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cubaninsider: The Emblem of Cuba's Independence

cubaninsider: The Emblem of Cuba's Independence: ELPIDIO VALDES !!      The death of  Juan Padron  at age 73 is widely being mourned in Cuba. In 1970  Juan Padron , already a famed yo...

Thursday, April 2, 2020

The Emblem of Cuba's Independence

     The death of Juan Padron at age 73 is widely being mourned in Cuba. In 1970 Juan Padron, already a famed young filmmaker, created the LIBERTY-LOVING independence fighter Elpidio Valdes. Every year since 1970, the ubiquitous image of Elpidio Valdes has grown in popularity on the Caribbean island where the people believe that Cuba finally gained its independence on January 1, 1959, via the Cuban Revolution's astounding victory over the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship..after centuries of being dominated by imperial powers Spain and, since 1898, by the United States. To Cubans on the island today, Juan Padron's herculean image of Elpidio Valdes is verily worshiped on the island as the personification of Cuba's famed Liberty-Loving Fighter.
 The popular anchor on Cubavision International newscasts, Rosy Amaro Perez, is one of the millions on the island today who are huge fans of Elpidio Valdes.
     The historical and topical importance of Elpidio Valdes in Cuba is well known throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Yet, since 1959...for the most part...Counter Revolutionary extremists from the Batista-Mafia regime have dominated the Cuban narrative in the USA. Thus, Americans have no idea about the significance of Elpidio Valdes. For example, since 1959 Americans have been told that Cubans on the island hate Revolutionary Cuba and LONG to escape to nearby Miami where rich, powerful, and vicious Cubans for two generations have a luxurious new capital known as Little Havana. That is a lie about Cubans on the island hating their Revolution...AND IF  IT were true LITTLE HAVANA WOULD HAVE RE-CAPTURED HAVANA LONG AGO!! The truth is: Since 1959 till 2020, there have always been enough Cubans on the island who are willing to fight-to-the-death, as epitomized by Elpidio Valdes, to maintain the independence that the Cuban Revolution gave them in 1959. I will now give you an example of Elpidio Valdes' Truth as opposed to the age-old Lies successfully perpetrated in the U. S. from Little Havana.
     For sure, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., who died in 2007, was one of America's all-time greatest historians and biographers.
     Also, Arthur Schlesinger Jr. was one of President John Kennedy's Closest Advisers, and no one knew more about JFK's presidency than Mr. Schlesinger Jr. Of course, the Democratic president JFK had unfortunately inherited from the Republican Eisenhower presidency in 1960 the plan for the military attack designed to recapture Cuba. Eisenhower's powerful Vice President Nixon, powerful Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, and powerful CIA Director Allen Dulles had been responsible for teaming the U. S. with the top echelon of the MAFIA...Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, support the brutal Batista-MAFIA dictatorship in 1952 so rich U. S. businessmen could partake in the rape and robbery of Cuba. So after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution on January 1, 1959, the Nixon and Dulles brothers' wing of the White House quickly devised the U. S. military attack to recapture Cuba, the attack known to history as the Bay of Pigs. The CIA-Cuban exile attack that neophyte President Kennedy inherited took place in mid-April of 1961 and was a fantastic success for REVOLUTIONARY CUBA and a humiliating defeat for the U. S. and the Little Havana Cubans. But also from the great historian and Kennedy insider Arthur Schlesinger Jr. we also know these historic facts:
      *******Kennedy was assured by the CIA operatives that the Bay of Pigs attack would be a quick cakewalk for two reasons -- Fidel Castro would bolt for his getaway airplane the moment that he heard the U. S. bombs began dropping on the Cuban airfield at Camp Columbia on the edge of Havana, and the Cubans on the island would turn against Fidel Castro the moment they learned the superpower United States was attacking the island.
          Of course, as documented by the great Arthur Schlesinger Jr. and others, Fidel Castro didn't have a getaway airplane and when revolutionary heroine Celia Sanchez awakened him after she heard Camp Columbia being bombing by U.S. warplanes disguised as Cuban planes, Castro ran for the frontlines to lead the defense of his Revolution in April of 1961. There was never a single known anti-Castro deserter during the Bay of Pigs air-land-and-sea attack; instead 400,000 Cubans quickly volunteered to join the fight with Fidel Castro, who then decided he only needed 32,000 fighters to do the job. So the Bay of Pigs, after three days of fighting, humiliated Kennedy and the USA and forever added to Castro's revolutionary legend.
         *******From the great Arthur Schlesinger Jr., and others, we know that President Kennedy quickly learned to hate the CIA a lot more than he hated Castro and Cuba. For example, one day in the Oval Office Kennedy screamed out these famous words: "IF I COULD I WOULD BLOW THE CIA TO SMITHEREENS!!!!" Later, after Kennedy became very popular and had grown into his role as President, he summoned his top aides into the Oval Office in November of 1963 to tell them: "When we get back to Washington from this Southern trip, our top priority will be to normalize relations with Cuba." Of course, Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas on Nov. 22-1963 and returned to Washington in a coffin. The top two Kennedy aides who heard both of those two quotes were Arthur Schlesinger Jr. and Pierre Salinger.
   This photo shows President Kennedy with his Press Secretary Pierre Salinger, who was also a top JFK adviser. A historic insider during the Kennedy presidency, after JFK's assassination in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, Pierre Salinger became a high-profile correspondent for ABC-TV based in Paris. Salinger died at age 79 in France in 2004.
     Cuba's stunning defeat of the the U.S./CIA/Cuban exile attack at the Bay of Pigs on Cuban soil in April of 1961 has, of course, had a U.S./CIA/Cuban exile "heroic" narrative in the United States ever since.
     Thus, for six decades every Republican U. S. president, including the current Donald Trump, MUST go to Little Havana in Miami to tell the few remaining Bay of Pigs Cuban attackers what heroes they were and are. Also, of course, during the Coronavirus, President Trump -- whose genocidal Cuban polices are totally dictated by Little Havana extremists -- repeats that the U. S. "is ready to help all nations during the Coronavirus pandemic, including North Korea and Iran." Of course, Trump never mentions helping the Cubans on the island because to do so he would need the permission of Little Havana Counter Revolutionary extremists such as Marco Rubio and Mauricio Claver-Carone, second generational U. S. Cubans who have never been to Havana...and never will set foot in Havana until or till some Republican president like Trump finally recaptures the island for them.
      Meanwhile, after a phone call from Mr. Putin to Mr. Trump, this amazing photo shows the inside of a huge Russian cargo airplane in Moscow loaded with a plethora of masks, protective gear, and other medical supplies destined TO FLY TO THE UNITED STATES TO HELP THE USA FIGHT THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC.
     This photo shows that huge Russian cargo plane after it landed at John Kennedy International Airport in New York yesterday afternoon -- April 1st, 2020.
      And meanwhile, I guess it is nice that the world's two top nuclear Superpowers, the USA and Russia, love each other as much as Trump and his friend Putin love each other, because every nation should help other nations during tragedies such as the Coronavirus. Even Trump agrees with that logic, except when it comes to Cuba. The American people, apparently afraid of Little Havana, are allowing Trump to use the Coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to expand the genocide began against Cubans on the island in 2019 when he activated Title 3, a provision of the legal Batistiano Congressional Helms-Burton Act that even the Batistiano-loving George W. Bush presidency refused to activate because even Bush considered it too GENOCIDAL to inflict on masses of innocent Cubans on the island. AGAIN, both the American people and even the viciously anti-Trump mainstream U. S. media are so afraid of Little Havana zealots that they refuse to blame Trump for activating the genocidal Title 3 edict although they blame Trump for almost everything else, including his cozy dalliances with Mr. Putin.
       All the while, while President Trump makes friendly gestures to North Korea, Iran, and Russia during the Coronavirus pandemic, Trump continues to assure Little Havana Counter Revolutionary benefactors and zealots such as Marco Rubio and Mario Diaz-Balart that the USA's cruel Trump-administered genocide against masses of everyday Cubans on the island will continue...until the Cubans in Cuba are so STARVED AND DEPRIVED that they will be forced to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary government.
      In 1962 when the U. S. first imposed its Economic Embargo-Blockade on Cuba, de-classified U. S. documents confirm that the purpose was to...STARVE, DEPRIVE, AND MAKE MISERABLE the Cubans on the island to force them to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary government -- the Revolutionary government that on Jan. 1-1959 overthrew the brutal and thieving U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship.
     Another look at the April-2020 photo above explains why the U. S. embargo-blockade since 1962 has been a failure. There have always been enough Cubans on the island who would and who will fight to the death to prevent a return of the U.S.-backed Batistianos and Mafiosi who have been headquartered in the Little Havana area of Miami since 1959 and in the U. S. Congress from Miami and Newark since the 1980s, thanks to the help of the Bush dynasty's massive economic and political ties to Little Havana. This photo points out that Cubans on the island worship Elpidio Valdes, the liberty-loving freedom -fighting character that personifies Revolutionary Cuba's disdain for the foreign domination of imperial powers Spain and the United States that they struggled valiantly for four centuries to get beyond, finally gaining their independence on Jan. 1-1959 with the extraordinary defeat of Batista, the Mafia, and the United States. Now, of course, Spain is Cuba's friend but remember that the overthrown Batista-Mafia leaders regrouped in Miami, not in Madrid. For six+ decades U. S. Counter Revolutionaries have made sure that Americans are unaware of what things such as Elpidio Valdes still mean to most Cubans on the island...sovereignty!!

Monday, March 30, 2020

Promoting Genocide Against Cubans

It Includes Mainstream U.S. Journalists!!
    Back on July 8th, 1889, The Wall Street Journal began publishing as a prime American news source. For over a century, it earned a valid reputation for great journalism. But that changed drastically recently when multi-billionaire individuals and corporations began buying iconic media giants such as...The Wall Street Journal, CNN, NBC/MSNBC, The Washington Post, etc., etc. Thus, such media sources have changed from being important gatherers and dispensers of news to being nothing more and nothing less than well-funded and powerful PROPAGANDA outlets. And perhaps that transition is saddest at The Wall Street.
     In 2007 Rupert Murdoch purchased The Wall Street Journal for $5.6 billion after he had already bought-up other major media outlets in the U. S., including prime newspapers as well founding the Fox Television-Radio Network and, of course, Fox News. Murdoch was born in Melbourne, Australia, 89-years-ago. It was in Australia and England where he began his News Empire, before concentrating on the United States.
     And now Rupert Murdoch's vast and obscene Media Empire bears his stamp in promoting right-wing propaganda.
     The greatest insult Rupert Murdoch has brought to the United States is not Fox News. It is The Wall Street Journal, which even today is the only rival to USA Today when it comes to its audience of about 2.6 million readers. And even today the WSJ continues to have a few honest and dedicated business journalists. But Mr. Murdoch's greatest journalistic crime in the United States, I believe, is using the The Wall Street Journal to elevate extreme propagandists such as Mary Anastasia O'Grady into extremely high-profile propaganda-dispersers while pretending she and others like her are legitimate journalists.
     Instead of being a real journalist at the still-powerful Wall Street Journal, Mary O'Grady is a right-wing propagandist. She has been a Editorialist and Columnist at the WSJ since 2005. During that time her prime efforts, as I've noted, have been devoted to sanitizing one particular Latin American dictatorship, the brutal Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba, while incessantly trying to get the United States to destroy Revolutionary Cuba and reclaim dominion over Cuba akin to the days in the 1950s when O'Grady's beloved Mafiosi icons Batista, Luciano, Lansky, and Trafficante Jr. ransacked and brutalized the island with the aid of rich U. S. businessmen, the U. S. government, and the U. S. military. O'Grady, therefore, obviously supports any means that might recapture Cuba...including genocide against Cubans on the island as well as genocide against people in small nations that are Cuban allies. Incessantly O'Grady uses high-profile lies in the WSJ to propagandize her extreme Cuban views. For example, the WIKIPEDIA bio of Mary O'Grady includes this exact sentence: "O'Grady has received criticism for alleged inaccuracies in articles written for the World Street Journal, such as an alleged claim that Fidel Castro developed viruses to share with Islamic fundamentalists; or that Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega were providing refuge to Islamic terrorists."
      Although she is a well-known anti-Cuban liar and anti-Cuban propagandist, Mary Anastasia O'Grady is unchecked and unencumbered when it comes to using the pages of The Wall Street Journal -- as well as speeches at Think Tanks and on college campuses -- to promote genocidal U. S. practices against everyday masses of Cubans on the island...while, of course, proclaiming that every exile in the U. S. from the overthrown Batista-Mafia regime is a salt-of-the-earth Saint although every Cuban still on the island, including the children, should be subjected to the Trump administration's Title 3/Helms-Burton-administrated genocide against 11.5 million Cubans on the island. FOR EXAMPLE, in these last two DAYS OF MARCH-2020, Mary Anastasia O'Grady could have posted any Editorial in The Wall Street Journal about ANY TOPIC she wanted to propagandize but, of course, she wrote the WSJ Editorial entitled: "CUBA AVOIDS AN HONEST CORONAVIRUS POLICY." The once-respected WSJ is now spreading that latest Mary Anastasia O'Grady Cuban propaganda around the United States on its printed pages and around the world digitally today. It is, of course, Mary Anastasia O'Grady's way of shamefully taking advantage of the Coronavirus pandemic to further inflict her genocidal propaganda against masses of totally innocent Cubans on the island, 11.5 vulnerable people already trying to cope with the pandemic as well as the Trump administration's use of Title 3/Helms-Burton to impose genocide against Cubans on the island.
     Now that Mary Anastasia O'Grady has BOTH Title III/Helms-Burton and the Coronavirus pandemic to assault Cubans on the island, I hope SHE is real proud of herself today.


Saturday, March 28, 2020

U.S. Uses COVID-19 To Hurt Cuba

Americans Are Told To Accept It!!
     At the Miami Herald, Nora Gamez Torres is a highly paid and high-profile "journalist." It seems that her prime job is two-fold -- to sanitize the Batista-Luciano dictatorship that brutalized Cuba during the 1950s while also pulverizing everyday Cubans on the island since the 1959 Revolution that chased the Batistiano-Mafiosi leaders to U. S. soil, primarily nearby Miami. Today -- March 28th, 2020 -- Nora Gamez Torres's latest article in the Miami Herald appears to herald and celebrate the Trump administration's obvious effort to take advantage of the Coronavirus pandemic to further punish the masses of 11.5 million everyday Cubans on the island. Her article today is entitled: "FOOD SHORTAGE, A DECREPIT ECONOMY, AND NOW THE CORONAVIRUS: HARD TIMES FOR CUBA." Of course, while celebrating this headline, Nora Gamez Torres doesn't have the integrity or sympathy to report that Cuba is the ONLY nation in the whole world that has had TO TRY, since 1962 to this very day, to survive history's cruelest and longest Economic Embargo ever imposed by a powerful nation against a small nation. And, of course, Nora Gamez Torres is not about to mention that back in 2019 the Batistiano-aligned Trump administration activated Title 3 of the Helms-Burton Act, which Cuban extremists in the U. S. have used since 1996 to, First of all, lavish themselves with tons of tax dollars while, SECONDLY, to legally pulverize masses of everyday Cubans on the island. If she had the courage or integrity to write about Title 3, Nora Gamez Torres could explain that prior to Trump's activation of Title 3 that EVEN President George W. Bush considered Title 3 to be TOO GENOCIDAL to inflict on masses of Cubans on the island. Thus, I believe that Nora Gamez Torres's latest article today continues to insult both Democracy and Journalism.
     For Nora Gamez Torres and the Miami Herald to salivate about the "decrepit economy" and the "hard times" Cuba is having as it copes with the Coronavirus shames the USA and Democracy FAR more than it shames Cuba, I think. And while salivating, don't expect the likes of Nora Gamez Torres and the Miami Herald to have the courage to tell the truth about a few selected Cubans and their lawyers in Miami also salivating by using Title III of Helms-Burton to get even richer than they already are while also shamefully using Title III to further strangle the life of the pugnacious island, meaning the use of genocide to persuade and induce everyday Cubans on the island to rise up against their revolutionary government, which is not perfect but at least its not another U.S.-backed FULGENCIO BATISTA/LUCKY LUCIANO/MEYER LANSKY government.
Pre-revolutionary Cuba in the 1950s.
Pre-revolutionary Cuba in the 1950s.
{A lush piggy-bank for Lansky & the Mafia}
Pre-revolutionary Cuba -- a Mafia-U.S. crime.
Pre-revolutionary Cuba's crime story.
     {The photo above shows the gold telephone that A & T gave Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista in 1957. Major U. S. companies lavished Batista with gifts and money in the form of kickpacks so rich Americans could also partake in the wholesale robbery of Cuba along with the Batista-Mafia dictatorship. That was the reason that the U. S. government supported the Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba as OPPOSED to decently supporting a Democracy in Cuba. Of course, Nora Gomez Torres and the USA's litany of propagandists posing as "journalists" will never write about such things as Batista's Gold Telephone from A & T in 1957, a truly sweet and historic kickback. But with all the loot the Mafia and U. S. businessmen raked-in in Cuba in the 1950s, the unconscious murders of children supposedly to quell dissent ended up fueling the LONG-SHOT revolution, along with the utter disregard concerning the extreme poverty of the Cuban peasants even as pre-revolutionary Cuba was being hailed as one of the richest and most advanced Latin American nations. That is like saying that Bill Gates and the man living under a bridge without a dime or peso to his name are together worth $75 billion dollars. All these decades after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, U. S. "journalists" like Nora Gamez Torres pretend that the dastardly murders of Cuban children had nothing to do with the revolution in Cuba, nor that the total neglect by the rich Batista-Mafia regime of the health and educational needs of everyday Cubans played a massive secondary role. Yet, the vital marches of Cuban mothers protesting the murders of their children...their "ninos" well as the extreme poverty in Batista's Cuba are well documented by history, and by photos as well as memories}. In 2020, if Americans are wondering why in the hell Little Havana in Miami has not re-captured Havana AFTER ALL THESE DECADES, there is an overriding REASON, I truly believe. As a Democracy-loving American, I have been to Cuba and I believe I learned WHY, and it is because of those memories of Batista's Cuba.
Pre-revolutionary Cuba in the 1950s.
Pre-revolutionary Cuba in the 1950s.
Pre-revolutionary Cuba in the 1950s.
Pre-revolutionary Cuba in the 1950s.
Post-revolutionary Cuba in the USA.
Post-revolutionary Cuba in Miami.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Trump Uses Crisis To Hurt Cuba

As Cowardly U. S. Citizens Remain Silent!!
      At the above news conference this week concerning the Coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump claimed that the U. S. is ready "to help" all other nations, including Iran and North Korea. Of course, Trump has neither the guts nor the integrity to mention that the U. S. will "help" any of the 11.5 Cubans on the nearby Caribbean island because to do so he would need to have the permission of ultra-powerful Cuban dictators such as Mauricio Claver-Carone, Marco Rubio, and the Diaz-Balart brothers. At their direction, Trump in 2019 activated Title 3 of the Batistiano-legalized Helms-Burton Act although Title 3 is so genocidal against decent masses on the island that NOT EVEN the totally Miami/Batistiano-aligned George W. Bush presidency would activate it. But Trump not only has activated the genocidal Title 3, as indicated in the above news conference and elsewhere, Trump is permitting about twenty vicious and self-serving miscreant Cubans in Miami, Newark, Congress, and in the White House to take advantage of the Coronavirus pandemic to further unleash even more genocide against masses of Cuban on the island. Of course, Trump...who is DEPENDING on Florida's crucial 29 Electoral Votes to GET HIM RE-ELECTED IN NOVEMBER...can depend on the cowardly silence of the American people to expand his self-serving genocide on innocent masses of Cuban people.
      This photo is courtesy of Tracey EatonDuring the current pandemic, these two Cuban children on the island are allowed to breathe some air outside while also learning about social distancing. With the cowardly silence of this generation of Americans, the Trump administration is permitted to use the Coronavirus to FURTHER punish children on the island to appease the economic and political desires of a handful of omnipotent Cubans in the United States.
    The three self-serving Florida Counter Revolutionary men on the right above are in HIGH-HEAVEN during the current Republican administration in Washington because they are unchecked dictators regarding all Cuban issues. Rubio, Diaz-Balart, and ultra-rich sycophant Scott are totally unchecked when it comes to using the U. S. government to further their nests while plundering masses of innocent Cubans. This anti-democratic cancer has been slowly but incessantly evolving since 1959, and now the cancer  is beginning to seriously create a Batistiano-like America that eerily resembles the Batista-Luciano-Mafiosi dictatorship in Cuba, WHICH THE U. S. SHAMEFULLY SUPPORTED during the 1950s so rich U. S. businessmen could partake in the Mafiosi spoils. {Is that what Trump plans again once he completes his regime-change on the island? Little Havana in Miami seems to believe that is on the horizon but, on the island, there also seems to be enough Cubans to resist another era of pre-revolutionary dominance by foreign powers}.
      When the current Republican president, Donald Trump, can use the Coronavirus pandemic to further expand his genocide against masses of Cubans on the island, even as he uses a news conference to explain what nice things he is doing during the crisis, it reveals that the United States in 2020 is a helluva lot more akin to Batistiano-like rule than Cuba is when it comes to being INFESTED WITH A PRE-REVOLUTIONARY BATISTIANO-MAFIOSI GOVERNMENT.
   The great journalist and top Foreign Affairs Writer for Newsweek, Tom O'Connor, has published this week's best international article related to Cuba and the Coronavirus. It is entitled: "Cuba Uses 'Wonder Drug' To Fight Coronavirus Around The World Despite U. S. Sanctions." It is a long, accurate, and documented article...the type article regarding Cuba that Americans are programmed not to read. It tells about the proven Cuban drug Alpha-2B Recombinant {IF Nres} that many nations, large and small, are using to fight COVID-19. But mostly the article details how the United States of America, during the Trump administration, is taking cruel advantage of the massive pandemic TO EXPAND its already extremely cruel genocidal assault on masses of totally innocent children, women, and men on the Caribbean island of Cuba. It is apparent that the talented and respected Tom O'Connor believes that unchecked, Batistiano-aligned genocide against masses of innocent people in a small nation imposed unmercifully by the United States IS ONLY POSSIBLE because Americans have been successfully programmed TO ACCEPT IT. Meanwhile, I suggest that everyone go on Online and read Tom O'Connor's aforementioned article.
       Tom O'Connor's Newsweek article used the above photo courtesy of Yamil Lage/AFP/Getty Images. It shows a Cuban venturing out to buy food during the Coronavirus.
        And the Tom O'Connor Newsweek article also featured the Yamil/AFP/Getty Images photo above. It shows some of the  highly respected 54 Cuban doctors on their way to Italy to help that rich nation's battle against the Coronavirus pandemic.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Cuban Journalist Pleads With Cubans

Stay Home, PLEASE!!
Photo courtesy: AFP/Adalberto Roque
       This photo today -- Tuesday, March 24, 2020 --was used by CNA, the international English language News Network based in Singapore, to illustrate a major article entitled: "Finish Your Mojito, We Are Closed; Tourists Scramble To Leave Cuba." It shows the Coronavirus pandemic causing tourists to leave Cuba on whichever air flight they can. Nesmi Orslow, 34-years-old and on his honeymoon in Cuba, told CNA about his situation: "In every city that we went, to every bar to have a drink, we always ordered a pina colada or a mojito." He said he arrived in Cuba on March 10th when "the Netherlands had not yet instituted lockdown measures and in Cuba the first Coronavirus case was not reported until March 10th."
     By March 23rd Cuba reported "48 confirmed" cases of the Coronavirus and "1,229 suspicious" cases.
      Early this morning popular Cubavision International News Anchor Rosy Amaro told me, "Don't worry about me. I have to be outside to provide my journalism. But it is a difficult situation in Cuba." She was referring to the island battling the pandemic while also trying to deal with the USA/Trump administration's almost total Economic Blockade of the island. Decent Cubans like Rosy Amaro and everyday Cubans all across the island are frustrated with the fact that everyday Americans seem to not care about the Trump administration's cruel and genocidal attempt to so severely punish Cuba's most vulnerable citizens -- its children and the elderly.
      Also today -- March 24th, 2020 -- popular and influential journalist Rosy Amaro posted the photo above on both television and social media. It shows many Cubans on a crowded Havana street and the frustrated Rosy Amaro said, "As a journalist to keep you informed, I must be outside. But it is a difficult and dangerous situation. PLEASE stay home to take care of yourselves and take care of me."
       This photo, courtesy of Rafael Hernandez, shows a Cuban medical student who is going home-to-home to check on Cubans regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. The REUTERS NEWS AGENCY based in London reports that "many thousands of doctors, nurses, and medical students in Cuba are making home-to-home visits to monitor the island's citizens."

cubaninsider: The Emblem of Cuba's Independence

cubaninsider: The Emblem of Cuba's Independence : ELPIDIO VALDES !!      The death of  Juan Padron  at age 73 is widely being mourne...