Does Cuba Allow COMPLAINTS?

 Yes, if Not Funded by Foreign Entities!!

   The Spanish word "periodismo" pertains to journalism and yesterday radio & television journalists in Cuba headlined a quote by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Colombian who is considered by many to be Latin America's all-time greatest writer and author. He also taught journalism at the University of Havana and, for half century, was Fidel Castro's dearest friend but verily hated dictators such as Trujillo, Somoso, Pinochet, etc. The journalist who posted the graphic depicted above is Katia Siberia, who works for Radio Sancti Spiritus and Alma Mater Magazine, two important outlets that are very influential in Cuba that often criticize the government but are allowed to do so because it is known they are not funded by tax dollars from the United States. Today -- Sept. 9, 2021 -- Katia's highly read report on the island is entitled: "CIEGO de AVILA en El Alma." Other major Cuban state journalists reported on what Katia's article was about, which claims that "Cuba does not count their Covid deaths according to the criteria of the WHO and PAHO." The well-researched article dominated news on state-owned news media in Cuba today.
    The three photos above were in a major BBC article written by the BBC's Will Grant to update the July 11-2021 government protests in Cuba. The article was entitled: "CUBANS REMAIN DEFIANT" and it is anti-Cuban news but it is readily accepted by Cubans because they respect the BBC and Will Grant. But most of Cuba's 11.2 million people believe that both the U. S. mainstream media and other well-funded sources -- Radio-TV Marti, Ciber Cuba News, Babalu, etc., etc., etc., exist only to saturate Americans with anti-Cuban propaganda.
    Above are typical Top Stories for Americans regarding Cuba. In other words, biased anti-Cuba propaganda must be sifted out of such reporting if one is hoping to digest any real news.
   Cubans on the island, not just in the U. S., have opinions to. They love and believe their prime doctor, Francisco Duran Garcia. Today he sadly reported 89 more deaths from COVID-19, raising the overall total to a staggering 6,056 as of September 9, 2021.
      Cuba is now the only country to be vaccinating children aged 2 to 18 with Covid vaccine doses.
     Because of the strong uptick of COVID-19 cases that includes children, Cuba is merely hoping to resume in-class schooling next month, by mid-October. But now the children are being schooled virtually only via television. The schedule listed above provides the details for TV classes.


Who Are Liars Regarding Cuba?

 Cubans Or Cuban-Americans??

Or the Cuban or American Media??

     This photo from Havana today...a Cuban mother and her child...reveals that on September 8th, 2021 that U.S.-Cuban Relations are at a crossroads. Struggling mightily with the tightened Biden-Trump Blockade of the island during a deadly upsurge of COVID-19 deaths, Cuba this week has begun vaccinating children from ages 2-to-18 in the hopes that the island will be able to resume in-school classes for its children in October. On the island most Cubans, like this mother, believe their Revolutionary government tells them the truth about the Pandemic and the Blockade; in the U. S. the media as well as Counter Revolutionary forces in Miami, Newark, and Washington convince the American people that there is no Embargo-Blockade and that the Cubans in Miami, Newark, and in Washington {Congress & White House} are actually trying real hard to love and HELP the Cubans on the island!!! SOMEBODY, of course, is lying and the liars, I believe, are killing people.
    This photo from Havana today shows children being prepared to get their COVID-19 Soberana Vaccine doses. Their young mothers are discussing their trust in the government, which is practically universal on the island despite what Americans are routinely told. In fact, these two well-educated and Social Media savvy mothers will tell you what most Cubans on the island will tell you, which is that "...the vast amount of U. S. tax dollars that saturate the island enrich and create dissidents to undermine Cuba at the behest of rich and politically powerful Miami-Newark Cubans in Washington." Of course, in the U. S. these Cubans mothers in Cuba are dismissed as "brain-washed" by the world's "most brutal Government." Again, the question is...who is lying? It appears the Cubans in the U. S. who dictate such things as the Blockade...which in fact does exist...are the ones who gain financially and politically from the Blockade while Cuban mothers on the island like the two above are prime victims.
    This photo today from Havana -- Sept. 8, 2021 -- reveals why Cubans in Cuba believe that Cubans in the U. S. are the liars. Every day on Cuban television, the loved, respected, and renowned Dr. Francisco Duran Garcia minutely informs the Cuban people the COVID-19 numbers...stressing the deaths and new positive cases in the previous 24 hours. The staggering death totals have suddenly zoomed past 7,000, with almost half of them occurring in the past month of August, 2021. Dr. Duran is 75-years-old and is a brilliant physician and the Cuban people over the years have come to believe every word he says!!
     This photo taken today shows Dr. Duran on Cuban television today -- Sept. 8th, 2021 -- doing something he rarely, if ever, does -- which is to make a heartfelt political statement. But in the video above he today began with the words shown above: "Today we can say that in all the provinces of our country..." He then went on to calmly but emphatically say that, in all 14 of Cuba's provinces, essentially that the "...U. S. embargo/blockade is a prime factor in the deaths from COVID-19 that we are experiencing now on a daily basis. We worry most of all about that because it is something we are powerless, as a small country, to effectively deal with. But we will fight it as hard as we can, and I want the Cuban people, especially the mothers, to know that. We have skill and resources...and some help from dear friends not fully restricted by U. S. power...and our fight will never end." It is believed that never before has Dr. Duran publicly spoken unfavorable words about the United States. Yes, Cubans on the island believe every word Dr. Duran speaks to them daily.
    Meanwhile, in the United States the American people are daily told that there is no U. S. EMBARGO against Cuba and that, of course, that the United States would never take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to impose genocide against Cuban families on the island. But as I said earlier, someone is lying...and I don't believe that Dr. Francisco Duran in Cuba is a liar!!



US Media Promotes Cuban Genocide

 Using Fake News and PROPAGANDA!!

   Today -- September 6th, 2021 -- Labor DAY is a major holiday in the United States. From Afghanistan to North America the U. S. has major problems -- including a COVID upsurge, violent forest fires, deadly floods, and uncontrollable crime in many of its most famed cities. But typical of the state of Mainstream News in the U. S. today, the Wall Street Journal's prime Editorialist and anti-Cuban Propagandist Mary O'Grady devoted the once-respected newspaper's most glaring headline to promoting more genocide for Cubans on the island on September 6th, 2021.
    Trying desperately to take full advantage of COVID-19's deadly upsurge on the island plus the greatly expanded genocidal Trump-Biden blockade, Mary O'Grady and the WSJ used the photo and headline above on Sept. 6-2021 to continue to propagandize Americans into supporting the recapture of Cuba. Above the photo the headline says: "UNDER THE ISLAND MILITARY DICTATORSHIP, IT'S ILLEGAL TO FISH FOR DINNER." Wonderful!! Mary O'Grady and the WSJ considers that the real news that Americans need on Sept. 6th-2021!! As always, the propaganda-obsessed mainstream U. S. media implies, with such Editorials, that the U.S.-backed/Mafia-backed Batista rule of Cuba in the 1950s was the most benevolent, nicest, and best government the Western Hemisphere has ever seen...before the Cuban Revolution in 1959 booted it to its everlasting haven on U. S. soil!!!
    Above is how Mary Anastasia O'Grady used the prolific pages of the Wall Street Journal to continue her sacred mission to propagandize the American people and President Biden that COVID and the GENOCIDAL Blockade present the best time to finally eviscerate Revolutionary Cuba totally!!! Notice above that Mary on Sept. 6th-2021 yet again mocks Cuba for "blaming the U. S. for the island's misery." Time and time again, Mary Anastasia O'Grady has used the pages of the WSJ to inform the American people that the genocidal Embargo/Blockade against the island, which has existed since 1962, is intended to HELP the Cuban families on the island!! Of course, with her unchecked repetition, Mary Anastasia O'Grady believes that her propaganda will blockade the truth that the rest of the world fully comprehends and detests.
    When prime media outlets in the United States such as the Wall Street Journal presents high-profile Editorial status to prime anti-Cuban propagandists as Mary O'Grady, it is an effort to make U. S. citizens support extreme genocide against masses of people on the island of Cuba.
    In other words, Mary O'Grady and her ilk believe that U. S. citizens should not be ashamed about this international view of the endless U. S. Embargo against Cuban families on the island of Cuba. I happen to believe that Mary is wrong!! When Mary today -- on Sept. 6th, 2021 -- once again mocks Cuban families on the island by claiming that they shouldn't "be blaming the U. S. for the island's misery," the WSJ once again is promoting genocidal propaganda against masses of people in a much-smaller nation by rich and powerful benefactors in a much-larger nation.



Sept. 4, 1997; An Anniversary

 U. S. Terrorism  vs. Cuba Remembered!!

     In the annals of U.S.-Cuba Relations since 1959, when the Cuban Revolution defeated the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship in Cuba, vicious terror acts against innocent people perpetrated by Cubans in the U. S. are too many to mention. But today -- September 4th, 2021 -- is an anniversary of one historically heinous act that took place in a Havana hotel lobby. A young Italian tourist named Fabio Di Celmo was killed by an explosion intended to persuade tourists from visiting Revolutionary Cuba, which the U. S. was trying to starve into submission. The most famous U.S.-Cuban terrorist, Luis Posada Carriles, famously told the New York Times that victims like Fabio were "collateral damage."
     Of course, in the U. S. after 1959 Posada could brag about such things because Americans were told that the Cubans who fled the overthrow of Batista were the good guys and the Cubans still on the island were the bad guys. And, of course, the Batista Cubans had more than enough money and firepower to overpower Miami, which was important because it often dictated Florida's hugely vital Electoral Votes that predicated presidential elections in the United States. Fabio Di Celmo was born in Genoa, Italy, on June 1-1965. His father Gustino, as you can see above, spent the rest of his own life living in Havana and trying to let the world that his son was murdered by a famed U.S.-Cuban who could actually brag about it.
     The American people in the 1950s were told not to question that the U. S., which came out of World War II in 1945 as the strongest and richest nation in the world, chose in 1952 to pick the Mafia as its partner in supporting the brutal, thieving Batista dictatorship in Cuba. At the same time the U. S. also supported other brutal, thieving dictators in the Caribbean and Latin America -- such as Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, Somoza in Nicaragua, etc., etc. Obviously, the U. S. preferred such dictators to democracies because such dictators supposedly would do something democracies would not do, which was to allow rich American companies to partake in the rape and robbery of smaller countries such as Cuba, the Caribbean's largest and most beautiful island. Back in the 1950s, to support their dictators, the U. S. had the secretive Army of the Americans at Fort Benning in Georgia where friendly dictatorships sent their soldiers and policemen to be trained by U. S. taxpayers, and then sent back to those dictatorships to protect those dictators. Today in September of 2021 Americans are not supposed to know the significance of the photo and caption depicted above. It shows and explains that Luis Posada Carilles was typical of dozens of young Cuban men who fled the Batista dictatorship in 1959 who were immediately sent by the U. S. government to Fort Benning in Georgia to become soldiers in Brigade 2506, which was the U.S. army unit that was formed in 1959 to quickly recapture Cuba. As you can see above, Posada, and many other Cubans like him, graduated from Fort Benning as a 2nd Lt. in the U. S. Army's Brigade 2506. Supported by U.S.-friendly dictators Trujillo and Somoza, Brigade 2506 launched an air-land-sea attack on Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in April of 1961, which Revolutionary Cuba quite ceremoniously and completely defeated. Since the Bay of Pigs, Revolutionary Cuba has, incredibly, survived all-out U. S. efforts to recapture the island...with Brigade 2506 veterans such as Luis Posada Carilles playing major roles as terrorists receiving tax-dollar salaries.
     Of course, the terrorist act that Posada is most famously tied to occurred on October 6, 1976. That was when a terrorist bomb blew the civilian Cubana Flight 455 into the ocean, killing all 72 people on board, including two dozen teenage athletes who has just won a Central American Championship and were flying home triumphantly.
     Yes, America...like all victims of senseless terrorism, Cuban sisters and mothers also cry endlessly about the loved ones they have lost. Meanwhile, in the United States, Posada lived a long and protected life as an unabashed and avowed U. S. terrorist against Revolutionary Cuba.

    The USA's most famous terrorist, Posada, was born in Cienfuegos, Cuba, in 1928. He died peacefully in his 90s in South Florida in 2018. As you can see above, history as well as de-classified U. S. documents tie Posada to gruesome terrorist acts against innocent Cubans. Of course, on September 4th, 2021 -- the anniversary of Posada's deadly hotel bombing in Havana -- Americans are still being told that all the good Cubans are in the U. S. and all the bad Cubans are in Cuba. Therefore, of course, Americans are supposed to meekly keep all those tax dollars flowing from Washington to Miami while also meekly accepting the USA's Congressional and White House laws that routinely keep expanding legal Blockade genocide against masses of Cubans on the island to appease the good Cubans who control the ultra-powerful Electoral Votes in Florida that often predicate presidential elections in the whole United States!!
    Of course, FOR SURE, Americans are not supposed to be ashamed of this image of the United States of America, but the rest of the world is ashamed of it. The great Brazilian editorial cartoonist Carlos LaTuff correctly hereby depicts the United States EMBARGO imposed on Cuba in 1962 right after the 1961 Bay of Pigs military attack failed to recapture Cuba!!
    Carlos LaTuff and billions around the world are especially ashamed of this image of the United States, which explains that the Trump & Biden administrations have both expanded the EMBARGO in the past two years while the COVID-19 pandemic is also ravaging the island.
     And Carlos LaTuff along with billions around the world are especially ashamed of the stated purpose of the EMBARGO, which was imposed in 1962 after the Bay of Pigs military attacked failed to recapture Cuba. De-classified documents reveal the purpose: starve, deprive, and make miserable Cubans on the island to induce them to rise up and overthrow their revolutionary government. After all these decades, it has surely starved, deprived, and made miserable generations of Cuban on the island, but the world and Carlos LaTuff...as illustrated above...admire the fact that Little Cuba continues to survive history's all-time longest and cruelest EMBARGO ever imposed by a much-larger nation against the people in a much-smaller nation. But...tuh...Americans are surely not supposed to admire LaTuff's pugnacious little Cuban girl shown above. And, for sure, Americans in September of 2021 are supposed to keep supporting the EMBARGO that Carlos LaTuff and the world have been ashamed of since 1962!!





COVID Continues Devastation of Cuba


   This beloved film and television actor, Enrique Molina, today became the latest prominent Cuban to die from Covid-19 in Havana.
    Today -- September 3rd, 2021-- Cuba's renowned doctor Francisco Duran reported that, in the past 24 hours, the island has had 6,927 new cases of COVID-19 and 74 more deaths. Those numbers are actually much lower than the COVID-19 statistics in August, but still devastating.
     President Biden has kept in place the 243 genocidal sanctions placed on Cuban families by the Trump administration. And, to America's everlasting shame, President Biden "promises more to come." For a nearby nation of 240 million people to permit Trump's and Biden's genocide to continue and to expand is unconscionable, or as decent people such as the President of Mexico, Lopez Obrador, emphatically proclaim, "inhumane." There was a time, of course, when better, more intelligent, and more decent generations of democratically-loving Americans {and better mainstream U. S. media outlets} would agree with the billions of people worldwide who have the courage to correctly label genocide by a powerful nation against vulnerable families in a much-smaller nation what it is, inhumane GENOCIDE!!


US Media's Anti-Cuba Propaganda

 Enriches Some, Shames America!!

     Above is a compendium of the TOP headlines in the propaganda-obsessed U. S. media pertaining to Cuba today -- on September 1, 2021. As usual, Americans today are being fed bushels of anti-Cuba propaganda, which makes a few people richer and more politically powerful but also shames the once-respected mainstream media in the Land of the Free and the Home of the brave. The headline on the left is pure propaganda by a Miami television station; in the middle the headline is by the USA's most-read newspaper, which has sadly joined the corporate giants that now promote pure propaganda; and on the right the headline by the Miami Herald merely reflects the daily pure propaganda against Cuba that has long become the staple fare of that once-respected Miami newspaper. Of course, the world's most successful propagandists believe that repetitious lies saturating masses of people day-after-day have seismic effects, and...of course...regarding Miami's and the USA's propaganda regarding Cuba, repetitious lies about Cuba...decade after decade since 1959...have been and continue to be converted into extreme financial and political rewards for a select few.
      In this new month of September-2021, ON Cuba News...as far as I can tell...is just about the only media source in the United States that actually reports real news related to Cuba. It actually has reporters in both Miami and Havana, and it reports good news, bad news, and anything in between.
   Just as an example, the article above by ON Cuba News actually contains actual news and insight about Cuba and the genocidal U. S. embargo/blockade that has existed since 1962 to "starve" Cubans on the island to appease and benefit a handful of politically connected Cubans in Miami/Little Havana, Newark/Union City, and Washington. Of course, to support that genocidal propaganda since 1962, Americans have been told that the benefactors...a few Cubans and their sycophants...are "the GOOD GUYS" and the masses of Cuban victims on the island are "the BAD GUYS!!" In other words, the basic premise for prolonging the genocide against generations of Cubans in Cuba is a vast propaganda lie that maintains that the effects of the genocidal embargo/blockade hurts only the "bad" leaders of Cuba but doesn't harm the masses of everyday Cubans on the island. For generations of supposedly intelligent and brave Americans to blindly accept that blatant and pernicious propaganda lie actually says a lot more America than it SAYS about Cuba!!! In the United States of America...the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave...only On Cuba News seems to have both the guts and the integrity to report an undeniable fact: "....it {the blockade} is an act of cruelty not against the government, but towards those of us who live in Cuba." THOSE WORDS ARE THE LAST WORDS IN THE ARTICLE DEPICTED ABOVE; and they are totally, 100% simple and true. Yet, when 340 million U. S. citizens are programmed to disregard them, it reflects, I think, that even the world's strongest Democracy can fall victim to a mainstream media that replaces real news with extreme, self-serving PROPAGANDA!!
     The four photos directly above have been posted on Social Media in the last few days by everyday Cubans on the island. They, and many others like them, proclaim that they will fight to the death to prevent a foreign power...the United States...from recapturing the island. In other words, these four Cubans on the island HAVE OPINIONS TOO!! But in the United States media, such opinions are not allowed!!! And that is because in the U. S. media ONLY anti-Cuba voices are allowed!!
     Now...go back to the top three U. S. headlines related to Cuba today -- September 1, 2021. Sandwiched between the two headlines from the two Miami sources, is the headline today in by far the most-read newspaper in the United States -- USA Today: "I'M A CUBAN DISSIDENT. WE NEED AMERICA TO STAND WITH US AGAINST THIS COMMUNIST REGIME." Even USA Today is obligated to be a prime anti-Cuba propaganda source in the United States. Thus, if you are a virulent anti-Cuba dissident in Cuba or in the United States, you are routinely provided the mainstream media in the United States to saturate your extreme and unchallenged views to America's already programmed citizenry that has been showered with self-serving Counter Revolutionary narratives, propaganda, lies, and other unlimited and lucrative Batistiano idolatry. And thus, I believe that today's USA Today headline about Cuba says a lot more about what has happened in the U. S. since 1959 than it says about Cuba, the pugnacious island that defeated the "niceU.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship way back in 1959.

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