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cubaninsider: Little Havana's Grip on America

cubaninsider: Little Havana's Grip on America: From   MIAMI  to   WASHINGTON !!! { And Even Beyond the East Coast }      This past weekend --  on Sunday, August 2, 2020  -- the   ...

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Little Havana's Grip on America

{And Even Beyond the East Coast}
     This past weekend -- on Sunday, August 2, 2020 -- the Associated Press used the above photo to illustrate a major article  that America's top news agency spread around the USA and the World. The article is entitled: "Leading Democratic VP Contender Bass Defends Stance on Cuba." While Americans are programmed to ignore its headline as well as its premise, it is the latest testament to a disturbing but basic fact related to the USA's increasingly fragile two-party political system.
        For sure, a steady progression and digression of the U. S. democracy started precipitously downward in January of 1959 when the Cuban Revolution shocked the world by overthrowing the Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba, an earth shattering and stunning development because the lucrative but brutal Batista-Mafia regime in Cuba was supported by the world's strongest criminal organization, the Mafia, and by the strongest nation in the world, the nearby United States. Actually, as it turned out, the triumph of the revolution altered the superpower United States even more than it changed the Caribbean island. The Batista-Mafia leaders -- Batista, Luciano, Lansky, Trafficante Jr., etc. -- all during the 1950s had used tons of their Cuban loot to buy up much of Miami prior to January of 1959. Then starting in the wee hours of January 1-1959 they had their getaway planes, boats, and ships loaded with gold and other loot, much of it destined for Miami.
        Thus, quickly the remnants of the Batista-Mafia leadership in Cuba had more than enough money and firepower to quickly overwhelm and fully take over Miami -- Florida's major city. Soon, Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Miami created Little Havana in the heart of Miami. It was designed to be a stopgap for just a few months before, with the help of the powerful U. S. government, Little Havana expected to quickly regain control of big Havana, the Cuban capital.
    Of course, the stopgap has lasted for almost seven decades...and it continues with Little Havana, still backed by Washington, to this day trying mightily to recapture big Havana. Along the way, generations of everyday Cuban children on the island have been punished, starved, deprived, and made miserable while dozens of Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Miami, Newark, and Washington have reaped, and continue to reap, lucrative rewards and massive power. Reshaping the USA since 1959, Little Havana, for the most part, has controlled the Cuban narrative in the United States, meaning that Americans are told that Miami Cubans are the salt of the earth while Cubans on the island, including mothers and babies, are the scum of the earth. Therefore the two images directly above are not supposed to be among the Cuban narrative in the USA, reshaping the U. S. democracy -- a process that began in 1952 when the U. S. teamed with the Mafia to support the brutal Batista dictatorship in Cuba so rich Americans could also partake in the rape and robbery of the Caribbean's largest and most beautiful island.
      Prior to the triumph of the Revolution, this photo shows Mafia kingpin Meyer Lansky with a satchel of loot in Havana. Notice how splendidly attired that Lansky and his lady friend were. The families of Batista, the Mafia, and the U. S. businessmen lived splendly, of course, in Batista's Cuba.
     But cruelly and stupidly, Batista and his US-backed Mafia cronies did not bother to even toss crumbs to the majority peasants in Cuba, leaving them with no healthcare, no education, and scrambling to find food.
      But the cruelest and stupidiest thing the Batistianos in Cuba did in the 1950s was to murder non-elite children to apparently just to warn the non-elite Cubans not to resist. But as the march and poster above shows, brave and outraged Cuban mothers answered with street marches...fueling the revolution. The mother on the left in the white blouse and sunglasses was the mother of the murdered Little Willie Soler. Today in Revolutionary Cuba the top Children's Hospital in Havana is named for...Little Willie Soder.
      Not only did outraged Cuban women in Batista's Cuba fuel the revolution with their marches, they were also at the forefront of recruiting rebels and supplies to launch and sustain the war that ended up overthrowing Batista, the Mafia and the United States in Cuba. The photo and caption above shows that Cuban women like Haydee Santamaria and Celia Sanchez were also among the most fiercest Guerrilla Fighters during the Revolutionary War.
     In fact, if Fidel Castro was not the most important rebel in the Revolutionary War, a powerful case could be made that Celia Sanchez was. For over two years beginning in 1953 when Celia was making the war viable and sustainable, Fidel was in a Batista prison from July-1953 till May-1955 and then ended up in Mexico until Celia decided for Fidel, Raul, Che, etc. could leave Mexico and join her rebel army to begin the crucial year of 1957 when Celia believed it was time to leave the foothills of the Sierra Maestra Mountains and begin to capture and hold towns and cities leading from the southeast of the island 500 miles all the way to Havana itself on the northwest tip. Cuban historian Pedro Tabio correctly said: "If Batista had managed to kill Celia Sanchez anytime between 1953 and 1957, there would never have been a viable revolution, and no revolution for Fidel and Che to join."
     After Celia Sanchez's monumental effort during the Revolutionary War finally defeated the U.S.-backed/Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship on January 1, 1959, in Revolutionary Cuba Celia Sanchez was the prime decision-maker from January-1959 until the day she died of cancer at age 59 in January-1980. As the photo above illustrates, it was Celia Sanchez who made the key decisions in Revolutionary Cuba while Fidel Castro always fully supported every decision she made...even if he didn't agree with them.
    Above are famous quotes by Celia Sanchez, and she was  absolutely the right person to make them considering her incomparable role in the Revolutionary War and in Revolutionary Cuba. Fidel Castro actually began to worship Celia Sanchez during the time -- July-1953 till May-1955 -- he was in a Batista prison, because he knew she was responsible for keeping the revolution a viable force against Batista's Mafia-backed and US-backed forces. The photo and caption directly above depicts when Fidel finally got to meet his idol Celia, after his harrowing arrival from Mexico. He then joined Celia's Revolutionary War in the Sierra Maestra Mountains and its foothills in far southeastern Cuba. The photo above was taken on February 17, 1957, and it is the first photo that ever showed the two leaders together...and it was a day Celia gave Fidel a telescopic rifle from her own cache of weapons. With Little Havana controlling the Cuban narrative in the U. S. since 1959, Fidel and the other macho rebels are vilified thoroughly but not Celia Sanchez, the petite and angelic doctor's daughter that apparently was simply too pristine to disparage even by Little Havana disciples. Yet, from 1959 till this day in August of 2020 partisans in Little Havana have vilified anyone who ever had a positive thing to say about Revolutionary Cuba, and that includes the current Democratic Vice President possibility Karen Bass.
       How, exactly, do headlines today about Karen Bass relate to Little Havana's ongoing plans to recapture Cuba and, secondarily, to continuing to expand its power from Miami and Florida to Washington and the entire USA?? Permit me to explain...or, at least, to conjecture.
      Born 66-years-ago in Los Angeles, Karen Bass has represented California in the U. S. Congress since 2011. Well regarded, she is also the Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus. She has earned the right to be the Vice President or the President of the United States.
     In the last few days, Karen Bass emerged as the favorite to be Joe Biden's Vice Presidential choice. That is extremely important. Karen Bass is qualified to be President of the United States and Joe Biden, if he wins the November 3rd election, will be an old and declining 78-years-old by the time he is expected to be inaugurated as the Democratic president that would replace Republican Donald Trump. Starting in January of 2021, everyone is apparently aware that a Democratic Vice President would have more behind-the-scenes or even upfront power than Biden as President would likely have. Karen Bass as VP and then as POTUS would be an excellent pick for the American people.
     But Karen Bass has not only been to Cuba to show respect for the Cuban people, she has also had the courage to say that the Cuban people on the island have had reason to respect their post-Batista leader and revolutionary icon Fidel Castro. When Castro died at age 90 in 2016, Karen Bass said: "The Cubans in Cuba suffered a blow, a loss. And Cuba also has two medicines, one for diabetes, of which my mother died from, and lung cancer, which my father died from, and I would like to have those drugs tested in the United States." Of course, those comments have made Karen Bass a dire enemy of the Counter Revolutionary zealots in Little Havana. Unfortunately, in August of 2020 Little Havana has a tight grip on the Republican Party and, in the USA's two-party  political system, Little Havana now believes it has powerful influence on the Democratic Party too!! A flagrant news conference this past weekend -- the first weekend in August of 2020 -- proved that Little Havana believes it owns the Republican Party and also can dominate, influence, or at least intimidate the Democratic Party.
     The two Poster Leaders speaking for Little Havana now are two Counter Revolutionary Miami/Little Havana zealots -- Marco Rubio and Jeanette Nunez. They teamed this past August weekend for a vicious News Conference that the American people should be accurately aware of. The Rubio-Nunez News Conference had nothing to do with Miami and Florida being a deadly epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, nor was the News Conference about Hurricane Isaias threatening Floridians, etc. It, of course, was a News Conference totally devoted to Rubio and Nunez -- two Republican Cuban-American anti-Cuban zealots -- warning the Democratic Party not to name Karen Bass its Vice Presidential candidate.
     Of course, Marco Rubio's political and economic prowess from Little Havana centers totally in the U. S. Senate and elsewhere only on his anti-Cuban zealotry that appeals to his most zealous Little Havana mentors and donors.
    Although Rubio hates Trump, and made that very plain during the 2016 Republican primary, Rubio in January of 2017 was anointed the USA's Batista-like dictator when Trump, incredibly, became President of the United States. The handshape above concerns President Trump turning over the USA's Cuban policies to Senator Rubio in exchange for the belief that Rubio and Little Havana could and would deliver Florida's crucial 29 Electoral Votes that Trump must have if he hopes to be re-elected President in the Nov. 3rd-2020 election.
     In that milieu, the "TRUMPIFIED MARCO RUBIO" has spent the past three+ years "USING LANGUAGE OF DEMOCRACY TO SUBVERT DEMOCRACY." That exact depiction {above} is from Progreso Weekly, an expert on US.-Cuban relations based in Rubio's hometown of Miami/Little Havana.
      Thus in the past three+ years, with scant comments from the intimidated mainstream U. S. media or from the thoroughly propagandized American citizens, Rubio has elevated the USA's cruel economic EMBARGO against Cuba, in place since 1962, into an extremely genocidal BLOCKADE against the masses of Cubans on the island while, of course, enriching and empowering Little Havana Cubans all the more. Whether Americans are too stupid or too afraid to admit it, when Rubio and his ilk persuaded President Trump to activate Title III of Helms-Burton, it legalized genocide on masses of Cuban families on the island. Not even the George W. Bush presidency would activate Title III because even Bush knew that Title III legalized genocide on innocent Cubans.
     While Americans are programmed to be either too stupid or too afraid to say so, nevertheless the Rubio-Trump activation of Title III of Helms-Burton has legalized genocide against masses of innocent Cubans on the island.
    Once anointed by President Trump as the USA's Cuban dictator, Rubio has made sure that ONLY extreme Counter Revolutionary anti-Cuban zealots such as Mauricio Claver-Carone, Mario Diaz-Balart, Bob Menendez, etc., etc. have had any input regarding the United States's Cuban policies. Therefore, as the Miami-based Progreso Weekly so correctly stated, the "TRUMPIFIED MARCO RUBIO" has been able to wildly continue "USING THE LANGUAGE OF DEMOCRACY TO SUBVERT DEMOCRACY." In a Democracy, when ONLY extremely biased benefactors are allowed to dictate America's Cuban policies, then America is indeed "subverting democracy" at the behest of Little Havana.
     Therefore -- in the first weekend of August, 2020 -- Marco Rubio held a flagrant News Conference celebrating his role as America's unchecked Cuban dictator. This time, Rubio warned the Democratic Party not to choose Karen Bass as Vice President because Karen Bass has shown some respect for the Embargoed-Blockaded Cubans on the island while not properly bowing to the Little Havana Cubans. For the record, at his asinine News Conference, Rubio said: "If God forbid Joe Biden is elected president and Congresswoman Bass became vice president, she'll be the highest-ranking Castro sympathizer in the history of the United States government." Of course, Rubio was advising the Democratic Party, the U. S. media, and the American people not to resist Little Havana's warnings about Karen Bass or anything else that Little Havana dictates regarding Cuba. In other words, everyone must bow down to Little Havana zealots like Rubio...and like his Little Havana ally Jeanette Nunez.
     As anointed by Rubio and other Little Havana zealots, the Miami-born Cuban-American Jeanette Nunez is the Lt. Governor of Florida. Jeanette Nunez on the first weekend of August-2020, was the person right beside Rubio warning the Democratic Party not to choose Karen Bass as Joe Biden's Vice President. Jeanette Nunez's exact words included: "I think I speak for all freedom-loving Americans in this nation, especially Cuban-Americans, when I say that a vote for Biden/Bass would be a slap in the face to all of those Cuban dissidents in exile who have arduously worked and led their lives ensuring our civil and political rights remain untouched."
     Echoing what Rubio himself said during the 2016 Republican primary, Jeanette Nunez called Donald Trump "the biggest con-man there is" back in 2016, as you can see by Nunez's exact words depicted above. That, of course, was before Trump became the President and then named Rubio the USA's Cuban dictator in order to get Florida's crucial 29 Electoral Votes heading into the Nov. 3rd-2020 election.
     Now in August of 2020 Jeanette Nunez is Florida's Lt. Governor and Ron DeSantis is Florida's Governor. Both, of course, own their political power to more powerful Little Havana zealots such as Marco Rubio...and both parrot precisely what Rubio demands or says. The Nunez-Rubio News Conference that cruelly and unfairly denigrated Karen Bass could be a progenitor of many more if...or when...Little Havana completes its takeover of Washington.
     Heading into this first week in August of 2020 it was believed that Joe Biden, the Democratic Party's presidential contender, was about to announce Karin Bass as his Vice Presidential choice. When a handful of rich and powerful anti-Cuban zealots in Little Havana/Miami can flagrantly and, apparently, successfully warn Biden not to choose Bass for that position, perhaps the mainstream U. S. media and the American people should have the courage to speak out about this latest Little Havana insult to Democracy.
    At one time, Bernie Sanders...not Joe Biden...was the top contender for the Democratic nomination as President. But his past pro-Cuban comments, of course, angered the Counter Revolutionary zealots in Little Havana. Therefore, the vast and lucrative anti-Cuban Cottage Industry in the U. S. went into high gear and eliminated the best and last chance that Bernie Sanders had to become the President of the United States. That, of course, should have been left to the majority of America's people, not to a handful of self-serving Little Havana zealots.
     Of all the Democratic candidates to be President of the United States, Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota was probably the best qualified candidate. But Amy Klobuchar has authored or co-authored multiple bills in the U. S. Senate aimed at ending the endless and cruel Embargo/Blockade against Cuban families on the island. Therefore, the Little Havana-inspired anti-Cuban Cottage Industry in the U. S. has always been furiously anti-Klobuchar.
     Democratic U. S. Senator Amy Klobuchar is shown above in Havana when she influenced the decent Democratic Obama presidency to normalize relations with Cuba and, of course, reopen the gates {above} to the U. S. Embassy in Havana. But decent Democrats like Amy Klobuchar who have shown respect for everyday Cubans in Cuba are blocked at every turn by Little Havana zealots who thrive from punishing, starving, depriving, and making miserable Cuban families on the island. After her concern for innocent Cubans ended Amy Klobuchar's presidential bid, she was then the best qualified Vice Presidential candidate for Joe Biden...but, of course, the Little Havana zealots ended those hopes too.
      And now, after Karen Bass emerged as Joe Biden's apparent top choice to be his Democratic Vice Presidential running-mate, the Little Havana zealots, of course, went into high gear to block Karen Bass once she became the favorite to be Joe Biden's Vice Presidential pick...because she has been to Cuba and shown respect and concern for innocent Cubans on the island in the past. Yes, heading into this first week in August of 2020, Karen Bass was considered the top person to be chosen as Joe Biden's Vice Presidential pick. But Little Havana zealots who control the Republican Party also now believe they can also dictate to the Democratic Party, which happens to be the only other viable U. S. political party. And, sadly, for Little Havana to have an iron grip on the Republican Party and also wield what appears to be the power to dictate to the Democratic Party should make every Democracy-loving American and Cuban-American cringe.
     During the Republican presidential primary in 2016, Donald Trump dismissed highly funded but lightweight contender Marco Rubio as "Little Marco". But believing that Little Marco can deliver Florida's crucial 29 Electoral Votes in the November 3rd presidential election, Trump anointed Little Marco as the USA's Cuban dictator. That, indeed, has been a cruel blow to totally innocent Cuban families on the island. However, it also is a cruel blow to America's democracy too. As Little Marco indicated once again in his boisterous anti-Karen Bass News Conference on the first weekend of August-2020, Little Marco is not content with dictating to the Republican Party but also believes he can also dictate to the Democratic Party. Unfortunately, America's democracy revolves around a two-party political system. If Little Marco & Little Havana can dictate to both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, WHAT DOES THAT PORTEND FOR THE United States GOING FORWARD BEYOND THE NOVEMBER 3RD PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION????


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cubaninsider: Cuba Dodging Miami Hurricanes

cubaninsider: Cuba Dodging Miami Hurricanes: Plus  U.S. Genocide  &   COVID-19 !!!       Between now and Tuesday -- August 4th, 2020 -- the   Tropical Storm Isaias  will be bl...

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Cuba Dodging Miami Hurricanes

Plus U.S. Genocide & COVID-19!!!
      Between now and Tuesday -- August 4th, 2020 -- the Tropical Storm Isaias will be blasting through the Caribbean. But its path appears to be projecting it to skirt the northern edges of Cuba but heading straight to Miami...even as Miami also remains the epicenter for the Coronavirus pandemic, which the nearby island of Cuba has amazingly gotten under control while also sending its renowned doctor brigades to help other nations from Jamaica to Italy to South Africa to Qatar, etc., to also defeat the COVID-19 virus.
     Meanwhile, of course, Little Havana's unchecked U. S. Senator Marco Rubio points to the nearby island of Cuba as Miami's real problem -- not the approaching storm Isaiasnot the pandemic that is swamping Little Havana/Miami, etc. Unchecked by the mainstream U. S. media and by the thoroughly propagandized or intimidated U. S. citizens, Rubio continues to take advantage of the pandemic to further use the U. S. Congress and the Trump White House to keep promoting "bills" in Congress designed to exacerbate the genocide against Cubans on the island...for the ageless purpose of starving, depriving, and making miserable Cubans on the island to induce them to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary government. That, of course, is the Revolution that kicked the brutal and thieving Batista-Mafia regime to Miami way back in January of 1959...spawning Little Havana, which in turn spawned the likes of Rubio.
    With Miami the epicenter of the pandemic, Cuban airports this week are getting certifications to prepare for the arrival of international travelers, cautiously reopening its tourist sectors. Above is the reopened Abel Santamaria Airport in Santa Clara, Cuba. Most of Cuba has advanced into its Phase Three in its recovery from COVID-19. The popular keys off the northern edges of the main island, including Ciego de Avila, are among the tourist attractions gearing up for tourists.
      Meanwhile, in the USA it is not socially or politically correct to wonder why Little Havana's Rubio continues to thrive as he and his ilk in Congress continue directing legal genocidal "bills" aimed at starving, depriving, and making miserable the Cubans on the island to, supposedly, influence the Cuban people to overthrow their government. Of course, Rubio claims Cubans on the island crave a return of Little Havana's takeover of Havana. Apparently, of course, that strategy has not worked in the past seven decades, but it has created an unending array of rich politicians like Rubio.
      Does this graphic from the Miami-based Progreso Weekly bespeak of more problems for little Cuba or more problems for the superpower United States of America????


cubaninsider: cubaninsider: Little Havana's Grip on America

cubaninsider: cubaninsider: Little Havana's Grip on America : cubaninsider: Little Havana's Grip on America : From   MIAMI  to   WAS...