Cuban Hardliners Scare Obama

Explaining Why Embargo Reigns
     The REUTERS news agency does the best, fairest and most balanced job of reporting on the U.S.-Cuban conundrum. This week Reuters journalist David Adams filed a report from Miami that revealed a salient fact of life in U.S.-Cuban relations midway through 2014: PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA IS AFRAID TO MAKE MAJOR CHANGES REGARDING CUBA BECAUSE HE IS MORTALLY AFRAID OF THE TWO CUBAN-AMERICAN HARDLINERS DEPICTED ABOVE -- SENATOR MARCO RUBIO OF MIAMI AND SENATOR ROBERT MENENDEZ OF UNION CITY, NEW JERSEY. David Adams succinctly and bravely makes that incontestable point as he reveals yet another poll -- this one by Florida International University -- that reveals that even a strong majority of Cuban Americans in Miami powerfully desire more sensible relations with Cuba AND AN END TO THE EMBARGO THAT HAS BEEN IN EXISTENCE SINCE 1960, THE LONGEST, CRUELEST AND MOST ODIFEROUS IN HISTORY.
       The Cuban embargo -- in place to appease a handful of self-serving and very revengeful Cuban Americans since 1960 -- mocks and shames the United States and President Obama, as the graphic above acutely and accurately demonstrates. 
     Thus, in the year 2014 -- for going on six rarefied decades now -- America's shameful Cuban policy has the President of the United States marching to the tunes dictated by a handful of self-aggrandizing, second generation Cuban-Americans. Each October a vote in the United Nations reveals that all of America's and all of Cuba's friends in the entire world strongly oppose the embargo, which daily embarrasses America's best friends around the world and makes the U. S. democracy look like a captive of a dictatorship that was booted out of Cuba -- all the way to Miami and Union City, as it turned out -- way back on January 1, 1959. So, hats off to David Adams of Reuters for pointing out this week that President Obama is too afraid of Senators Rubio and Menendez to do what the entire world -- INCLUDING MOST CUBAN-AMERICANS -- are waiting anxiously for him to do in regards to Cuba.

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