USA Cuban Lies

And Why They Are Successful!!
{Wednesday, November 7th, 2018}
    As a democracy-loving American, I am ashamed at how America's Cuban policy, decade after decade, demeans both America and Democracy on a worldwide level more than any other single topic. It also explains why even the ultra-powerful left-wing U. S. media, which is trying so hard to eliminate President Trump, is too afraid to criticize Trump's most egregious action in the two years he has been President, and that is his anointment of Marco Rubio as America's no-holds-barred, tax-scamming Cuban dictator. Rubio is now, without any scrutiny from the mainstream U. S. media, cramming U. S. agencies such as USAID, the State Department's Western Hemisphere Affairs division, John Bolton's National Security team, etc., with only the most vicious all-time career Counter Revolutionary extremists -- from Mauricio Claver-Carone to Otto Reich to Tomas Regalado, etc., etc., etc. Along the way Rubio is being held accountable only by a handful of America's bravest and most decent journalists -- such as Ken Silverstein, Fabiola Santiago, and Tracey Eaton. Silverstein's undeniably brilliant and deeply researched article labels Rubio "head and shoulders above everyone else in Washington when it comes to corruption and chicanery;" Fabiola Santiago was born in Cuba and since 1980 has been a top anti-Castro reporter for the Miami Herald and now she's also the top Editorial Writer on Rubio's hometown newspaper. Ms. Santiago has sharply branded the self-serving Rubio as only caring about himself and his political donors and unconcerned about the welfare of most Americans, including most Cuban-Americans, and is particularly cruel in his cowardly assaults on innocent Cubans in Cuba; and Ms. Santiago has assailed Trump for putting Rubio in charge of America's Cuban policies. Tracey Eaton, a renowned and fair-minded Cuban expert and now a college Professor in Florida, has written six brilliant articles in the last couple of weeks on his Cuban Money Project blog detailing down to the penny, courtesy of data squeezed out of the government via the Freedom of Information Act, how Rubio is busily bestowing massive gobs of tax money on anyone and any group that apparently can even remotely convince him they'll help punish Cubans or overthrow Cuba...and also the undeniable Eaton research indicates Rubio is gifting old Counter Revolutionary mentors, such as Tomas Regalado, with lush anti-Cuban jobs and even HUGE tax grants to anti-Cuban extremists such as a former Chief for Staff for legendary Havana-born Counter Revolutionary Ileana Ros-Lehtinen who remains in the U. S. Congress from Miami's Little Havana since the Bush dynasty self-servingly put her there in 1989, though she is retiring after 3 lucrative decades representing Little Havana in Congress. Rubio's anointment by Trump -- as well as the recent brave journalism from Ken Silverstein, Fabiola Santiago, and Tracey Eaton -- help explain how the image above depicting the USA's evil and greedy designs on Cuba can exist -- decade after decade after decade. First off, the USA's two-party political system has evolved into a situation whereby both parties can be purchased by the highest bidder. And further, the greatest weakness of all for the U. S. democracy is the precipitous deterioration of the media, which now consists of left-wing propaganda machines or right-wing propaganda machines, leaving the 80%-or-so of moderate Americans out in the cold when they search for real journalists reporting real news that they so badly need. In that milieu, there is only one explanation as to why the left-wing media, clearly involved in a print-and-broadcast conspiracy to eliminate Trump at all costs, refuses to criticize Trump for his most atrocious behavior, which is empowering Rubio's "corruption and chicanery" -- as Ken Silverstein calls it -- on Cuban issues that grossly enrich selected pals with tax dollars while cruelly and unconsciously assaulting totally innocent Cubans, as Fabiola Santiago has bravely pointed out in the Miami Herald. Also, don't forget the six recent articles by Florida's most respected Cuban expert, Tracey Eaton, because they may make democracy-lovers and tax-payers cry if they happen to be concerned about untold gobs of Tax Dollars being doled out to selected people -- often the veritable usual suspects -- and to incredibly gross and stupid projects and excuses designed to hurt Cubans on the island for the purpose of turning them against their government and persuading them to condone a return of remnants of the Batista-Mafia thugs who brutally ransacked their island from 1952 to 1959. And with that backdrop, permit me to answer the question concerning why I think the mainstream left-wing media that hates Trump so much is afraid to criticize Trump for his most egregious action to date, which is anointing Rubio as America's first real Cuban dictator since the Bush dynasty back in the early 1980s bestowed the same mantle on the Bay of Pigs soldier/soon-to-be-billionaire Jorge Mas Canosa. I'll begin the answer to that question with the photo below.
    As a high-profile and highly decent Cuban-American newsman in Miami, Emilio Milian had the decency and the audacity to sharply criticize Cuban-American extremists for dastardly terrorist acts against totally innocent Cubans, such as the airplane-bombing of the child-laden {plus two-dozen teenage athletes} civilian Cubana Flight 455 in which all aboard were killed. At the time that Emilio dared to criticize such things, car-bombings were the favorite terror-tactic in Miami itself. And, of course, Emilio became the victim of a car-bomb. Such things, I think, sent a message to journalists that still resonates in the USA today, accounting, I believe, for the reason even the viciously hate-Trump media in the U. S. will not criticize Trump for the first thing he should be criticized for -- putting America's Cuban policy in the hands of the vicious but unchecked Rubio
     The mainstream U. S. media is so direly afraid of the Rubio-led mainstream Counter Revolutionaries that it won't dare report on or even discuss contentious Cuban issues.
    Yet, Cuban-born Fabiola Santiago -- the top journalist at the Miami Herald, Rubio's hometown newspaper -- has unveiled Rubio for the hypocrite he is.
   It was Fabiola Santiago who invited four young Cuban females on the island to use the pages of the Miami Herald to emphatically upbraid Rubio for the cowardly, cruel manner he is hurting their young families.
    It was the highly respected journalist Ken Silverstein who wrote the above very detailed and uncontested article that labeled Rubio "head and shoulders above everyone else in Washington when it comes to corruption and chicanery." And, yes, this is the same Rubio from Little Havana that the mainstream media promotes as a choirboy in the U. S. Senate and as a viable presidential contender.
     Just about every major news organization in the United States -- from the New York Times and USA Today to NBC and even the Pulitzer Center -- have utilized Tracey Eaton's expert and fair-minded reporting on Cuban issues.
   Today Tracey Eaton is a Journalism Professor at Flagler College in Florida. For six years he was stationed in Havana as head of the Dallas Morning News bureau in Havana. He still travels back and forth to Cuba to do video-interviews featuring regular Cubans, dissidents, Cuban journalists, etc., for the Pulitzer Center and other outlets. He also has two blogs -- Along the Malecon and Cuba Money Project. If you care about America and Democracy, you may want to dial-up his recent six articles that, as I said, may make you weep if you care about America, Democracy, or your tax dollars. Tracey minutely uses fresh Freedom of Information data to document, down to the penny, the Cuban Tax Piggy Bank that, apparently, Rubio is using to lushly reward any person or any group that seemingly lets him know they will help hurt Cubans on the island or overthrow the Cuban government. You will note that those seemingly endless and highly questionable bundles of tax funds are listed down to the penny in million-dollar and multi-million-dollar "grants" to both well-known very questionable entities and sometimes totally unknown sources. And, as you dry your tears if you love Democracy and like to know how your taxes are being used, you will note that Tracey explains, while he has listed the names of many recipients of such largess, there still remain, apart from the Freedom of Information Act, many different ways the U. S. government hides many of its most expensive and controversial Cuban enterprises. And lastly, let me stress that in his long and lustrous journalistic career, Tracey Eaton has never been accused of being pro-Cuba or anti-Cuban Americans in Miami or anywhere else. He is merely a great journalist.
     The Trump-Rubio axis is both the strangest and the most dangerous alliance facing America today, more dangerous than alleged Trump-Russian or Trump-Saudi connections, for example. It's the strangest because they hate each other, and have since they called each other vile names back during the 2016 Republican presidential primaries. And now Trump knows the back-stabbing Rubio is more of a threat to the Trump presidency than even the left-wing U. S. media. So, how did the Trump-Rubio axis evolve into Rubio being anointed by Trump as America's new Cuban dictator??? Well, Trump agrees with the famous line Mafia kingpin Michael Carleone spoke in The Godfather II classic: "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer." And that's why President Trump put two vicious anti-Trump foxes in his own hen-house.
    South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and U. S. Senator Marco Rubio viciously mocked presidential candidate Trump to whet their own Presidential ambitions...and they still hate Trump. But, remembering Michael Carleone's sage Mafiosi advice, Trump named Haley his high-profile Ambassador to the United Nations and he anointed Rubio the coveted and lucrative prize as America's new Cuban dictator, which as everyone knows quickly made Jorge Mas Canosa, the Bush dynasty's long-ago first U. S. Cuban dictator and one of the many South Florida Cuban-American billionaires.
    As America's newly installed Cuban dictator, Rubio is abundantly aware he has the support of President Trump who also happens to be Commander-in-Chief. But also, Rubio apparently knows he can dip as deeply as he chooses into the U. S. treasury for as many tax dollars...and don't forget the pennies that notable journalist Tracey Eaton has  also documented in the past month...to apparently fund anybody and anything that merely promises to aid his self-serving Cuban ventures. All the while, Rubio is totally aware that the fully intimidated mainstream U. S. media is his giant lap-dog and probably would afford the ego-driven Rubio whatever airtime or print-space he needed to, fully uncontested, explain his vile Cuban ventures, perhaps even the most vilest and least wiliest such as sub-fired nuke missiles. So, you see, the movie Godfather, Michael Carleone, and the truly brave and historic Cuban-American journalist in Miami, Emilio Milian, both help explain why President Trump anointed Rubio as America's Cuban dictator and why the mainstream U. S. media is much too afraid to hold Rubio accountable for anything he has done or will do in regards to Cuba, an island where about 11.2 million innocent people -- plus the U. S. democracy -- deserve a lot better than Trump and Rubio...especially in an era and environment when the U. S. media has neither the guts nor the integrity to question anything that relates to the evisceration of one particular island nation, Cuba.
     And most important of all, the image above needs to embarrass every American, including every Cuban-American. It is, in fact, the accurate world image of America's Cuban policy. Any American not embarrassed by this image, I believe, plays directly into the greedy fingers of Marco Rubio. The 1898 Spanish-American War, which the U. S. waged to take Cuba from Spain, was the "Remember the Maine" war because the pretext for it was the bombing of the USS Maine warship in Havana Harbor which killed almost 300 young U. S. sailors...and few historians believe Spain would have risked an unwinnable war near U. S. shores to do it. From 1898 till today -- in November of 2018 -- America's Cuban policy has been built on lies, including the 1903 "in perpetuity" theft of luscious Guantanamo Bay from Cuba; the Bay of Pigs attack in April-1961; the methods that got the infamous Helms-Burton Act passed and signed by a very scared President Clinton in 1996; etc.; etc.; etc. But the biggest lie of all is reflected in the famous Carlos LaTuff image shown above -- the Embargo that Cuba calls a genocidal Blockade. Here's why I make that statement. The Embargo was first imposed on Cuba in 1962 after the Bay of Pigs attacks, a deadly series of hotel and coastal attacks, and many assassination attempts had failed to recapture the island. For decades after 1962 Americans, taught that the U. S. was always the Good Guy, accepted the Embargo against Cuba...and, incredibly, they have accepted it even after the whole world condemns it and after de-classified U. S. documents confirmed the purpose of the Embargo, which was and is to starve, deprive, and make miserable the lives of  Cubans on the island to induce them to rise up and overthrow their government. And that is why I say that the biggest U. S. lie related to Cuba is not...the Spanish-American War, the theft of Guantanamo Bay, the Bay of Pigs, the Helms-Burton Act, or any of those extreme right-wing cruelties. The biggest U. S. lie related to Cuba is the Embargo that Cuba calls a genocidal Blockade, the Embargo-Blockade that former President Obama and the whole world tried to end. Yes, the image above from 1962 till today in November-2018 is the biggest Cuban lie in American history and it has been allowed to demean America's and Democracy's image around the world more than any other topic in America's history.
     This is a young, well-educated, and very talented television News Anchor in Cuba. Her name is Rosy Amaro. All Rosy's life and all her mother Carmen's life they have been unmercifully targeted by right-wing, unchecked thugs in a foreign country, the United States of America. Rosy has vacationed in famed European capital cities and she has close relatives and friends in the U. S. that visit her on the island, included a favorite uncle that arrives again later this week from the USA. But Rubio does not have enough tax or donor money to entice Rosy to defect to Little Havana or anywhere else in the USA.
     And Rosy Amaro has a precious, precocious, and gorgeous daughter named Mariana, who turned 5-years-old back in October. Like her mother Rosy and like her grandmother Carmen, Mariana has been targeted all her life by right-wing thugs hiding behind the skirts of the U. S. government. As a democracy-loving American, that undeniable fact shames and embarrasses me. And it makes me wonder why it doesn't shame and embarrass more Americans, especially sanctimonious and cowardly Americans who, like trained seals, are quick to condemn Russia, for example, for annexing Crimea or for pounding Ukrainians.
 This is Mariana with her grandmother Carmen, who is Rosy Amaro's mother. This photo was taken by Rosy on November 4th, 2018, in Havana. That was three days after John Bolton in Miami and Nikki Haley at the United Nations essentially declared war on Cuba on behalf of their puppeteers Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. Mariana, Rosy, and Carmen are typical of three generations of Cubans on the island who don't deserve to be grossly targeted by thugs from a foreign country like Trump, Rubio, Bolton, and Haley.


Dear Mr. Phil Peters

A Typical Cuban Exploiter!!
    Almost as cruel as the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia exploitation of Cuba on the island from 1952 till 1959 has been the exploitation of Cuba in the USA since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959. An example is Phil Peters. Routinely heralded and spotlighted as a "Cuban expert" by the lap-dog mainstream U. S. media, Peters is a prime Cuban Exploiter as a part of the vast and lucrative Cuban Cottage Industry that evolved in the United States almost as soon...in January of 1959...that the Batistiano-Mafiosi leaders in Cuba fled to their even-more-lucrative sanctuary on American soil.
    As media darlings always promoted as "Cuban experts," the Phil Peters-types should be identified correctly -- as "Cuban exploiters." Referencing Havana, Miami, and Washington, Peters has a well-funded blog entitled "The Cuban Triangle." His self-serving defense of Marco Rubio's new pick as the leader of Radio-TV Marti -- Cuban-born Tomas Regalado, Rubio's old mentor and a former Miami mayor -- is a joke, for example. On his blog, not only does Peters promote the well-known, tax-absorbing Piggy Bank known as Radio-TV Marti, Peters also promotes such projects as the Babalu Blog, which is another of Peters' favorite one-trick-ponies that are fiercely self-serving Counter Revolutionary propaganda machines.
     The exploiter Phil Peters often gets national exposure enabling him to pretend that "Trump's Cuba Crackdown" is actually hurting some of the Phil Peters business enterprises related to Cuba. But that too is propaganda designed to enhance his lucrative reputation as an unbiased "Cuban expert." The well-funded and well-promoted Phil Peters blog -- The Cuban Triangle -- had a world-wide Alexa Rank ranking of 13,450,089 on November 4th, 2018...and it did not have enough U. S. viewers to get anything but a "No Data" ranking. By contrast, this blog -- Cubaninsider -- on Nov. 4th-2018 had an Alex Rank ranking of 477,963 world-wide and 96,442 in the USA...although nations like France and Norway often have as many Cubaninsider viewers as U. S. viewers. Unlike Phil Peters and his luscious Cuban enterprises, I have never made a penny from Cubaninsider and I never will because, instead of being an exploiter, I prefer to present myself as an unbiased observer of the U.S.-Cuban conundrum. I also remain the only person who has ever written a word on Cubaninsider and never has anyone else influenced {or purchased} any of those words. I also don't want and don't need any promotions, but separating my blog from money-making propaganda machines seems important when I see that heralded, self-serving Cuban profiteers like Phil Peters promote other money-making propaganda machines such as Radio-TV Marti, Babalu, etc.


Putin Hosts Diaz-Canel in Moscow

The Discussion Was Acute!!
{Updated: Sunday, November 4th, 2018}
     Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, Nov. 2nd, 2018hosted Cuba's new President Miguel Diaz-Canel in Moscow. The prime topic was U. S. President Donald Trump turning over America's Cuban policies to Counter Revolutionary kingpin Marco Rubio.
     Both Putin and Diaz-Canel believe that -- at the direction of U. S. Senator Marco Rubio -- in Miami on Nov. 1st-2018 John Bolton essentially declared regime-change WAR on Cuba.
     In any case, what John Bolton said Nov. 1st-2018 in Miami, standing beside a huge U. S. flag, will have dire ramifications in the U. S., Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua in the coming days...and perhaps throughout the entire Western Hemisphere and even might gather-in nuclear powers like Russia and China. What Bolton said in Miami Friday, Nov. 1st, 2018, surprised no one in Washington after President Trump recently installed Bolton as America's powerful National Security Adviser. Bolton, a longtime anti-Cuban zealot and a product of the Bush dynasty, is a well-known war-mongered extremist who has for two decades strongly advocated the overthrow of Cuba's revolutionary government. As long as Trump, now almost half-way through his first 4-year term as U. S. President, remains in office, John Bolton, directed by Rubio, will have a glorious chance to fulfill his Cuban dreams.
     This photo illustrates why all of Washington considers John Bolton to be a war-mongered extremist regarding Cuba and other small nations he deems to be unfriendly, or not bowing, to the USA. As President, George W. Bush appointed Bolton as the U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations. But it was only a brief "RECESS" appointment because Bush well-knew Bolton's appointment would not get the required Senate confirmation. But, as a typical Bush dynasty swipe at Cuba, Bolton only served briefly as UN Ambassador before he was withdrawn prior to a Senate confirmation hearing.
     But President Donald Trump, at the behest of Senator Rubio, learned that he could appoint John Bolton as National Security Adviser and Bolton WOULD NOT HAVE TO BE CONFIRMED BY THE U. S. SENATE. And, of course, as the top NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER, John Bolton has far more power to make war than he's ever had in his long Republican-powered right-wing career.
    This is Rosa Miriam Elizalde, the feisty boss at an important new television channel, Dominio Cuba. Rosa has already taken news crews to places like Lima, Peru, and New York City to send live reports back to the island on important trips by Cuba's new President Miguel Diaz Canel. Rosa was not too pleased with what she considered John Bolton's Declaration of War against Cuba in his Miami speech on November 1st, 2018. She knows, especially if Bolton is supported by nuclear weapons, that Cuba would lose but she wants Bolton to know that David-vs.-Goliath Cubans like her will "never surrender." The graphic below represents Rosa's reaction to John Bolton.
Rosa Miriam Elizalde's Bolton image.
    Yes, every major politician in Washington knows all "about John Bolton" as the city's prime war-mongered extremist. As shown above, and as widely reported by the Russian media such as RT, Bolton made a trip to Moscow hoping to get assurance that President Putin would not get too angry if the U. S. executed a regime-change in Cuba. Bolton is direly afraid of two powerful nations, Russia and China, but he seems poised to recapture little Cuba as long as he believes Russia and China will not interfere, except with acceptable verbal denunciations. And never forget, Bolton's thinking is shaped by Rubio with the concurrence of President Trump, the unlikely U. S. Republican President who, truth be known, is the product of the other Party, the Democrats, taking a drastic left-wing tilt, a tilt that may get Trump re-elected in 2020.
    Immediately after meeting with John Bolton, Marco Rubio released, in Spanish, the above statement about overthrowing "el regimen de Maduro" -- "the regime of Maduro." That's because Venezuela's troubled and vulnerable President Nicolas Maduro is a close ally of Cuba. Rubio and Bolton, of course, have the exact same plans for President Danny Ortega in Nicaragua, another close Cuban ally. Bolton, an old-school imperialist right-winger, longs for the days of old when the U. S. had USA-friendly {but ruthless} dictators in Cuba {Batista-Luciano} as well as the Dominican Republic {Trujillo}, Nicaragua {Samosa}, Chili {Pinochet}, etc., etc., etc.....even it meant a bloody coup that killed democratically elected Chilean President Salvador Allende to install the U.S.-friendly but extremely murderous General Pinochet, one of the U. S. coups that still shakes all of Latin America although out-of-the-loop Americans have never held Nixon-Kissinger accountable just like they will never hold Rubio-Bolton accountable for what they plan now for Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua...three countries that have already experienced murderous U.S.-friendly dictators as have Brazil, Argentina, El Salvador, etc. But even in the Google era, Americans today are not supposed to research such dictatorships. {Disclosure: Every word on these Cubaninsider essays has been written by me, a democracy-loving American who believes, for example, that the still-living Mr. Kissinger should be asked about the 1973 coup that killed the democratically elected President Allende to install for 17 bloody years the murderous but Nixon-Kissinger-and-U.S.-friendly dictator Pinochet. And by the way, I never have made and never will make a penny on Cubansider even though it has received 3 offers in the past six weeks, one believed to be from a source wanting to shut it down but that source said it was impressed by its "international reach." On Nov. 3-2018, for example, Alexa Rank rates it #483,084 worldwide and #97,377 in the U. S. although nations like Norway, France, and Australia often have more visitors than the USA. I've never promoted Cubansider and no other person has ever contributed a single word or viable-usable suggestion to its content}. And now a closing thought on today's essay.
     In other words, President Trump seems perfectly willing to allow Rubio & Bolton to start an "easy war" against Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua in the belief that Big Boys like Russia and China will not intervene. But even so, the biggest losers figure to be the U. S. taxpayers AND the U. S. democracy. And sadly...because the topic is CUBA, the right-wing media in the U. S. will cheer and the mainstream media in the U. S. will not have the guts to question whatever Rubio & Bolton do to 11.2 million Cubans on their island.


Bolton Declares War on Cuba

And the Thug May Get It!!
{Posted: Friday, November 2nd, 2018}
Credit: Emily Michot/Miami Herald/AP
    America's Thug in Chief John Bolton on Nov. 1-2018 in Miami declared war on Cuba and, based on past history, the American people will allow renowned and well-documented thugs like Bolton to carry out that declaration. A shameful product of the Bush dynasty, Bolton branded Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua as a "Troika of Tyranny." He was borrowing his former boss George W. Bush's "Axis of Evil" label for North Korea, Iran and Iraq. Bolton tossing in Venezuela and Nicaragua in his "Troika" was one of many current and forthcoming ways of misleading the American people; Bolton's long-sought war against Cuba merely includes Venezuela and Nicaragua as smoke-screens on the periphery of his Cuban war, with Venezuela and Nicaragua merely targeted as collateral damage because recapturing Cuba for the Batistianos-Mafiosi and other greedy right-wingers is what Bolton's "Troika" is all about. Bolton's war declaration featured this sentence: "We will no longer appease dictators and despots near our shores in the hemisphere." Of course, extreme right-wing thugs in Washington love "friendly" dictators. U. S. history reveals that they have been allowed to get away with such things as the murderous coup in Chile to overthrow and kill wildly popular and democratically elected President Salvador Allende to install, for 17 extremely bloody years, one of history's most murderous {but U. S. friendly} dictators, General Pinochet who, like Batista in Cuba, allowed rich Americans to also rape and rob Chile. And, of course, supporting the murderous Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba {1952-1959} rendered the offshoot on November 1 of 2018 of a thug like John Bolton speaking on behalf of President Donald Trump and Miami's Counter Revolutionary Cubans to declare war on Cuba. And like the killed-Allende/killer-Pinochet thugs who were supported by the thuggish Nixon-Kissinger duo, Bolton is supported by the thuggish Trump-Pompeo duo. When thugs are allowed to use the incomparable economic and military influence of the United States, America and its democracy are the big losers, at least in the eyes of decent people around the world.
      President Trump's and America's Thug in Chief at the United Nations, Nikki Haley, cruelly defended the indefensible -- the U. S. Embargo against Cuba. At the UN Nov. 1-2018 the world condemned the embargo 191-to-2 with only Israel, which depends on massive economic and military support from the U. S., supporting the U. S. cruelty. In the last year of the decent Obama administration and with Obama's concurrence, the UN vote was 191-to-0. Haley defended the Trump-Israel "2 votes" with this asinine comment: "Our reason for the embargo is and always has been Cuba's denial of freedom and the denial of the most basic human rights for the Cuban people." That, of course, is a blatant lie...and the rest of the non-bought-off world knows it, and so do the Cuban people on the island.
     On November 1st-2018 at the UN, Nikki Haley's right-wing/Rubio-directed audacity included a stupid reference to the 27 years the UN has voted on the Cuban embargo, with those votes listed above. She ignorantly and arrogantly mentioned that the only unanimous condemnation of the U. S. came during the Obama presidency but she then exacerbated her arrogance by referencing that all the nations that supported Cuba in the last 27 years were/are stupid and wrong while all the right-wing thugs in Republican administrations who oppose Cuba were/are smart and right. Of course, when every nation in the world supports Cuba, or when every nation in the world not bought-off or scared-off by awesome U. S. power supports Cuba, Nikki Haley's brash and insane words at the UN probably need all the U. S. nuclear missiles to back them up, otherwise even she wouldn't have the audacity to utter them.

     U. S. democracy-lovers brave enough to study the graphic above should weep for their nation. It shows the 193 nations that vote at the United Nations. 191 of those nations, including all of America's dearest friends, got green marks for condemning the world's longest and cruelest embargo ever imposed by a strong nation against a weak nation. Just two nations, as you can see above, got red for supporting the embargo on Nov. 1-2018. Those two, of course, were the United States and bought-and-paid-for Israel, and it is truly amazing that the richest and strongest nation in the history of the world could buy-off or scare-off just one little nation to support its Cuban embargo. Of course, the U. S. also has a UN veto that enables the United States, when its policies are controlled by thugs, to mock the wishes of the rest of the world. 191 greens and two reds make a statement for the world to ponder, a world that remembers in 2016, the last year of the decent Obama presidency, ALL the votes were green with NO reds.
      This is the world's view of the U. S. embargo against Cuba...and it is the correct view. After the Bay of Pigs military attack and other acts of assassination and terrorism failed to overthrow the Cuban Revolution, the U. S. imposed the embargo against Cuba in 1962. According to de-classified U. S. documents, the purpose of the embargo WAS/IS: TO STARVE, DEPRIVE AND MAKE MISERABLE THE LIVES OF CUBANS TO INDUCE THEM TO RISE UP AND OVERTHROW THEIR GOVERNMENT. A great weakness of the U. S. democracy is the fact that the mainstream U. S. media does not have the guts to ask a thug like Nikki Haley proper questions about the embargo.
     Cubans on the island deserve better than American thugs like Bolton and Haley -- AND SO DOES THE U. S. DEMOCRACY!!
      The purpose of the U. S. embargo against Cuba, which Cubans call a blockade, is genocide, pure and simple. If Russia, for example, had such a policy against a much weaker nation, sanctimonious Americans would condemn Russia to the High Heavens, the way the entire world...except for bought-off Israel...condemned the U. S. at the UN again today. Cubans on the island, not thugs like Bolton and Haley, need to have input on such things as the Embargo and Bolton's Delared War.
    In the hands of thugs, US-Cuba Relations since the 1950s have done more to shame America and Democracy than any other involvement or topic that has embroiled or concerned the United States. That sheer fact, I believe, was seared deeply into the American fabric in 2016, the last year the U. S. had a decent President, when the world-wide vote against the embargo was 191-to-0, the only issue in the world that could attain such unanimity, I believe. U. S. citizens and a mainstream U. S. media that don't hold thugs accountable empower those thugs to act in America's name and in Democracy's name. Today the thuggish Bolton and Haley took full advantage of those weaknesses that continually demean two precious things -- America and Democracy.
   The puppeteer for Bolton and Haley in today's two disgraces in Miami and at the UN is the gutless hypocrite Rubio. The fact that the mainstream U. S. media has neither the guts nor the integrity to admit that glaring fact, or even discuss it, is far more of a problem for the USA and Democracy than it is for the island nation of Cuba. And an America and a Democracy that can't correct that problem deserves Rubio, but Cubans on the island don't. Cubans on the island fought a rather famous Revolution to get rid of thugs like Batista, Luciano, Lansky, Traficante, and...Rubio. Cubans on the island today can't win a Rubio-inspired war but the very day it ends another Revolution will begin.

Cuba Expects Trump to Attack

Diaz-Canel Was Warned at UN!!
Credit: Joaquin Hernandez/AFP/Getty Images.
     It is no coincidence that Cuba's new President, Miguel Diaz-Canel, has landed in Moscow. He planned such a trip last month during his week in New York City where he made two UN speeches and met with USA business tycoons such as Google's top executive Eric Schmidt. But Diaz-Canel was surprised that representatives of two of the USA's top allies felt it necessary to issue this warning: Pretexts are being arranged by the Trump administration to execute a regime change in Cuba by early next spring. Diaz-Canel has heeded that warning during the entire month of October, markedly distracting him from what he thought would be his primary task -- improving the island's economy despite the Trump-Rubio success in sharply tightening the Embargo that has existed since 1962 and was only briefly eased by former President Obama. After meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Diaz-Canel will also visit China, Vietnam, North Korea, and Laos.

  On his way to Moscow, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel stopped off in Paris. He is shown above being welcomed at Matignon Palace by French Prime Minister Edourd Philippe. The U. S. ally in New York City who made the deepest impression on Diaz-Canel spoke fluent English and Spanish, reportedly reminding the Cuban leader with these sharp Spanish words: "This is only meant for you in the interest of the Cuban people and everyone else it might involve. It is not a betrayal of President Trump behind his back, so a revelation about this is not in order nor would it be in your interest. We, and I speak for more international leaders than you may imagine here this week, do not want a war of any type nor do we want a situation in which Cuba would be inclined to lay the groundwork for another all-out revolution."

    Cuban President Diaz-Canel left New York and arrived back in Havana after being convincingly told that John Bolton "has evolved as actually the biggest single threat to your island." Bolton now heads Trump's and America's ultra-powerful National Security apparatus.

     But Cuban President Diaz-Canel in New York City also reportedly was told that "the Perfect Storm working against Cuban survival right now is the Bolton-Pompeo nexus." John Bolton is President Trump's top National Security Adviser and Mike Pompeo is Trump's Secretary of State. That means the Bolton-Pompeo "nexus" represents Trump's two most significant Foreign Policy advisers and every political observer in Washington is quite aware that Bolton and Pompeo have long viciously advocated a regime-change in Cuba.

    And speaking of a "Perfect Storm" in the Washington milieu that now threatens Cuba, a Republican President, Trump, is flanked by the two men, Bolton and Pompeo, most capable of persuading America's Commander in Chief to actually attack Cuba...following, of course, some pretext that both U. S. citizens and the mainstream media would likely accept as easily as they have accepted terrorist attacks against innocent Cubans...Cubana Flight 455, etc.; etc.; car-bombings against moderate Cuban-Americans...Emilio Milian, etc.; a 6-decades-old starvation policy...the Embargo; etc.; etc.; etc.
     In his first few months as President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel has enjoyed strong support from the majority of Cubans across the island. But he was reportedly told in New York City that "that obvious fact" has added to "the urgency" of Cuban-American extremists in Miami and in Congress, along with Bolton and Pompeo, "to retake Cuba with a workable timeline by Spring, 2018."
     Meanwhile, as President Miguel Diaz-Canel bade his fellow Cubans good-bye before flying off to France, Russia, China, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, etc., U. S. headlines within hours of his departure included:

     "Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Barisov Is Currently Visiting Cuba Agreeing to What He Said Is About $260 million to Upgrade Cuba's Infrastructure." {Prensa Latina}.

      "Miguel Diaz-Canel, Cuba's New President, Makes Moscow First Overseas Visit" {A Washington Times headline}.

       "Cuba's New President Reaches Out To An Old Ally."/"Russia Lends Cuba $50 Million to Upgrade Military." {CNN International}.

      "Cold War Coming Back? Russia Assessing Military Base in Cuba As U. S. Set to Leave Nuclear Missile Deal." {Newsweek}.

       "After A Wave of Enthusiasm, American Companies Interest in Cuba As A Business Fades." {Miami Herald}.

         "TV Marti Under Security Following Controversial Report and Two Employee Suspensions." {This is a major Miami Herald article today -- Nov. 1, 2018. Radio-TV Marti has been well-known for decades as an anti-Castro propaganda machine in Miami that has soaked untold tax dollars on a daily basis; almost two decades ago the ABC-News "Broadcast to Nowhere" report graphically explained that Marti was a Miami scheme to enrich selected Cuban-Americans with endless streams of tax dollars;  respected journalist Tracey Eaton throughout October-2018 used Freedom of Information data to document to the penny obscene amounts of tax dollars still going to selected Cubans via Radio TV-Marti; and while Eaton names the people and the obscene tax dollars they received down to the pennies, Eaton also points out that no one knows who got much of the rest of the money or what they did to get it. Senator Marco Rubio, allowed by Trump to dictate Cuban policy, recently anointed his old mentor and former Miami mayor Tomas Regalado as the high-paid head of Radio-TV Marti, as new scandals accrue atop well-known, lucrative scandals that have accrued for decades via the very same "Broadcast to Nowhere" vehicle.}.

      "Cuba Says Investor Interest Up Despite U. S. Hostility." {Voice of America today -- Nov. 1st, 2018}.

       "White House Considers Allowing Cuban-Americans to Sue For Island Properties Left Behind." {McClatchy Washington Bureau today -- Nov. 1st, 2018}.
     That latter article, which appears in the numerous McClatchy newspapers today -- Nov. 1, 2018 -- appropriately used the above Miami Herald photo of Miami's U. S. Senator Marco Rubio, who is shown with the choir at the Manuel Artime Theater in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood. Artime was a key leader of the failed Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba in April of 1961. If you don't read any of the aforementioned articles, read today's McClatchy article written by well-known journalists Franco Ordonez and Nora Gamez Torres at the Miami Herald. And if you read it, I believe, you will understand more fully that, indeed, Rubio-Bolton-Pompeo -- with full clearance from President Trump -- plan a regime-change in Cuba by this spring. The article points out that famed war-monger JOHN BOLTON HIMSELF today -- Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018 -- will speak in Miami outlining plans for Cuba and Latin America -- AND THEY ARE BOTH SUBTLE AND NOT-SO-SUBLE WAR PLANS!! This McClatchy article quotes a veritable WHO'S WHO of today's most vicious Cuban-American Counter Revolutionaries -- including Marco Rubio, Otto Reich, Mario Diaz-Balart, and Mauricio Claver-Carone. Those four -- all their adult lives -- have worked for regime-change in Cuba and all four now seem to believe that President Trump affords them that opportunity BY THE SPRING OF 2019. What Cuban President Diaz-Canel was told by U. S. allies in New York City was emphatic, of course, but today's McClatchy article more coyly hints at precisely the very same thing.
    Prior to Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel's arrival in Moscow today, the island's respected and longtime Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguezwas also well aware of the pretexts the Trump administration, at the behest of Rubio-Bolton-Pompeo, is gearing up to justify a regime-change in Cuba. At the above news conference in Havana a few days ago, Rodriguez, for the first time in his long diplomatic career, publicly expressed that opinion.
     When neither the Trump presidency nor the mainstream U. S. media is willing to challenge Marco Rubio's dictation of America's Cuban policies, the ugly maelstrom that will follow is a foregone conclusion. And the mainstream U. S. media that is too afraid to even  hold Rubio accountable before, during, or after the facts about his nefarious Cuban schemes is as much to blame as Trump is.



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