americans, was/is embarrassed by such things as the worldwide 191-to-0 condemnation in the United Nations of America's Batistiano-driven Cuban policies.
         Of course, in cities large and small across the U. S., there are demands calling for the impeachment of President Trump and that's a possibility but not before he lowers the boom on Cuba. The photo above is courtesy of WINA RADIO in the small university city of Charlottesville, Virginia. But far more emphatic than steady streams of anti-Trump protests like this is the full-time coup being waged 24-hours-a-day by powerful elements in the mainstream media -- led by the NY Times, Washington Post, CNN and NBC-MSNBC. Yet, if Trump is a threat to the U. S. as those entities claim, a media-powered coup is actually far more of a threat because it would leave in its wake a much more everlasting effect. Caught in the Trump-media vice in the world's superpower nation is poor little Cuba, which is still trying to chart its own sovereign course after finally gaining its independence with its remarkable 1959 revolutionary victory.
         The gruesome Batistiano grip on America's Cuban policy is reflected by the photo above. It shows Alan Gomez, the primary writer on all things Cuban for America's largest newspaper, USA Today, which I have subscribed to since it was founded by Al Neuharth in 1982. Alan Gomez is a counter-revolutionary Cuban-American based in Miami. The intimidated, incompetent or politically correct mainstream U. S. media does not have the guts or integrity to have unbiased reporters report on Cuba. In fact, if a mainstream journalist in the U. S. wrote an unbiased article about Cuba, that journalist would likely be fired {like Jim DeFede was} or car-bombed {like Emilio Milian was} when they famously criticized deadly terrorist acts against totally innocent Cubans. In the past 24 hours the latest Alan Gomez article in USA Today blared this headline: "YOUR WINDOW TO VISIT CUBA MAY BE CLOSING." It began: "President Trump likely will fulfill a campaign promise this month by curbing some of the ties with Cuba that former President Barack Obama adopted..." An earlier article co-published with its affiliate newspaper in Naples, Florida, blared this headline: "PRESIDENT TRUMP'S CUBA POLICY, LARGELY INFLUENCED BY TWO FLORIDA LAWMAKERS, IS..."
        First off, the Trump "promise" that the mainstream media brags about refers to the above Al Diaz-AP photo taken in Miami's Little Havana on October 25, 2016. Standing before a huge Brigade 2506 Assault banner, Trump promised survivors of the April-1961 Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba that he would, as President, reverse the outcome of that historic attack, which resulted in a monumental victory of Revolutionary Cuba over a U.S. government-CIA-Batistiano air-sea-and-land military assault funded by U. S. taxpayers with the expectation of recapturing Cuba. Tax dollars still fund further regime-change efforts.
          Secondly, when the mainstream U. S. media this week flashed the headline about the "TWO FLORIDA LAWMAKERS" dictating President Trump's anti-Obama and anti-democracy Cuban policy, it was referring to U. S. Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart and U. S. Senator Marco Rubio -- both from Miami and both Cuban-American counter-revolutionary zealots. USA Today did at least have the courage to report that Mario and Marco have some blackmail pressure on Trump because Mario sits on the powerful House Appropriations Committee that doles out federal funds Trump needs while Marco sits on the Senate committee currently investigating Trump's alleged ties to Russia. Such articles remind many that only counter-revolutionary zealots can be elected to Congress from Miami EVEN THOUGH POLLS SHOW THAT MOST CUBAN-AMERICANS IN MIAMI STRONGLY FAVOR THE OBAMA APPROACH OF NORMALIZING RELATIONS WITH CUBA. When the mainstream media refuses to point out such facts, it is lying; and when the mainstream media refuses to tell the truth about Mario, such as his father was a key Batista minister in Cuba and then a rich and ultra-powerful counter-revolutionary operative in South Florida, then it is lying. And when the mainstream media refuses to tell the truth about Marco, such as his myriad of real estate, credit card and other controversies in Miami, then it is lying. But America's Cuban policy, dictated since 1959 by the likes of Mario and Marco, has shamed democracy-loving Americans AND America's best friends all around the world, as evidenced by the current 191-to-0 condemnation of America's Cuban policy in the United Nations, a unanimity that PROBABLY no other international issue could gain in a diverse world.
       From the Eisenhower administration in the 1950s till the 2-term, 8-year Obama administration that began in January of 2009 and ended in January of this year, America's Cuban policy was purely and undeniably crafted by self-serving, right-wing extremists to sate their economic greed and fuel their extreme right-wing political ideology and agendas. Prior to Obama, not a single U. S. President...not even the very smart and the very decent Jimmy Carter...could rally enough decent and patriotic Americans to correct a Cuban policy that defies all the great aspects so painstakingly enshrined in the U. S. democracy. In 1952 powerful entities in the malleable Eisenhower administration...including Vice-President Nixon and the Dulles brothers John and Allen, who were the Secretary of State and CIA Director -- teamed the U. S. government with the highest echelons of the Mafia to support the thieving and brutal Batista dictatorship in Cuba. In January of 1959 the Cuban Revolution overthrew the Batista-Mafia regime only to have the primary leaders flee and then quickly create a new capital...Little Havana in Miami...with the continued support of their sycophants in Washington. This means, since January of 1959, they have continued to have the support of unlimited tax dollars, the world's strongest military, and America's two most unpatriotic generations. Therefore Cuba...poor little embargoed June of 2017 still is the catalyst in presenting to the world the ugliest image of the United States of America, a fact that galls and embarrasses democracy-loving Americans but certainly doesn't faze the Batistianos and their self-serving supporters.
       Way back in 1952 miscreants in the U. S. government were allowed to sic the Mafia on Cuba. Today {in June of 2017} the remnants of that devious deed are still being sicced on Cuba but also on the U. S. government, both in Trump's Republican White House and in the Republican-controlled U. S. Congress. The end-result has yet to be determined but don't discount an ever-growing Batistiano-like influence on the United States of America, the world's most renowned democracy. With no interference to be feared or anticipated from either the U. S. media or unpatriotic U. S. citizens, a U. S. government dominated by a Mario or a Marco might be what Americans deserve but those same Americans would likely soon be reminded of the image depicted above, which spawned a rather famous revolution on a nearby island.

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